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In the past 18 months I have been at Body Architects I am truly confident that I have found my calling in life. Teaching movement that eliminates pain, amplifies strength, and has people moving into positions they had never thought possible is my greatest passion. I see poor movement mechanics walking in the street, in my athletes at Concordia University, and in our members at BA and all I want is to help them move and feel better! I am definitely an odd cat for more than this reason, but you can rest easy that it is my obsession to fix your body in every way that I can.



 “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction can be the biggest step of our lives, tip-toe if you must, but take the step.”

Optimizing shoulder mobility allows us to perform in multiple ranges of motion (circumduction), improve posture, and increases durability of a very important joint. 

~ Coach Cam Ellingson
Ever wake up with tight, sore shoulders? Work at a desk all day and find that keeping good posture is more of a chore than anything? Shoulder mobility doesn’t come easy to most people. The truth is that our societal norms force us into rounded poor posture more often than not, which can cause a plethora of issues in and around the shoulder joint! A regular routine of stretching and mobility/strengthening is key to maintaining happy shoulders and longevity in them as well.

Two very important factors need to be considered :

1) Strength & Control
2) Stretching & Mobilizing

Working our shoulders through multiple ranges of motion (circumduction) is one of the most important things possible for shoulder health. If the shoulder girdle doesn’t have the ability to move fluently, it can cause impingements or inflammation of tissue that run across the shoulder joint itself. Making muscle work through different planes of movement helps to prevent muscles from becoming tight and inactive. The overhead position is often the most difficult and most neglected, but is extremely important to be able to perform properly. A majority of impingements and issues are caused because of improper technique in this position that can lead to long term issues and pain. 

Almost everyone in our world today performs some kind of lifting or muscle demanding work at some point in their day or week; from as little as lifting a water jug or reams of paper in the office, to full on workout routines, sport, and everything else in-between. Unfortunately, the most at-risk population for shoulder injury are typically those that do less exercise in their day-to-day lives and therefore have less strength through their main postural and secondary muscles that allow them to perform certain movements or lifts. Now how can we address these issues in a proper manner that’s as effective as possible? Let me tell you! 

If you’ve ever worked out at Body Architects before you’ve either seen or been told to stretch while using a band, we call this distracted stretching and it is highly effective! What it does that normal stretching doesn’t, is it releases any inward pressure on the joint. When we sleep, sit, drive, text or any other activity really our shoulders have forward and downward pressure on them constantly due to gravity. With the distracted stretching, we combat that by relieving pressure in the girdle and then take it through a range of motion that allows the muscles to relax more than if you were to just stretch and pull them normally. 

Knowing is half the battle... couldn’t be more well put if I tried! Being aware that your posture or shoulder health isn’t as great as it should be, allows you to use the correct exercise routine to fix them. The shoulder joint or ’girdle’ as we refer to it, is a very complex joint. It is one of only two joints in our bodies that can perform circumduction, which means it can move in every direction (or should be able to). Unfortunately, that also means there is a ton of room for error and issues to occur… AWESOME! 
If some of these concepts seem foreign, unfamiliar or you just don’t know where to start, come see us at Body Architects for a free first-time assessment. We can give you all the tools you need to get on the right track, fix your shoulders and live a happy pain free life with no doubts or worries!


Meet Body Architects rock star Personal Trainer & Movement Optimizer Cam Ellingson!

Cam Ellingson isn't new to the personal training world, just a new addition to the Body Architects team. Joining our team was an organic, smooth, and easy transition from being one our clients, to becoming a very important part of our team. He's another graduate fro NAIT's PT program, and had over 4 years coaching and personal training under his belt before he even joined our community as a client. 



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