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my.Flow, Newsletter 0, 03.08.2016

Dearest Supporters, Community Members, and fellow Period-Enthusiasts (we don’t go a single month without it!),

Happy International Women’s Day! What better time to hear about our progress on the world’s first smart tampon? We’re very excited to have you all on board with us, and to be emailing you from Shenzhen, China, where we’re working on all my.Flow, all the time!


In Spring 2015. When this idea was born in a classroom at Berkeley, we had no idea that our simple project would turn into both a multinational journey, and a company with acclaimed investors like HAX. Three hardware iterations, tens of pitches, and thousands of dollars of airfare later, we are living (some nights, literally) at one of the world’s top hardware accelerators, gradually turning this dream into a reality. We have spent the last six weeks working hard on our product: a connected tampon that will empower women, and everyone else who menstruates, through insight.



80% of women we surveyed want to buy a product that protects against leakage. By connecting you to your flow at a level never before seen, we’re not just protecting against leakage, we’re making it obsolete. Our tampon relays data to your smartphone in real time, allowing you to track your current saturation level, and sends you a notification when it’s time to change. Our app will get smarter throughout the months as you gather more data on your lightest and heaviest times.


There is no better place to build a product than in the electronics manufacturing capital of the world. With same-day delivery from all sorts of suppliers, readily-available electronics components around every corner, and a host of world-class mentors supporting us, we’ve been rocketing through our development. Last week we cleared our “+30” milestone (i.e. 30th day at HAX), where we turned our product, and the data that we gathered from many of you (thank you!), into a killer pitch and live “works-like” demo. Since then, we’ve been in hardcore product-dev mode in preparation for +60, our next milestone where we’ll present a “works-like and looks-like” prototype, three weeks away. Wish us luck!


We recently launched our website,, where you can find more info on our product, mission, team, and #startuplife. We love hearing from our customers and anyone who's got something to say! As we move forward with our design, your feedback has the power to shape our product into something world-altering. If you want to give us your input on our either our logo/color options or on the specifics of our wearable, please (pleeeeease?) let us know here, and do pass on the word to anyone potentially interested in going with the Flow.
Help us choose our logo and official colors; we welcome any and all feedback! Period.
Thank you for your support, and see you at +60!

Celebrating Women's Day, Love, Empowerment, and Profound Personal Knowledge,
Amanda and Team my.Flow
Meet the my.Flow Team
Amanda Brief, Cofounder and CEO
Amanda has been known to trek – and ultimately camp – off the beaten path pretty consistently. She gravitates towards the intersections between music, humor, philanthropy, and math (and on a related note, concocting Venn diagrams).
Jacob McEntire, Lead Hardware Engineer

Jacob's interests in tech, travel, and social issues drew him to my.Flow team, where he is currently having a blast working alongside the cofounders. When not working, he enjoys creative writing, game design, juggling, and fire spinning.
Madeeha Ghori, Cofounder

To Madeeha, the most important thing about tech is the impact it has on people. When she's not striving for the perfect UX, she's usually reading, attempting improv comedy, or gaining highly marketable skills like blacksmithing. 
Katie Chen, Cofounder

Katie loves using the creative side of her brain to make cool things to solve big problems. She enjoys international adventure, music, photography, and watching silly animal videos.
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