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Dear friends,

Today I arrived in Mexico, where I will attend the International Women’s Gathering organized by Zapatista women. Hundreds of women are arriving from around the world, tired of living under male supremacy, gathering to fight for our liberation. To quote the organizers: the system not only exploits, represses, robs and disrespects us as human beings, but it exploits, represses, robs and disrespects us all over again as women.
With the Climate Summit coming up in San Francisco in September, I will be thinking of ways to highlight how changing course toward a sustainable future is intimately tied to the liberation of women. Of course, Seed the Commons will also promote veganic farming. For World Wildlife Day, we wrote about the link between animal agriculture and the loss of biodiversity, and we pointed out that liberating farm animals would also result in a less violent relationship with wild animals. The entitlement that drives violence against women and non-human animals is part and parcel of the trashing of our planet.
Masculinity is the construction and domination of the “lesser”: women, the working class, animals, nature. Addressing our environmental crises requires a paradigm shift at the very core of our culture: it requires that we value kindness over domination, that life and nature inspire joy rather than greed, that we empathize with our fellow beings instead of viewing them as bodies to break and commodify.
March is a special month as it holds both International Women’s Day (March 8) and Norooz or “New Day” (March 21). Norooz – Persian New Year – is celebrated on the Spring Equinox when life blossoms again and Nature renews herself.
This March, we invite you to celebrate life in a way that appeals to you. We can think of many ways! Donate to a women’s shelter or women’s rights organization, challenge the denigration, objectification, harassment and subjugation of women in your daily life. Go vegan and grow native plants for pollinators. Join Seed the Commons as we organize to bring veganic farming to the forefront this September, and support our grassroots efforts.

Upcoming Events
Digital Security for Animal Liberation
At this workshop for animal liberationists, Chema Hernández Gil will offer an overview of best practices in securing your digital identity and communications.
March 11 in San Francisco, RSVP is required by March 7.    

#GetMilkOut Signature Gathering
Gather signatures for our #GetMilkOut petition at the San Francisco Civic Center on April 1 from 12 to 2pm. All hands on deck for food justice in San Francisco! 

Veganic Gardening Workshop
Join us for our second veganic gardening workshop of 2018. Matt Loisel, gardener extraordinaire and co-founder of Lazy Millennial Farms, covers the basics of starting and maintaining a healthy garden. 
May 20 from 2pm to 5pm at the Secret Garden in San Francisco.  

Happy Norooz! 

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