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Christmas feels like a long long time ago.  How was the much anticipated summer holiday? Was it restorative and fun or was it actually more stressful than restful?
In our pre-Christmas newsletter we talked briefly about stress. Now that summer is really drawing to a close and we are well into the new year, let’s talk about stress in more detail.
"BCST and Homeopathy are two great ways to address underlying issues such as trauma, bereavement or upbringing, which are causing us to feel stressed. Ayurvedic massage and myofascial release is also beneficial in alleviating feelings of stress."

Biologically speaking, a stressor is anything that impacts on an organism, that requires the organism to adapt or to defend its integrity.

Stress immediately challenges us

We feel stress as an emotional and physical strain caused by our response to pressure exerted from the outside world that is stronger than our own internal vitality and immune system. So we can feel stressed if we are harassed, hurried, pressured to meet deadlines or to perform tasks in a particular way that we find demanding or challenging. If we have too many tasks demanding our attention all at once, we usually feel stressed.

This is different from anxiety which is more a general feeling of apprehension or fear from an undefined source.  Stress is caused more by particular situations or events.
Stress can come from experiencing a particular trauma such as divorce, losing a job or bereavement. Everyone experiences similar situations differently and we all feel stressed by different things. Some people love public speaking while it terrifies others. Issues with families or friends can really impact upon some people while others remain unaffected. Changes in the work environment are welcomed by some and resisted by others.

We know that feeling of being upset, emotional and overwhelmed when stressed. We can feel frustrated, angry or worried. Tension may manifest in various parts of the body, often in the head, neck, jaw, shoulders or lower back or in the gut.
Stress is not all bad.
We need it to prepare us to meet challenges and in optimizing our abilities to cope with them. We want to be able to think and act clearly and stress can improve the efficiency of the body and mind.  But when the level, and often chronic nature, of stress becomes too great, and this is different for each of us, various health problems can develop. We may develop addictive behaviors to cope with ongoing and increasing stress such as overeating, alcoholism, smoking and drug use. Sleeping is usually affected and illnesses such as depression, anxiety states and panic attacks can develop.
While changes to our lifestyle may make us feel better and may help us to cope better with stress, often more is needed to address the root causes of stress in each of us.

BCST and Homeopathy are two great ways to address underlying issues such as trauma, bereavement or upbringing, which are causing us to feel stressed. Ayurvedic massage and myofascial release is also beneficial in alleviating feelings of stress.
How do you respond to stress?

How does your body show you that you are under stress?
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A homeopathic travel kit is always useful to have with you wherever you go. It contains remedies that can help with colds, fevers, sprains, and food poisoning. Priced at $105.
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Lavender Oil

Most of us love the smell of Lavender oil, especially when it is organic. Lavender is said to have a great effect on the body on many different levels, physically, emotionally and even spiritually.
Lavender is the most well- known oil in the aromatherapies. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti- fungal, anti-septic, anti-spasmodic and detoxifying properties as well as being a powerful anti-oxidant.

In Ayurveda, lavender oil is used for reviving the senses, harmonizing and balancing the whole system. With its extremely soothing, calming, cooling and tranquil energy, Lavender essential oil pacifies kapha and pitta doshas and aggravates vata dosha but is beneficial for all the three constitutional types of Ayurveda.
How to use it at home:
A few drops in the bath can be very relaxing at the end of a busy day or just rub 1 drop on your hand and gently inhale for max 30 seconds for a more uplifted feeling. Used in a diffuser or an oil burner, the soothing aromatic oil penetrates the mind body through the nasal passages.

The World Organics Essential oil is from Bulgaria and is 100% organic.
Retail: $41 and Jasmine club $32.80.
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Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy works for all ages from newborns to adults.

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Combination Therapies
Both BCST and Homeopathy are subtle and gentle therapies which work well together

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Homeopathy is an individualised holistic approach to health which looks at the root cause of ill health.
Homeopathy looks at finding the root cause of ill health.

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Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurvedic massage contributes to health and wellbeing.

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Trudi & Sandra
Love and compassion open our own inner life, reducing stress, distrust and loneliness.

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