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Human Trafficking Program Welcomes Training Coordinator to the Team

We are happy to announce and introduce you to our newest team member, Camerron Resener! 

Camerron, can you tell us a little about your background?
I recently earned an MA in International Human Rights with concentrations in Forced Labor & Human Trafficking and Qualitative/Quantitative Research Methods from the University of Denver. Previous to that, I co-founded an
Photograph of Camerron Resener, Human Trafficking Training Coordinator.
anti-human trafficking NGO based in Virginia that focused on a mixture of public awareness and training, as well as facilitating collaborative conversations with business owners, law enforcement, government, and schools. I worked with the International Justice Mission as their lead human trafficking legislative advocate in Colorado, the Human Trafficking Center as the Director of Educational Programs and as a researcher, Sexual Assault Resource Agency as an emergency call hotline specialist, and The Arbor Charlottesville as an overnight safe house coordinator.

How did you get involved in anti-trafficking work?
I worked with a vineyard in a few capacities, including as a harvester and vintner. I became close with my coworkers, many who were migrants from Honduras and El Salvador. Over time I realized that our experiences working for the winery were worlds apart. I knew about human trafficking and had been doing individual research, but I was unnerved to find out that the employers who had treated me so well trafficked the workers standing beside me. I knew I needed to learn about the issue and wanted to serve the public interest by helping to spread awareness on the topic.

Tell us a little about your new position with DCJ's Human Trafficking Program.
The position is responsible for the development, delivery, and design of training curricula on the topic of human trafficking for the State of Colorado. I plan, coordinate, and carry out facilitated standard trainings and train-the-trainer programs across the state, and support the mission of both the Division of Criminal Justice and the Colorado Human Trafficking Council.

What excites you most about this position?
Not only do I get to travel across this great state to train on human trafficking as my employment, but I have the privilege of collaborating with some awesome community leaders. After delivering the train-the-trainer curricula, I will work alongside them to support their efforts in raising awareness of human trafficking in their local areas. I couldn’t ask for a better position!

In the News

Photograph of report on desk.
The Human Trafficking Institute released a new report that provides an account of all criminal and civil human trafficking cases handled by federal courts during 2017. In addition to the publication of their report, the Human Trafficking Institute also announced the creation of an online resource library called Trafficking Matters. The platform hosts articles, cases, analysis, news stories, and other resources about human trafficking.

Photograph of Oguzkhan Palace with Honor Guard.
International Organization for Migration/UN Migration Agency (IOM) organized a two-day regional discussion in Turkmenistan on Prosecution and Investigation of Crimes of Trafficking in Persons for the Purpose of Labour Exploitation. The discussion focused on the use of a human rights approach in conducting this work. Colorado Human Trafficking Council Member, Pat Medige, was present at the discussion to represent the United States and NGO efforts to address human trafficking.
Photograph of woman running at sunset.
Sports Illustrated penned an article that covers the story of Deshae Wise, a University of California, Berkley track star and her experience growing up in captivity with her mother who was trafficked for sex. In addition to highlighting the stories of both Deshae and her mother, Rebecca, the piece dives into some of the challenges and obstacles that can make exiting a trafficking situation extraordinarily difficult. 

Photograph of bread from a bakery.
Kendra Ross who was trafficked for 10 years as an unpaid laborer in various cities across the United States was awarded nearly $8 million in damages by U.S. District Judge Daniel D. Crabtree. Ross’s lawyers sought back pay for the thousands of hours of unpaid labor she had performed over the years. Crabtree granted her $453,517 for restitution. He also awarded her $2.92 million for emotional distress, $3.37 million for punitive damages, and nearly $1.2 million for racketeering damages and unpaid overtime.

Federal Funding Opportunities from the Office for Victims of Crime

The Office for Victims of Crime currently has three open competitive solicitations related to anti-human trafficking efforts. For information about each grant, please visit the links in the descriptions below.

Job Opportunities with Extended Hands of Hope

Extended Hands of Hope is hiring! The organization currently has job postings for a Residential Program Manager, a Therapist, and an Operations Manager. For more information, including how to apply, visit Extended Hands of Hope

Coffee with Marcia Eugenio - University of Denver

On Thursday, June 21st at 10:30 am, the Human Trafficking Center will host an informal discussion with Marcia Eugenio, the Director of the Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking with the U.S. Department of Labor. Ms. Eugenio will share her office's work, as well as about work being done in Colorado. This gathering is held at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. For more event details, including how to register, visit the event's registration page

Regional Anti-Trafficking Collaboration Meetings

June 11th, 4:00 – 5:00 PM: Western Slope Against Trafficking. WSAT meetings are not open to the public. For more information, please contact Tom Acker

June 12th,  10:30 – 11:30 AM: Alliance to Combat Human Trafficking (ACHT) Pueblo. ACHT meetings are not open to the public. For more information, please contact
June 12th,  5:30 – 7:00 PM: Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado. This meeting is held at the First United Methodist Church in Colorado Springs (map). For more information, please contact Roger Patrizio.

CHTC and FRAC Meeting Dates

Upcoming Council Meeting

June 22nd from 9:00 AM  11:00 AM. The meeting will begin at 9:00 AM. Colorado Human Trafficking Council (CHTC) meetings are always open to the public and held at the Jefferson County Human Services Building (map). For more information please visit the CHTC Homepage.

Upcoming FRAC Meeting

July 19th from 2:00 3:30 PM:  Front Range Anti-trafficking Coalition (FRAC) meetings are open to the public. The location of the next FRAC meeting is the Community Room at the DPD District II Station. For more information about the next FRAC meeting, please contact Cate Bowman.
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