“At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart? Mark the season of Advent by loving and serving the others with God's own love and concern.”
― Mother Teresa, Love: A Fruit Always in Season
Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. Buddha
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Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. Thomas A. Edison
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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Albert Camus
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Dear Friend

Welcome to our December 2016 Newsletter

What an amazing month November was.  There were religious fairs where people inquired about Trinity MCC and our inclusive message of God's love.  There was a moving Queer Trans People Of Color evening where we heard about the incredibly difficult journey QTPOC take daily.  There was Transgender Day Of Remembrance where we were reminded of the fear that some of our trans people live in every single day.  We had the fun of Bingo and the discussion nights on the Old Testament where we learned a little more about each other and the Bible.  We said thank you to Steve who has been amazing in helping us have music every week at church while we looked for a Music Director.  We welcomed Erica as our new Music Director.  The Quilting Bee made more quilts which were blessed and handed out to the homeless.  Phew......I am exhausted to think about a single month in the life of Trinity MCC (and trust me this is only a small portion of what has happened in the month).

Last week we had my Installation service.  Many of you know that I struggled with the concept of this service for a long time - I would rather just get on with the job.  However I was reminded that this was a day for us to come together as community and look to the future; this helped me to embrace this beautiful day in a different way.

So I am what as Rev Elder Darlene asked?  Time to continually listen to each other.  Time to continually grow and challenge each other.  Time to continually reevaluate what is needed in the community.  What I have listed above is some of what happened this month however in 5 years time that should look very different.  If it doesn't then we won't have changed and grown together.

So as we continue our journey of learning about each other and the community we serve, may we be truly open to all that God is calling us to do today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

Many blessings for this Advent and beyond


Reverse Advent Challenge
Every year we expectantly open our Advent Calendars waiting for a piece of candy.  A culture of expectancy and giving to us.  This year as part of our preparation for Christmas we are challenging ourselves to give for Advent.  We are going to be collecting for Gainesville Area Aids Project.

Imagine the difference it would make to Christmas for people at this project if we turn up on Christmas Eve with car loads of necessary items.  Imagine how it can feel to swap taking a piece of candy from a calendar, into giving essentials to people who are in need.  Please join us.
There are specific items that are need such as bleach, sanitizing hand wipes, kitchen roll, toilet roll, toiletries etc. Items needed are those that are not covered by Food Stamps. Please ask Marcia or Rev Catherine for more details.

Christmas Gift
As you may know our church laptop has been struggling with the amount of memory needed to keep up with the programs it runs.  We have received a very generous offer to replace the church computer with a brand new one as a Christmas Gift - the new one will arrive on Wednesday.  The old computer will be used solely to run the Servant Keeper Program for accounts - it can cope with one program.  Thank you to our donor who has also challenged each of us to consider giving a Christmas Gift To Trinity MCC this year. 

Join Trinity MCC For A Cruise Next Year
Join us next year for a Trinity MCC cruise to the Bahamas!  From Nov 13 (Monday) to November 17 (Friday) we will be cruising on Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas.  Leaving the church grounds on Monday morning by a chartered bus, we will head to Port Canaveral where we will board our ship.  Tuesday we spend cruising along.  Wednesday we are in Nassau. And Thursday we are on a private island in the Bahamas before heading back home where on Friday morning a bus will pick us up and take us back to the church.

We are likely to get a deal as a group, but initial target prices are $266 per person for an inside room, and $320 per person for an outside room (not a balcony), with an additional $80.24 in port fees and taxes per person.  Daily gratuities run about $13 or $14 a day.  Anything you drink or buy (or gamble) is separate.  I don't know how much the bus will be at this time.  

We are letting you know a year in advance so you can plan your time off and/or start saving your pennies.  Feel free to invite your friends to join with us.  As soon as I have reservation details I will send the information out about deposits, final payment dates and the like.

Kathy Lucas

Person of the Month
Each month we pick someone's name out of a basket, who has been nominated for their work at Trinity MCC, for the Person of the Month Award.  This month we recognize the work done by John Kempf  Last month he pressure washed all the paths outside church.  Thank you John - we really appreciate everything you do.

Pastors Days Off in December

During this month Rev Catherine will be taking some vacation days. 
She will be off as follows:
Tuesday 29th November
Thursday 8th December
Monday 12th December and Tuesday 13th December
Tuesday 20th December
Monday 26th December to Friday 30th December

Typically emails are replied to within 36/48 hours unless they are urgent.  If you have an urgent need while Rev Catherine is off please call the church cell phone or a member of the Board and someone will help you.

Don't forget to do your shopping through Amazon Smile - we get money back when you do.  You will need to sign up once for an Amazon Smile Account and then appoint Trinity MCC as your chosen charity.  once that is done it will recognize it each time you go shopping and remind you. 

Amazon will donate a percentage to the church of everything you spend.  We do not get to see what you buy and it doesn't cost you any more.  This is a way to help the church to fund-raise without having to do any work - which is a wonderful thing!

Opportunities to engage in the life of Trinity MCC

Wednesday Study for Advent
For Advent we will be running a course called ‘What Do You Want For Christmas?’  This is loosely based on The Study by James W. Moore.   We hope you will take the opportunity to join us on Wednesdays through Advent from 7pm to 8.30pm at the church.  The first Wednesday, 30th November will be looking at ‘The Christmas Gift Of Hope’.   

If you would like to buy the book in advance – here is the link – don’t forget to use Amazon Smile so that Trinity MCC get a portion of the sales.  ://

C.A.L.M. and Pot Luck 4th December
Conversation, Altruism, Learning and Maturing.

Our CALM Meeting is Sunday 4th December following worship and we will be talking about our own spiritual journeys.  Come and share your thoughts over a lovely lunch.  Please bring a plate of food to share.

Light In Darkness 'An Interfaith Service'
6th December 5pm

This is an Interfaith Service hosted by various faith groups from Gainesville. Welcoming Gainesville is the sponsor of this event. Faith groups from around Gainesville will join together to have an interfaith service at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 100 NE 1st St, Gainesville, Florida 32601. Then we will walk to City Hall where Mayor Lauren Poe will lead reaffirming Welcoming City on the City Hall steps; to reaffirm Gainesville as a Welcoming City for every single person of every nationality, race, socio-economic group, gender, sexuality, age and ability. Come and join us in solidarity.

Our Christmas Party
9th December 2016  6pm

On the second Friday of the month Marge cooks up a storm at Trinity MCC.  Tickets are $7 to cover the cost.  There will be drinks available.  If you have special dietary needs then please contact Marge and she will cook something that you can enjoy.  The meal will be followed by a time of games.  Come along and have fun, food and frivolity.  We will also be decorating the church ready for Christmas tonight.

Grounds Clean Up Day Dec 10th December 8am
We would love it if you are able to come and help with the grounds clean-up day.  We want to get the grounds looking even more lovely than usual.  If you are able to help, whether it is with mowing, trimming, picking up debris, keeping others company while they do the above, we need your help. 

Board of Directors Meeting
Our next Board of Directors Meeting is after church on the 11th December.  Everyone is welcome to these meetings.


Quilting Bee December 2016
The Quilting Bee will be having a break in December, but will start back again in January.

Lunch Bunch 18th December
As everyone is so busy the week before Christmas our lunch bunch time will be cancelled this month.  However we will be back in January - a great time to get to know each other over a meal.

Christmas Eve Nine Lessons and Carols 7pm
Join us for this beautiful service which tells the Christmas story.  We will be singing some of the service by candlelight.  Everyone is welcome to join us this Christmas Eve evening.


TranQuility - 26th December
On December 26th at 7pm, the twelfth meeting of TranQuility will happen.  This is a support group for Trans people, friends and family in Gainesville.  The meetings will  be held at UF Health Center, 2401 SW Archer Road, Gainesville, Florida 32608.  Please note this is a stand alone building and TranQuility only use it for this meeting.

For details about the group please contact:
Nellie Farley or 786-973-2901

How can you can get involved or help Trinity MCC?

People are always asking how they can get involved or help at Trinity MCC. 

We wanted to let you know the many ways in which you can help us. Trinity is self-funding and self-sustaining so having everyone be involved is very important. 

1.  You can be part of one of our teams - Legacy Team, Grounds Team, C.A.R.E. Team, Prayer Team, Fundraising Team, Worship Team, Board, Technical Team.
2.  You can help with our grounds - we always need work done on our 7 acres.
3.  You can help with our flowers campaign - pots, potting compost, plants.
4.  You can pray with and for us.
5.  You can tell your friends about us.
6.  You can donate financially to our work by sending us a check, or putting money in to an envelope in the offertory each week (with your name on it) or set up a bank order to pay directly to Trinity MCC; that way if you are away the Board know that money is coming in and can budget accordingly.
7.  You can share your thoughts and ideas with us.
8.  You can encourage people to name Trinity MCC in their wills.

However you want to help us - thank you so much.

Other News and Events

Free Health Service in the Community
If you identify as LGBTI, on the third Tuesday of every month there is free general healthcare and screening tests available at:
Equal Access Clinic Network Eastside,
410 Northeast Waldo Road 
For more information please contact them on
or 352 273 9425

If this service is not used then it will be lost - please support this service.

Request for help
Hello Friends,
In response to community concerns, the RWHP will be bringing in immigrant community members who would like to learn and then teach their peers about how to stay safe as immigrants with the change of government. On December 17, 2016 we will offer a Train the Trainer workshop.  The training is in direct response to the increased insecurity and fear facing the immigrant communities we serve in the area. We are asking for your support in order to carry out this work.  In this political climate, I have no quotes or inspirational messages to share, only the fearful questions that we are hearing from the community.
“What do we tell our children?”
“What do we do if ICE comes to our door?”
“What is an “A” Number?”
“How do I protect my family?”
“What happens if I am detained?”
“Who will take care of my children?”
“Will my children be sent to Foster Care?”
“What documents do I need?”

Those are just a few of the many concerns we are hearing from the community.
In mid-December we will be responding to the horrific fear that has permeated the Spanish-speaking immigrant communities that we serve.  We will be hosting  “Train the Trainer” (Multiplicadores) workshops to provide the community with tools to increase their safety and plan for the care of their families.
So, how can you help?  Become a Sponsor.
The Trainees will commit to participate in the training and then to return to their communities to share these resources with at least 20 peers, one–on-one. Each of the Trainees will receive their own Tool Kit, which includes 20 packets of easy-to read documents concerning their Rights and Responsibilities, safety tips, Power of Attorney template, and bilingual information sheets to use with law enforcement. (legal forms, documents, handouts, pocket cards, gas stipend)
This is how you can help to make this work happen. We need support to cover the costs of travel for community members, their ToolKits and lunch.
One Train-the-Trainer Workshop    $1,625
One Trainee   $100.00
Two Toolkits   $50.00
One Travel Stipend   $25.00
Thanks for your support!

The Rural Women’s Health Projects mission to work with rural communities to strengthen their capacity to overcome barriers to health justice.
The Rural Women’s Health Project has been serving the community for 25 years.   We are a 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax deductible.
P.O. Box 12016 Gainesville, FL 32604) Phone (352) 372-1095/ Fax (352) 338-8211
E-mail: Website:

Lay Delegates Corner

Dear Church Family,
I hope you had a positive and filling Thanksgiving.  I want to welcome you to the season of Advent when we celebrate the birth of Jesus and share a time of joy and peace.

UFMCC is continuing to transition as the UFMCC leadership from all over the world took time to meet in Washington DC around the time of installation of our Interim Moderator.  Appointments are also being made for the team that will determine how to plan for future tithing assessments and resolve overdue assessments.  This was one of many difficult topics discussed at this past year's General Conference.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for participating in Trinity MCC's Congregational Meeting and Election.  I believe we elected a qualified and competent Board to do the business of Trinity MCC.  I also want to congratulate Rev Catherine Dearlove on her installation as our settled Pastor.  I hope you will join me in congratulating Rev Catherine and thanking her and Barbra Crabtree her wife for their continuing service to our community.

Merry Christmas
Jim East Lay Delegate of Trinity MCC

Legacy Team Corner.
    This is the team that is our environmental conscience.  The team that helps us to be more aware of our environment, ecological needs, recycling etc.  If you would like to head up this team please see Rev Catherine.  We want to put a lot of new initiatives in place with your help.

Funraising Team
The Funraising Team has just finished the Digital Entertainment Guide fundraiser.  The monthly dinners continue to be a great source of income.  The Budget for 2017 is looking at raising $12,000 so if you have any ideas for fundraising please let Marge know.   In February we are having a Garage Sale at the church so please hold on to everything you may give away to charity shops.
Marge Syth is now the Coordinator of this team.

Recycling  -  Did you know?
In 2015, we raised $314 by recycling aluminum cans.  Since 1992, we have raised $4246.  
The Weight of cans in 2015 was 1,052 lbs.  
Since 1992 we have recycled 14,252 lbs of aluminum cans.  Please keep them coming.

Gratitude Corner
This month Rev Catherine wants to thank everyone in the church for everything that was done to help the Installation Service run smoothly.  It was a very blessed day that so many of you helped to make happen; from clearing the grounds, rebuilding the sign, cooking, videoing, sending invites, answering emails, preaching, praying, flowers, gift shopping, singing, sound deck and so much takes a team.  Thank you everyone.  Thank you also for the amazing gifts you gave me.  I will enjoy them for years to come. 

Birthday Corner

Happy Birthday from your Trinity MCC Family.
3rd Jerry Tangney-Yager
19th Steven Stacey
20th Kathy Gambrell
20th Jeff Yager

If you do not see your birthday on here, please let Rev Catherine know and we will make sure you are included next time.

Contact Details for Trinity MCC

11604 SW Archer Road
Gainesville, FL 32608/
Phone: Office (352) 495-3378 

Postal Address:
PO Box 140535
Gainesville, FL  32614

Our Pastor:
Our pastor is Rev Catherine Dearlove who joined us on the 8th November 2015 from Dorset, UK.  She has a Bachelor of Theology from Brisbane College of Theology in Queensland and a Master of Arts in Christian Spirituality from Sarum College, Salisbury, England.

Please feel free to call or email our pastor to talk to her:
Cell (352) 317-5143

Coffee and a Chat
Each week Rev Catherine will have some open days in the office - these are days that you can pop in, chat, drink coffee, meet others or just be still in the sanctuary.  Please watch the Calendar on the website for details of when.

Our Board of Directors
The following people serve on the Board of Directors for Trinity MCC Gainesville:

Barb Petersen - Vice Moderator
Marge Syth - Clerk
Nita White - Member
Rev Catherine Dearlove - Moderator
Tamara Millay - Treasurer

They can be contacted on:

Endowment Fund Team
The Endowment Team:

Barbara Canning
Kathy Lucas
Rev Catherine Dearlove
Tim Martin

Prayer Team
If you have a prayer need please contact Rev Catherine, Prayer Team Coordinator, on

Do you have a care need?
Our C.A.R.E. Team are here for you.

Our C.A.R.E Team provides welcome and support of a spiritual nature for those seeking to be renewed, equipped and strengthened in their spiritual journey.

Congregational care might involve: sustaining others through prolonged difficulty or immediate need, enabling the journey of healing and wholeness, of self and others, offering guidance about other resources and enabling different perspectives.
Congregational care might take the form of listening, encouraging, visiting, hospitality, advocacy, mentoring, befriending, celebrating, practically helping, prayer, comforting or empowering., sending cards at Christmas, Easter or other times.

Please let us know if you or anyone you know needs our support. 

Thank you

Madine Rawe, C.A.R.E. Team Coordinator.

We want to help y’all get to know each other so each month we will have a section that will introduce people – they will share a little about themselves, but don’t let this be the only way you get to know them!  

This month we are getting to know Barb Crabtree a little more

I came to MCC in 1987 when I first found Open Arms MCC in Rochester, NY.  I was living in Rochester and working for Eastman Kodak.  The reason I first attended was to be baptized.  I had never been baptized as a child, having grown up in a family that today we would call 'spiritual but not religious'.  I came to MCC for a spiritual need, and stayed because of the commitment to justice I found here. 
I enjoy long walks in beautiful scenery with my family, binge watching Netflix (especially Star Trek) and travel to beautiful places. I love Pandas, and had an opportunity to hold an 8-month old panda on my lap during a visit to China about 10 years ago.  My wife and I share a fondness for coffee and chocolate and a passion for the people and church here at Trinity MCC.

Don't forget

If you would like a flower arrangement made at church for a celebration or to honor someone, please see Barb Petersen or sign the sheet at the front entrance.  They are $25 each.

If you would like any important documents laminated, please see Barbara Haws.  This is a fundraiser for Trinity MCC.

Penny Present has offered notary services to the church community on Sundays after church.  If you need something notarized please see Penny.

If you have VCR's that you would like converted to DVD's, Alex and Ginny can do this for you.   It will cost $20 and some of the funds will go to Trinity. 

Air Conditioning Fundraising
The last week of June our air conditioning was replaced for approximately $8,000.  We were very blessed to have someone who has loaned us the difference between what we had already raised and what we needed in order to get the new air conditioning installed (just over $5,000).  The Board have committed to ensuring this is paid back at the very latest by December 2017 although ideally we would like to get it paid back by December 2016.  We are approximately $900 short which means we have done amazingly well so far.  Thank you so much. 

We still have a  little way to go so if you are able to help or know someone who might be willing to help with this fundraising campaign they can give directly through
or they can send a check or cash to the P O Box.  Thank you helping.

GPD and ACSO Appoint Liaison’s to the LGBTQ+ Community
GPD and ACSO have each appointed not one but three liaison officers.

Here are the 3 liaisons and their contact information from the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office:

• Captain Steve Maynard, Patrol Operations
• Sergeant Pam James, Security Operations Department of the Jail
• Sergeant Joe VanGorder, Investigations Division

Here are the 3 liaisons and their contact information from the Gainesville Police Department:

• Lt. Jaime Kurnick
• Det. Donna Montague
• Ofc. Michael Cavett

Shortly after the Orlando attacks the FBI and the Department of Justice reached out to express their concern and offered their assistance to the LGBTQ+ community. They provided the following contact information for any questions or needed assistance.

• FBI: FBI Gainesville Resident Agency, 104 N Main Street, Ste 400, Gainesville, FL 32601. Tel# 352-372-9600 e-mail

• Department of Justice: Michael J. Harwin, Assistant United States Attorney, Northern District of Florida, 111 N. Adams Street, 4th Floor, Tallahassee, FL 32301 Tel# 850-942-8430 e-mail


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