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Dear friends, 

In my last newsletter, I wrote that the veganic movement is coming to full bloom this spring. With two rocking Seed the Commons events coming up, we knew that this was a special moment in the history of veganics. What we hadn’t anticipated was just how big and how special the moment would really be. 

Last Friday, we hosted a webinar on the state of veganic farming in North America and Europe, which was followed by a first-of-its kind town hall meeting on how to grow the veganic movement. We had an incredible response, from 1,000 RSVPs from all over the world on Facebook to a dynamic chatroom so full of questions and suggestions that we have yet to go through them all!

And our events were not the only ones! Our friends at Learn Veganic officially named last week the most veganicky week in the history of veganics” and have listed all the great events that took place, from talks by veganic farmers to the launch of their own veganic gardening classes.

What has become clear is that the world is ready–ready for a paradigm shift, ready to work towards real solutions. Last week we spoke about how to organize for a transition to a radically different type of farming. This week, we will bring in a vision of what it is we should work towards.

Spring is about new growth and new beginnings. This is why we are so excited to celebrate the start of spring with forward-thinking, ground-regenerating, vegan eco-organic heroes Helen Atthowe and Iain Tolhurst. 

Spring equinox is also Persian New Year or Norooz, which translates to "new day". One leaves the old and moves into the new. We named our webinar series Rethinking Food and Agriculture in a Time of COVID and Climate Change because addressing the key crises of our time and creating a better world demands that we start with food and agriculture. This Friday, let's collectively put out our intention to leave behind industrial and animal agriculture and create a new food system based on eco-organic, vegan farming. 

Be sure to register on Zoom and share the Facebook event.  


The options are endless for playing a part in the veganic revolution. Why not create an eco-veganic oasis right where you are by growing your own food? Here are a couple of great opportunities to learn how:

And one option is to support our work. Real change happens from the ground up, so help grow the grassroots and become a monthly donor today.
Happy spring! 


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