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Dear friends,
I hear you asking "Nassim, why is your banner full of cakes? Is it your birthday?" To which I answer: "No, it's even better than that. Roxanne Dunbar is speaking at the People's Harvest Forum!"

Esteemed scholar Roxanne Dunbar is a leader of the international Indigenous movement and the author of An Indigenous People's History of the United States. We are incredibly honored and excited that she will join us this year. Roxanne will speak about the centrality of land to colonization and anti-colonial struggles, and the continuity between old and new forms of colonization as they affect our food systems.

We are hard at work to organize the best forum yet—building up an incredible roster of speakers and planning talks to empower us all to reclaim a veritable people's food system. 

To do this, we need your support. Seed the Commons is a small, grassroots organization forging a new intersection between food sovereignty and animal liberation. Please volunteer with us and donate to our fundraiser so that we can carve this new path. 
Now if you have cake on your mind, you're all hyped up for the forum and December is disappointingly far away, come to our veganic gardening workshop on July 16! We offer the only veganic education in the Bay Area and it's donation-based to boot. Invite your friends—and not only the vegan ones! Veganic is the most resource-efficient way of growing food and the most respectful of biodiversity. It should be the default for the local food movement, and we're working to make it so. 

Upcoming Events
Veganic Gardening Workshop
Learn to garden the organic and vegan (aka veganic) way with the Bay Area's favorite veganic couple, Matt and Brittany Loisel. Saturday, July 16 at the Secret Garden in San Francisco

March to Close All Slaughterhouses
Join us and make history. If you've ever felt affection for a cat or dog or other animal we share our lives with, take a minute and ask yourself what distinguishes them from the pigs, cows, chickens and others that end up on dinner plates. The Bay Area is enamored with "humane" and "sustainable" animal agriculture, but would you be ok with sustainable dog meat? Help close all slaughterhouses and strike down the category of "farm animal". We are not entitled to the lives and bodies of other animals. Come march to end the horrific institution of animal slaughter.
Saturday, July 22 at Union Square in San Francisco

San Francisco is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love; let's enjoy this magical summer as we expand our circle of love, 

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