ISSUE #239

28th of February 2021

Hi folks. Finishing February, and this past week we got the news that Jetpack Compose Beta has been released. Considering the Beta policy of Google, it might be a good idea to start checking it out. Enjoy the week.


Jetpack Compose for Desktop: Milestone 3 Released
Compose for Desktop Milestone 3 has been published, which introduces significant rendering and interoperability improvements, and makes it even easier to integrate and distribute Compose for Desktop applications.

Announcing Jetpack Compose Beta!
The beta release of Jetpack Compose has been released. Check out the goodies coming in this release.

#AndroidDevChallenge Jetpack Compose
Google has started an AndroidDevChallenge that will help you learn about Jetpack Compose, Android's modern toolkit for building native UI, all while competing to win over one thousand prizes.


How We Test Concurrent Primitives in Kotlin Coroutines
Nikita Koval wrote an article about how they properly test concurrency primitives in Kotlin Coroutines at JetBrains.

From Java to Kotlin and back (I) — Calling Kotlin from Java
Enrique López-Mañas has written the first article on the series of interoperability between Java and Kotlin.

Unit Testing Kotlin Flow
Have you ever wondered what is the best way to test Kotlin Flows? Nick Skelton gives you some tips on his next article.

Injectable Kotlin Styles
Folks at Skalable have been using custom components injecting with Kotlin Styled CSS, and they share their experience with us in this article.

Compose Testing cheatsheet
Among all the new things coming with Compose this week, one of the most useful ones is a Cheatsheet. Check it out.

Introducing Kotlin Multiplatform in an existing project
We can't always implement KMP from scratch in a new project. In this article, Marco Gomiero writes some considerations to apply KMP in existing projects.

Lets build a coroutine
Learn how to build coroutines from scratch in this article by Leonidas.

Micronaut with Kotlin Coroutines
Learn in this article how Micronaut, the JVM framework for building microservices, provides microservices support.


Why Mobile Developers Must Better Protect their Kotlin Apps—And How to Do It
Kotlin is the leading programming language for Android apps. The Kotlin compiler injects code and metadata into the classes it generates to work around the limitations of the JVM and the Android platform, but the injected metadata exposes potentially sensitive information. Check out this Guardsquare blog to learn why and how Mobile Developers can more effectively secure their Kotlin-based apps.


Understanding Android Scopes with Koin
Arnaud Giulani has written a nice article explaining how the different Android scopes work in Android.


Getting ready for Declarative UIs with Unidirectional Data Flow and Coroutines
Video of the FOSDEM session on Getting ready for Declarative UIs with Unidirectional Data Fow and Coroutines with Raul Hernandez Lopez.


This sample project offers a simple REST API with ktor where you can get or create recipes with a list of ingredients and cooking steps.


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