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Welcome to your Wednesday you glorious creature. I'm so excited to chat today, this week wasn't that bad actually! I'm kidding, it was a dumpster fire, but we'll get through it together. Pull up a chair and a PSL, first I want to chat a bit on people pleasing.

I'm a card carrying people pleaser. My entire life I've chased approval and gold stars. John Mulaney describes it as running for Mayor of nothing. I laughed too hard. I felt that.

I'd bolt awake at 4 am as if struck by lightning, remembering something awkward I said 7 years ago. Those nights I'd spiral down a laundry list of my personal failures. I'd wake up bleary and exhausted from a marathon of self-loathing. 

We carry so much weight around with us every day. Every failure, every ambition, every expectation, every comparison. We worry too much about what other people are thinking when half the time they're not thinking about us at all. When we focus on 'what people think' we make choices that bend toward earning approval, not toward our own happiness. The energy you spend worrying is meant for something bigger than people pleasing. Let it go. 

If we live for people's acceptance, then we will die by their rejection.
- July Black
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We need to talk about terror in the public school era

It’s back to school season, and that means freshly sharpened pencils, backpacks, and shitty education policy decisions made by people with private planes. Education Secretary, and America’s Dolores Umbridge, Betsy Devos is known for dismissing Civil Rights cases, advocating for ICE to deport undocumented students, proposing guns in schools, and having a tacky mcmansion.

Now, Devos, the woman asking to speak with your manager, is planning to roll back Obama era Title IX regulations put in place to protect victims of sexual violence on college campuses. Title IX is a federal rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any program that receives federal funding (ie. colleges in the US). We already know that 1 in every 4 women are sexually assaulted on a college campus, and 1 in 16 men. It’s too many.

The new rules would restrict schools to investigating only assaults that take place on campus or at school-sanctioned events. No one cool goes to those (I went to those). Frat houses, off-campus residences and local bars where students actually hang out will not be protected as they were under Obama regulation. In the proposal is also an amendment that allows the accused to cross-examine their victims. You read that right, a victim could be cross-examined by their accused rapist.

I’ll give you a moment to untie one of Betsy Devos’s yachts.

Campus investigations of sexual assaults have always been deeply flawed, and no administration has found a way to keep students safe while they learn. This administration has made their position clear, and men’s rights activists are cheering them on. Remember this key rule: if “men's rights advocacy groups” are on your side, you’re on the wrong fucking side.
We need to talk about economic temper tantrums

Trump is beefing with Canada again, and the root cause may be jealousy over Justin Trudeau’s sexpot good looks. Trump resembles a yellow candle in a heatwave; must be tough. The issue on the table is NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. Trump hates it because he thinks it took manufacturing jobs away from the rust belt in the U.S. That sounds reasonable enough, even shouted incoherently from a podium, but isn’t actually the case. A lot of the jobs Trump yells about were lost due to automation, not trade, according to a non-partisan report by Congress.

Canada and the US have had tense trade relations for years, but are the world’s biggest trading partners— so we need each other. Trump has been tough on Canada during this round of negotiations set to close at the end of September. The Toronto Star leaked this unsurprising assholery last week. Trump is threatening to move forward with a Mexico & U.S. only deal. Congress likes Canada and wants us in, so Trudeau may have some leverage. The major sticking points are dairy, intellectual property rights, and dispute resolution. Without the deal, Canada’s economy will be, uh, fucked. Let’s hope that negotiations get resolved quickly so we can collectively exhale. 
The Dame Tips for Fabulous Living: September Edition
A monthly guest series by wntta's resident Don Draper: an elegant hedonist who suffers no fools, writer Ali SchofieldHere’s a taste:

Ahhh, September. It’s back to school time, darlings, and I’ve got a hankering for an afternoon at The Paper Place and a stiff… drink. If only there were some Tom Hanks character to send me a bouquet of sharpened pencils, though truth be told these days I’d settle for Post Malone and a Bud Light. Haha, no, that’s just a hilarious joke – it’s Tom Hanks or die and The Dame does not consume beer water.

Visit the blog to read this month’s wisdom on espresso martinis, and feelin' yourself.
Something to ponder
Some millennials are dropping out of the workforce to retire in their 30s. It requires aggressive saving and a touch of privilege.

Something to make you laugh
Ahmed Bharoocha wants there to be a net.

Something to cheer for
Colin Kaepernick, the NFL player who kneeled for the national anthem to draw attention to police brutality in the U.S, is the new face of Nike.

Something to get you through
When I’m not feeling my best I ask myself, ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ I use the negativity to fuel the transformation.
The Queen, Beyonce
Thank you for making time for this little letter today. Remember that it's OK to be flawed and trying. We all are.

P.S This community keeps going because it's growing each week. Please consider sharing this letter with a friend, or 10 friends, whatever you're feelin'. I am so grateful for it.
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