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Dear friends,
Transforming our food systems is central to creating a more just world. Grassroots peasant movements (like La Via Campesina) have led the way in articulating the problems with industrial agriculture and forming a vision for a better food system, and thanks to them, an increasing number of activists of all backgrounds have turned their attention to food systems as a vehicle to work towards social justice.
It is not only “food systems” that matter, but more specifically, farming. Industrial farming has privatized seeds and knowledge, displaced people from their lands, and turned farmers into exploited labor in a vertically integrated global market. Conversely, agroecology is central to the liberation from that system, reclaiming sovereignty over local food systems and building community resiliency.
At this year’s People’s Harvest Forum, we will explore agroecology in depth. We are excited to welcome back Nicole Vosper, who will speak about why agroecology is a social justice issue. A SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty) defendant who learned to grow food in prison, Nicole now teaches permaculture and is active in food sovereignty efforts in England and Europe. At our first forum she delivered a poignant talk, From Animal Liberation to Food Sovereignty, in which she spoke of the importance of coalition-building.
One of the blessings of the People’s Harvest Forum has indeed been that it brings different movements under one roof, and has helped build a community of veganic food growers and advocates. As we dedicate ourselves to the broader food movement, we've also created a space to advocate for compassion towards nonhuman animals.
When I decided to focus on veganics, it was difficult to find much information outside of what was shared by a few enthusiastic marijuana growers. Just a few years later, the Bay Area has been transformed. Last month, our veganic gardening workshop was packed with new faces. Veganic food growers and advocates have spoken at a variety of events around the Bay, and people are getting fresh local veggies from the Bay Area's wildly popular veganic CSA. Seed the Commons and Lazy Millennial Farms have been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and KQED for our efforts to build veganic food systems. Mona Seymour, a member of the Seed the Commons veganic working group and Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Urban Studies, just spent the summer traveling along the West Coast to interview veganic farmers. She will be sharing her findings at this year's People's Harvest Forum.

We've made incredible strides, and we need your support to do more. Please share and donate to our fundraiser - even the smallest donation counts.

Upcoming Events
Veganic Gardening Workshop
Our last veganic gardening workshop of this year is on September 16 in San Francisco. Don't miss this opportunity to learn to grow food with veganic celebrity Matt Loisel!  
World School Milk Day Counter-Celebration
For the very first time, World School Milk Day will be met with a counter-celebration. Join us for an educational and fun day on September 30 in San Francisco!

Happy August,

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