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Many good things are happening at Spaulding for Children and the communities we serve. Our good friend, Dr. Bruce D. Perry spoke with Oprah Winfrey on the CBS News program 60 Minutes. National Child Abuse Prevention Day is April 25, part of  National Child Abuse Prevention Month

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Oprah & 60 Minutes discuss impacts of childhood trauma

Millions of Americans recently learned what we in the adoption and guardianship fields have long known: Adults often suffer a lifetime of emotional pain caused by events they originally experienced as children.

This startling reality was detailed in Oprah Winfrey's report, "Treating Childhood Trauma" on the popular CBS News program 60 Minutes.
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How Spaulding utilizes TLC plus TIC

Trauma Informed Care helps those who have experienced abuse

Caring people – parents, friends, and all who care about the welfare of other human beings – practice TLC: Tender Loving Care.
The team at Spaulding for Children also practice TIC: Trauma Informed Care. And we are working to get the word to foster care providers, adoptive parents and all in fields of social work.
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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Day is April 25. Most everyone in the field knows that to properly address such a critical and life-changing issue means we must work 365 days a year (366 in leap-years).
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Working to Prevent Child Abuse

Providing parents the training and support in order to prevent child abuse is what we do every day at Spaulding for Children.
Last year, more than 2000 families were served with in-home education, assessment and support to address safety hazards, use safe sleep practices, and practice positive parenting—and prevent childhood injuries, child abuse, neglect, or maltreatment and reduce ER visits.
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Spaulding Turns 50

On Sunday, Feb. 4, 1968 Spaulding for Children was established with the signing of its articles of incorporation. The articles were formally “resolved” as Board policy on March 15, 1968 and filed with the State of Michigan on March 19, 1968.

On April 26 of that year, Spaulding held its Community Kick-Off Dinner; in early August, Kathryn S. Harr, Spaulding’s first executive director, held an “open inquiry meeting” for anyone interested in adoption; and by September, Spaulding had completed its first adoption. From this time forward, Spaulding for Children began changing the world view of who was adoptable and what families could adopt.

We will keep you posted as to the upcoming events commemorating Spaulding for Children's 50th year. And if you know something we should know, please let us know so we can share.

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