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Dear friends, 
Our next webinar is one you won't want to miss. We often receive questions regarding the validity of claims around regenerative grazing; this Friday's speaker is the guy to answer them.

We will be joined by George Wuerthner, an ecologist with decades of experience on issues surrounding public lands use on the West Coast. He has published 38 books and numerous articles and sits on the Advisory Board of Western Watersheds Project, one of the three organizations that sued the National Park Service in 2016 over the extension of ranchers' leases in Point Reyes National Park. The webinar is at 10am PT and there will be time for a Q & A segment, so register now! 

Many of you express despair at the growing movement for regenerative grazing and how it has created a newfound legitimacy around animal agriculture and meat consumption. We're holding this webinar to help you debunk their claims BUT–debunking claims is not enough. It locks us in a cycle of being reactive rather than proactive.

The main raison d'être of Seed the Commons was to address the increasing legitimization and normalization of animal agriculture from the food movement to which many are waking up now. We didn't want to just debunk what they were saying. We wanted to put out a completely different narrative: one that normalized a vegan ethic. This is why we organized the world's only vegan conference on radical food politics, why we offered gardening workshops, food justice workshops and healthy cooking workshops, why we organized the farmers' contingent at the largest climate march of the West Coast, and more. We did this so that vegans would be at the helm of these movements, normalizing our ethics, creating social change without throwing animals under the bus, and showing that animal exploitation is not a necessity.      

We have had a huge impact, but there is a limit to what we can do on a shoestring. In addition to this webinar series we are now building up our Veganic World website, and we need your help. Please donate to our crowdfund and help show the world what our food systems can look like post-animal liberation. Rather than simply fight against what is wrong now, help us continue to show that there are other and better ways to heal our ecosystems and transform our food systems.   

The first webinar of our series was a conversation with Laila and Amir Kassam, editors of the ground-breaking new book Rethinking Food and Agriculture, that was published today. You can watch the webinar here, and check out this website to read excerpts of the book, summaries of the key ideas and more.

For a spooky Halloween and a less spooky food system,

Join us this Friday!
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