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Hope you had a great start on your week! This week, we found 3 must-read Android Development articles.


Practical guide to Dagger 2

An easy-to-follow guide for Dagger 2.
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By the way, if your code base is Kotlin and you are searching for a much more straightforward service locator solution, then take a look at Koin. Both Dagger 2 and Koin have advantages and disadvantages of course. Here is a podcast compares both in depth.

DIY Gradle build optimization

The definitive guide to Gradle build performance optimization.
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Erik Hellman: Kotlin Coroutines, Getting Started + Android

Huyen sits down with Erik Hellman, Google Developer Expert and freelance Android developer, to learn about how Kotlin coroutines can help with asynchronous programming easier on Android.
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Happy coding!

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