Sigma Kappa Spring Newsletter
It has come to my attention that this year's ALZ Walk will take place starting at the Cooley Law Stadium, not the Capitol.  I apologize for the confusion!  

Also we would be remiss not to include a thank you to our Corporation Board for all of their contributions to Alpha Tau.  See the advisor and sisterhood section below to learn more about them!

Alpha Tau • Spring ReKap 2019

Happy Spring, Sigma Kappa sisters!  Warm weather is slowly but surely approaching us, and Alpha Tau will soon have another wonderful school year in East Lansing for the books.  It is always so bittersweet to say goodbye to our sisters, especially after making so many great memories, but exciting to see what is to come!  Be sure to check out the highlights from this semester below.
Life After Sigma Kappa: What is Your Passion?
We are so grateful and proud to have such inspiring alumnae to look up to as we start planning for our futures.  Our sisters are always looking to network with alumnae for their careers, so we would love to hear of your success.  We have a running list of the alumnae careers to provide as a resource for our current members to network, so if you haven't filled this out already and would like to, please do so here
Upcoming Events:

Sunday, September 29th - Alzheimer's Walk
Walk with our sisters at Cooley Law School Stadium in Lansing to support this amazing cause that affects so many of us.  Registration is at 11:30am.  You can find more information regarding the walk here.

Sunday, November 10th - Founders' Day Celebration
Mark your calendars!  This year, Alpha Tau will be holding a Sigma Kappa Founders' Day at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing to celebrate the legacy of the incredible women who founded our sorority.  Be sure to look out for an invitation and to RSVP as we approach closer the fall semester. 
How Can You Contribute to Alpha Tau's Walk to End ALZ Team?
Simply click on this link: Sigma Kappa MSU's Team Page and follow these three steps:
1. Click "Donate to The Team"
2. You can either choose a member you know to sponsor your donation, or scroll down to the bottom where it says "Team Gifts"
3. Click "Team Gifts" and you can choose an amount to donate, and decide whether your name will be anonymous or public for donor recognition

We appreciate your contribution and hope to see you there!
One last time for our Sigma Kappa seniors
On April 28, as a celebration for our outstanding seniors graduating and becoming Sigma Kappa alumnae, Alpha Tau held a Senior Tea at the home of Judi Herbert, one of our lovely advisors.  The women enjoyed appetizers while reminiscing on their time at Sigma Kappa, and both new member classes of 2015 and 2016 were able to bond over their favorite memories.  See below for pictures from the Tea.
April is Advisor Appreciation Month!
Even though it's technically no longer April, Alpha Tau would still like to recognize the unbelievable amount of time and effort that our advisors put in for our chapter.  Without them, we would not be anywhere near where we are today.  

Thank you to all of our advisors, your guidance not only influences the executive council and chairmen to be better leaders, but our entire chapter as well.  
Your devotion is appreciated not only in April, but every month of the year.  Read below for some information about Alpha Tau's advisors.
Samantha Tiller-Schenck: Advisor for Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Communications and Operations, and the Advisory Board Supervisor
Chapter: Beta Upsilon at Ohio University

Amy Gilstad: Advisor for Vice President of Standards & Values
Chapter: Alpha Epsilon at Iowa State University

Judith Herbert: Advisor for Vice President of Programming and for Vice President of Academic Excellence 
Chapter: Alpha Delta at the University of Tennessee

Haiden Perkins: Advisor for Vice President New Member Education
Chapter: Theta Omicron at Arizona State University

Sam O'Neill: Advisor for Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Alumnae Relations, and Ritual Chairman
Chapter: Eta at Illinois Wesleyan University

Cindy Thrush: Advisor for Vice President of Philanthropic Services and for Panhellenic Delegate
Chapter: Delta Eta at the University of Central Missouri

Tiffany LaPeer: Triangle Correspondent Advisor
Chapter: Delta Alpha at Eastern Michigan University

Morgan Chaney: Recruitment Supervisor
Chapter: Epsilon Mu at University of Missouri

Maryann Pierson: Corporation Board President
Chapter: Gamma Beta at Western Michigan University

Nancy Shepard: Corporation Board Vice President
Chapter: Alpha Tau at Michigan State University

Carrie Caylor: Corporation Board Treasurer
Chapter: Alpha Sigma at Westminster College

Viberta Conn: Corporation Board Secretary
Chapter: Alpha Tau at Michigan State University

Jan Lynch: House Director
Sisters participate in Michigan State 2019 Greek Week events
Greek Week is one of the most exciting parts about being a part of the Greek Life community at Michigan State, and is such a fun way to end the year.  It includes charity events, fundraisers, field games, and a dance competition called Spotlight. Each team gets to select a charity of their choice as well as a team based on the overall theme of the competition.  
For this year's Greek Week of games, Sigma Kappa was paired up with the fraternities Sigma Nu and Kappa Sigma in an effort to raise money for a selected charity as well as compete in dances among other sororities and fraternities.  Our sisters Natalie Cooper and Taylor Konop were the Sigma Kappa chairwomen of Greek Week, and did an amazing job facilitating our team.  This year, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Nu, and Kappa Sigma chose to raise money for the local Humane Society, and successfully raised $4899.  

The overall theme for the sororities and fraternities to base their dance routines on this year was Disney, and our team decided to use High School Musical.  Spotlight is the last event of the week, and definitely the most exciting.  Each team performs for all of Greek life and is judged at the end of the event by a select panel.  Sisters Lauren Gleason and Maddie Smith coached and choreographed our impressive dances, and made them so fun to watch - Sigma Kappa's team ended up placing in 3rd!  Click here if you'd like to watch.  We're so proud and amazed by our talented sisters, and can't wait for next year!  See below for some pictures from Greek Week.
Some of our sisters at Greek's Day of Service, where we all wrote letters thanking our veterans and the local police and fire departments.
The Bar Night portion of the team - their performance focuses more on technical dances.
Spotlight coaches, Lauren Gleason (left) and Maddie Smith (right) posing with their trophy.
The Songfest portion of the team - their performance is less technical, which allows more members to participate.
MSU Panhellenic President, Madeline O'Toole's Impact on Greek Life
Sigma Kappa's very own Maddie O'Toole rightfully became Michigan State's 2019 Panhellenic President, and all of our sisters at Alpha Tau could not be more proud.  Maddie is studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy with a Business Cognate through James Madison College, and plans to graduate in May of 2020 and, as Maddie says, "to pursue a career in which I wake up every day excited to represent the company that I am apart of with a drive to empower women daily."  Read below to find out more about Maddie's goals and positive outlook towards MSU's Panhellenic community.

What is your official title and responsibilities?
"My official title is President of the Panhellenic Council.  I represent over 2,200 undergraduate women at Michigan State and coordinate functions and monitor fulfillment of an executive team of 8.  I also sit on the Celebrations Committee whose mission is to plan for and communicate about events in the Michigan State, Greater Lansing community, and beyond."

Why did you decide to run for this position?  Do you feel it’s helping with your studies and will help with your future career?
"I decided to run for this position because I want to make my own imprint on the university and specifically the Michigan State Panhellenic for all that it has given to me.  I have developed my own individuality through working with others and found a passion for leadership that I can bring into any field or future career."

Would you recommend it to anyone? Why?
"I could not recommend this position more for someone who is willing to work for a difference. It is not easy being in a volunteer leadership position such as this, but the feeling you get when the little wins add up is priceless."

What is your favorite memory so far? Or something you’re looking forward to with this experience?
"My favorite memory so far is being able to work so closely with the Vice Presidents to achieve all that we have, and feel the gratitude from the community.  We are making great strides to shift the word "sorority" into a positive light, and I cannot thank everyone who has helped to make this effort enough."

What have you gained from this position so far?
"I have gained an appreciation for working with individuals with diverse backgrounds and progressing the advancement of opportunities for women through vast mediums."

All you need is sisterhood!
Sisterhood events are such a fun way to bring women of all new member classes together to create unforgettable memories.  Alpha Tau's Sisterhood Chairman, Zoe Crowe, has done a great job planning so many fun events for our sisters this spring, some of which include: renting out an entire theatre to all see a movie together, a group painting session, and a Senior Trunk Show at the house for the graduating seniors to sell their clothes.  We appreciate all of Zoe's hard work in an effort to strengthen our bond as sisters even more, and look forward to see what else she has planned this fall!  See below for some of the pictures from these events.

Alpha Tau would also like to thank our incredible Corporation Board for giving a generous grant to make these events possible and support our chapter's sisterhood. 
Catching Up at the Alpha Tau Alumnae Brunch
On March 23, some of our alumnae and Alpha Tau's advisors were able to join our current members to enjoy brunch together while reminiscing over some memories while being apart of our wonderful sorority.  Thank you to all of those who were able to attend! 
Meet the 2019 Seniors and Soon-to-be Alumnae
Even though it is so sad to watch our seniors leave, we are so excited to see the incredible things they will accomplish with their careers and education.  Read more about our new alumnae below.
We will miss our seniors very much, but know that they will continue to be successful with their futures, and live on the Sigma Kappa legacy.  Congratulations and good luck Class of 2019!
Courtney Solek was initiated in the Fall of 2015, and is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in interior design.  This fall, she will be moving to Atlanta, Georgia to work for a hospitality interior design and architecture firm, and will also continue to run her health and wellness blog and has plans to become a certified fitness instructor.  Check out her Instagram page for it here!
Alexa Dresner was initiated into Alpha Tau in the Fall of 2015, and before applying to dental school, she will be working at an orthodontist office for a year.
Elise Fournier was initiated in the Fall of 2016, and this summer, she will be doing research on Alzheimer's disease at the University College Dublin in Ireland.
Gabby Littleton was initiated in the Fall of 2016, and will be working for the Detroit Public Schools through Urban Fellowship with MSU.  This fall, she will be student teaching and pursuing a graduate degree.
Remi Monaghan was initiated into Alpha Tau in the Fall of 2015, and is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and is currently applying for a career at TV stations.
Kourtney Putman was initiated in the Fall of 2016, and is heading to the East Coast to work as a packaging engineer at Mondelez.
Margaret Keedy was initiated in the Fall of 2016, and is graduating with a degree in neuroscience and working as a medical assistant for the Michigan Neuroscience clinic before applying to PA school in the fall.
Anastasia Niforos was initiated into Alpha Tau in the Fall of 2015, and is graduating with a double major in journalism and professional writing, and will be moving to Chicago to work for a public relations agency.
Meredith Katz was initiated into Alpha Tau in the Fall of 2016, and is moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee this summer for a 6 month co-op and continuing to pursue a degree in packaging.
Alexis Sanborn was initiated in the Fall of 2016, and will be student teaching in Detroit while pursuing her masters degree.
Mary Myler was initiated into Alpha Tau in the Fall of 2015, and will be working at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago on the cardiology and heart failure unit.
Keely Benner was initiated into Alpha Tau in the Fall of 2016, and is graduating with a degree in marketing and will begin working at Insight Global in downtown Detroit.
Jess Puga was initiated in the Fall of 2016, and is graduating with a degree in Music Education and is in the process of interviewing with elementary schools to find a job in the fall.
Kaylee Persichetti was initiated into Alpha Tau in the Fall of 2016, and will be working as an IT recruiter at Insight Global in downtown Detroit.  
Taylor Konop was initiated in the Fall of 2016, and will be moving to Boston, New Jersey to work at TJX Companies as an allocation analyst.
Lexi Mellin was initiated into Alpha Tau in the Fall of 2016, and will be working as an emergency room medical scribe, and plans to complete the medical neuroscience graduate program to prepare for medical school.
Jessica Bean was initiated into Alpha Tau in the Fall of 2016, and will be working at General Motors through their purchasing and supply chain in TRACK rotational program.
Sydney Plichta was initiated in the Fall of 2015, and will be moving to Indianapolis to work for the public relations agency, Dittoe.
Samara Slocombe was initiated in the Fall of 2017, and will be attending Michigan State Law school with a focus on family and estate law.
Sarah Koch was initiated in the Fall of 2016, and will be working at Ford as a financial analyst while also pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree.
Allie Steinbach was initiated into Alpha Tau in the Fall of 2015, and will be traveling in London, England this summer and pursuing her degree in packaging, and next January she will be moving to Chicago for a 6 month co-op.
Mackenzie Tuohy was initiated in the Fall of 2015, and will be working as a Clinical Manager at Health Quest Physical Therapy for a year before going back to school to pursue a doctorate degree in physical therapy.
Gillian Klassa was initiated in the Fall of 2016, and will be working in the Detroit Public school system and taking graduate classes this fall.
Maddie Behm was initiated into Alpha Tau in the Fall of 2016, and is graduating with a degree in Human Biology and a minor in Spanish.  Next year she will be working as a medical assistant before applying to PA school or graduate school.
Meghan Glaser was initiated in the Fall of 2015, and is conducting research for Michigan State University this summer and participating in a biomedical research program, and next year she will be attending medical school.
Joslyn Longe was initiated in the Fall of 2016, and is moving to Chicago this summer to work as a corporate management trainee for Kraft Heinz.
Karlie Golec was initiated in the Fall of 2015, and is graduating with a degree in Human Biology and will be working as a CNA over the summer, and going back to school to become a nurse.
Alexis Hurley was initiated in the Fall of 2015, and is taking the MCAT this June and working in a research lab while applying for medical school.
Thank you for reading. Don't forget to keep in touch! XOXO
518 M.A.C. Avenue
East Lansing, MI 48823

Dove Love,
The Alpha Tau Chapter

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