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Hope you had a great weekend and a superb start of the week.  Here is your newsletter with must-reads from the previous week.


All the things we’re doing wrong but take for granted: a retrospective glance at Android development

This article points out the "artificial difficulties" of Android development - challenges we create for ourselves because we think they are best practices.
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Exploring Paging Library from Jetpack

If you haven't looked into Paging Library yet, this article could be a nice starting point. It includes an example project that is using Dagger2 and Clean Architecture, as well as other Android Architecture Components.
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Android Studio 3.2 is available in stable channel!
The update includes a lot of improvements and tools. 
PS: there is a known bug about incompatibility between Android Studio 3.2 and Kotlin plugin version '1.2.70', so make sure you use '1.2.71' instead. 
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