ISSUE #225

22th of November 2020

Hi Kotliners. This week we got to know that Andrey Breslav is stepping down as the Project Lead for Kotlin. Thank you Andrey for making of Kotlin our daily language.


Server-Side Development with Kotlin: Frameworks and Libraries
Check out in this post how is the current state of the art of backend development for Kotlin, and which frameworks and libraries are currently available

Roman Elizarov is the new Project Lead for Kotlin
Andrey Breslav is stepping down as the Project Lead for Kotlin. Roman Elizarov is the new Project Lead. We want to thank Andrey for all his work during the past years.

Paving the way for Software 2.0 with Kotlin
Facebook is extending the Kotlin compiler to make differentiability a first-class feature of the Kotlin language, as well as developing a system for tensor typing.


Fully cross-platform Kotlin applications (almost)
Arkadii Ivanov keeps traveling on his multiplatform journey, and in this article he studies how Compose can help us to achieve multiplatform UX.

Kotlin 1.4.20
The artifacts for Kotlin 1.4.20 have been published. Whereas this has not been announced yet officially by JetBrains, we believe CI has been just faster. Anyway, you can take a look.

A pragmatic guide to Hilt with Kotlin
Filip Stanis showcases the core functionality of Hilt with some code snippets to help you get started with using Hilt in your project.

Exploring Kotlin annotations
This article discusses the Kotlin annotations that can be useful when we have code interacting with Java

Built-in Delegates
Murat Yener explores in this article Kotlin's built-in delegates, and how they work under the hood.

There is no copy method for Sealed Classes in Kotlin!
Ivan Morgillo found out there is no copy method for sealed classes, and he describes his solution in this article.


Jetpack Compose Effect Handlers
Jetpack Compose provides us with effect handlers. Jorge Castillo explains in his new post how to work with this tool.

Clean Ways to Handle Android Bundles
In this article by Jaewoong Eum, he explores how we can handle Android bundles using his new library, Bundler.


Kotlin Meetup Munich - November
Video of the November edition from the KUG Munich, featuring Manuel Vivo, Raúl Hernández López and Mohit Sarveiya.

Refactoring to single-expression function in Kotlin
In this pair programming session Duncan McGregor and Dmitry Kandalov navigate through the refactoring steps to convert Kotlin function from block body to a single expression.


Teaching Kids Kotlin
Hadi speaks with Nicolai Emig about teaching kids programming with Kotlin, as well as his project, EngineEmi written in Kotlin, which tries to aid in this task


MinRead is an Android library to get the number of words and give you the time it will take you to finish an article/story.

FancyLocationProvider is a wrapper of FusedLocationProviderClient for Android to support modern usage like LiveData or Flow


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