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Astbury ladies are on a roll, after the delight of a win at Wilmslow, picking up the East Cheshire Shield the team gathered themselves for a another challenge. Playing against Vale Royal the West Cheshire Champions, our team went to Romiley and returned with the All Cheshire Shield. That's it for 2021 an awesome season.
Well done ladies
You are now the ones to beat in 2022!!!


On a glorious warm September morning Romiley Golf club played host to the ultimate team finals for Cheshire. Representing the East was Astbury GC Ladies A Team, fresh from their win over Bramall GC the previous week. Cheshire West was represented by Vale Royal Ladies A Team

Pictured celebrating their win at Wilmslow Golf Club are the A team.
Gill Hodges, Chris Westrup,
Team Captain Jane Pickup, Erin Gravett and Sybra Eardley & Cadies. 
Astbury Ladies, fielding a strong low handicap team found themselves handing plenty of shots to their competitors, 22 shots in total spread over 4 of the 5 teams members. Hence they had their work cut out even before the first tee. Always up for the challenge, the Astbury Ladies set out aided by their caddies. The 1st point came in from junior star Eryn Gravett, and the 2nd from team captain Jane Pickup. Sybra Eardley sealed the match wining her game on the 16th. Gill Hodges also won her match on the 17th and Chris Westrup who had endured enormous pressure to win the ultimate points in the East Cheshire semi and final, lost out to a monster putt on the 18th.The end result was a resounding 4-1 win for Astbury Ladies.
A very proud Team Captain Jane Pickup, receiving the Shield from County Captain Frances Gell.
Winning the County shield is a huge accolade for Astbury Golf Club and further demonstrates the  strength, depth and camaraderie of the Ladies Section.
Sam does Cheshire proud
SAM Johnson, a junior member at Astbury and Wilmslow Golf Clubs, won the Cheshire Boys Championship at Delamere Forest GC in August and it qualified him to play in the England U18 County Championships at Woodhall Spa.
There were 30 counties represented in the competition played over 36 holes and Sam did himself and Cheshire proud posting 72, 74=146 to finish in joint fifth place.
The winner with 141 was Dylan Shaw-Radford (Yorkshire) and Lancashire’s Andrew Haswell was third with 144.
Sam had a tricky start in the morning round but he birdied the last four holes on the run to finish one under par chasing the leader.
This was an amazing feat on such a difficult course – luckily he had seen it last year!
He had another sound round in the afternoon but two holes where he had bad luck with double bogeys cost him.
This was frustrating as he could have been up there winning but he placed Cheshire well up the leader board with his proud parents watching his game.
Sam, who recently won the scratch KO at Wilmslow to take the Hunter Trophy, is going to enjoy a gap year to develop his golf before taking up a golf scholarship in the USA in 2022.
G Garnett
Erin in action playing for Cheshire Girls v Cheshire Boys at Reddish Vale - she put up a great show before losing out by two holes to Ben Buchanan of Warrington GC

Big Shooter Quotes

  1. There are three ways to improve your golf game: Take lessons, practice constantly...or start cheating!
  2. Forget about all those "How To" books and videos. The only sure way to save strokes is with an eraser!
  3. The difference between a whiff and a practice swing is that nobody curses after a practice swing.
  4. Golf is not a matter of life and death. It's a lot more important than that.
  5. Golf is a game where the ball lies poorly, and the players well.
  6. Nothing dissects a man in public quite like golf.
  7. The number one thing about trouble is...don't get into more.
  8. Golf is like any other sports competition. There's not a lot of point to it unless someone suffers. ...even, if it's you.
  9. The trees taunt you; the sand mocks you; the water calls your name ... and they say golf is a quiet game.
  10. Why is it that when you tell yourself, "don't hit it into the water," your body only seems to hear the word 'water'?"
  11. Golf appeals to the child in all of us. This is proven by our frequent inability to count past the number 5.
  12. It's a simple matter to keep your ball in the fairway if you're not choosy about which fairway.
  13. Fore!" is not an excuse.  "So what?" is not an apology, and "Up yours" is not an explanation.
  14. If profanity had any influence on the flight of a ball, most everyone would play better.
  15. The greatest sound in golf is the Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh, of your opponent's club as he hurls it across the fairway
  16. If I hit it right, it's a slice. If I hit it left, it's a hook.  If I hit it straight, it's a miracle.
  17. Golf is a game invented by the same people who think music comes out of a bagpipe.
  18. A “gimme” is an agreement between two guys who can't putt.
  19. Half of golf is fun. The other half is putting.
  20. My favorite shots are the practice swing and the conceded putt
  21. If God didn't want man to have mulligans, balls wouldn't come three to a sleeve.
  22. All I've got against golf is that it takes you too far from the clubhouse.
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