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We have moved through winter and now we are looking forward to enjoying warmer, sunnier months.

Our topic this time around is concussion. 
There is a growing awareness that concussion, particularly multiple concussions, may have a greater and more long lasting detrimental effect than was once thought.

Concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury. It is usually the result of a blow directly to the head or to the body involving a whiplash type movement where there is very sudden movement of the head. 
Concussion may occur while playing sports such as rugby or boxing, while skiing or from an accident riding a bike, skateboard or a horse, even from falling against a hard surface such as a wall or the floor. It may also result from violent shaking.
The brain is composed of soft tissue which is protected by spinal fluid and blood. Concussion is caused by the brain moving against the skull which may result in swelling and bruising, tearing of blood vessels and injury to nerves, affecting brain function. At the time of injury a person may experience; shallow breathing, cold and clammy pale skin, nausea, temporary memory loss and a possible loss of consciousness even for a few seconds. Concussion can occur without losing consciousness however.

A wide range of symptoms may result from concussion; physical (neurological), emotional and cognitive which may last for only a few days or weeks or a lot longer particularly if the person has experienced more than one incidence of concussion.
Physical Symptoms 
Physical Symptoms include; feelings of pressure inside the head, headaches (often persistent), dizziness, problems with coordination and balance, nausea and vomiting, blurry or double vision, sleepiness, excessive tiredness, tinnitus, tingling sensations, confusion, memory loss, light and noise sensitivity.

Emotional Symptoms 
Emotional symptoms include; anxiety (due to tension), nervousness, irritability, anger, disorientation, depression, indifference, mood swings

Cognitive Symptoms 
Cognitive symptoms include; feeling dazed, confused, memory loss, concentration problems, inability to think clearly, numbness.
Symptoms may be temporary or more longterm. Longterm symptoms include; head rolling, hallucinations, loss of speech, mispronunciation of words, loquacity, hearing impairment, twitching, jerking, episodes of petit mal, convulsions, agitation, restlessness, childish behaviour, personality changes.
Injury to the head is serious. Even if there are no immediate apparent signs of distress, symptoms can show up later. Careful physical examination is required, observation for 48 hours, and possibly scans are needed. This is particularly important if there have been previous head injuries.
How we can help...

Appropriate homeopathic remedies prescribed according to the symptoms experienced and observed, when given at the time of injury can be extremely beneficial. Even years after the event, homeopathy can help stimulate recovery.

BCST can help the nervous system to settle as the body may still be in a heightened state post concussion. BCST can alleviate the tension due to compression and restoration in the cranial bones, tissues, nerves. It can release the shock and trauma held in the body. BCST can decrease the level of pain and increase circulation in the brain, helping the brain to heal.    

The use of homeopathy in conjunction with BCST can help alleviate the effects of concussion, restoring balance and functioning.

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