Big tings, big tings, big tings! 

Sup people? We're hitting you up with our monthly update just to let you know about goings on with The 264 Cru, what's in store for March, the launch of some new projects and news of FUTURE SAILORS #002 (our Boat Party, for those that missed the first one you'll have surely heard about the epicness and won't want to miss the next one). 

So without further ado let's get into it...

264 Records Presents "Late Future Calls" by AELI 

Yeah, that's right, you read that correctly, we're starting a label and our first release comes in the form of AELI's 2nd album "Late Future Calls".

We're hosting the album release party THIS THURSDAY the 18th alongside our guest from the LA based Soulection family, Karak Beats #018 w/ Jarreau Vandal.

More about the label...

Not content with solely pushing boundaries through events, The 264 Cru look to take over your laptops, phones, and ears with the announcement of our soon to launch “264 Records” imprint.

The label will focus on releasing regional and international talent in tune with the founders’ vision to build community, and encourage others to raise the level of music culture and diversity within our own circles and beyond.

Each member of The 264 Cru brings with them a wealth of knowledge and a broad music vision which will be mirrored by the releases with the simple criteria that the material is forward thinking and quality.

The first release on 264 Records arrives in the form of AELI’s “Late Future Calls”, a symbiosis of futurist beats and bass heavy sounds. Blending North African motifs with modern sound design techniques, AELI has developed something unique as he comes into his own sound. Defying modern and classic forms of hip-hop and even rock, AELI has taken a musician’s approach to the album; programming, sampling and even playing all the instruments himself, while experimenting with Tunisian spices in an effort to pay homage to his roots.

With this release, AELI has managed to create an intricate and beautiful journey that sits comfortably both at home, on the road or on dance-floors.

Now, back to the party business, here’s what's what:

March Highlights
3rd Mar - KARAK BEATS #019 w/ Addison Groove
11th Mar - FUTURE SAILORS #002 Boat Party
18th Mar - The 264 Cru @ SATWA 3000 Cafeteria (Sikka Art Fest)
24th Mar - KARAK BEATS #020 w/ Mala & Sgt. Pokes

For the Boat party, click here to register your interest and we'll be in touch with the full details in the coming weeks.

Much love, 
The 264 Cru