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Kotlin Newsletter #72

Hello Kotliners! Today is the week before Christmas holidays for many of you. With or without snow, it is always a propitious time to learn Kotlin. Check our curated selection of Kotlin topics for the upcoming week, and enjoy your Sunday.

Webinar recording: Developing Multiplatform Projects in Kotlin 1.2 (
Multiplatform is the next big thing in the Kotlin universe. Check the record of the webinar "Developing Multiplatform Projects in Kotlin 1.2 " by Dmitry Jemerov, Kotlin IDE Team Lead.

Migrating an Application from Xamarin.Android to Kotlin (
Do you have experience with Xamarin? It is possible to migrate the existing C# codebase to Kotlin for Android projects. Check out this article by Gerry High.

Using Spark with Kotlin to create a simple CRUD REST API (
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple CRUD REST API using Spark and Kotlin. A nice exercise for a Sunday.

Architecture for Multiplatform native development in Kotlin (
Ever wonder how to architect a multiplatform project in Kotlin? Marcin Moskala has been recently experimenting with this, and he presents the results in this article.

Using Kotlin on the SAP Hybris platform (
SAP Hybris platform can be integrated with Groovy and Scala, but there is no integration yet with Kotlin. Nicolas Fränkel wrote an article tackling this issue.

When Koin met Ktor… (
In this article, you will learn how to use Koin (small and smart Kotlin dependency injection framework) to simply bring dependency injection in a Ktor project.

Creating custom array adapters in Android, A better way (
Learn how to create custom array adapters for Android using Kotlin.

RecyclerView plus assign Kotlin power (
In some cases, we go through the process of creating Adapters and ViewHolders many times, like when there are many lists in our app. In this article, you can learn to use Kotlin to create simple lists in an easier and faster way.


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