Shout Out to BrassCraft!
Join Us at the 2021 Resource Fair
Please join us Saturday, Aug. 21 at the Spaulding Resource Fair. Presented in partnership with Detroit PAL (Police Athletic League) and sponsored by BrassCraft, a MASCO Company, the Resource Fair will be held at The Corner Ballpark in Detroit from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
We are still looking for volunteers. Please contact Executive Assistant, Cheryl Gist at or (947) 224-8467.
Free and open to the public, the Resource Fair will present a broad array of information, resources, and services for protecting health and improving the quality of life of families and children. The Resource Fair also is intended to inform the public and to raise awareness of the opportunities available at Spaulding and our community partners. Services and resources at the fair are provided by various community organizations and local businesses, free of charge.
The Detroit Equity Coalition will offer COVID-19 vaccinations to eligible people at the event through their mobile vaccination unit. Ascension Healthcare will provide blood pressure and glucose monitoring to serve those who may be suffering from diabetes and other medical conditions.  Wayne Health will provide lead testing, childhood immunizations among other tests.
The Corner Ballpark is the site of the old Tiger Stadium. It is located at 1680 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, 48216.
Participating organizations and individuals include:
•    Affirmations LGBTQ+ Community Center
•    Ascension Health
•    Kid’s First Initiative - Dr. Richard Bell
•    Breathe Again
•    Brilliant Detroit
•    Detroit Fire Department
•    Detroit PAL
•    Detroit Police Department
•    First Baptist Institutional Church
•    Detroit Equity Coalition
•    Michigan United Public Health
•    Ruth Ellis Center
•    Shenominal Ink / The Reading Corner
•    Sound Advice Audiology
•    The Student Connection
•    Wayne Health.  

Information, services and resources include:
•    STEAM Activities for Kids (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)
•    COVID-19 Vaccinations
•    Free Hearing Tests
•    Blood Pressure Tests
•    Diabetes Monitoring
•    Free Lead Testing
•    Free Smoke Detector (for Detroit residents, through Detroit Fire Department)
•    Foster and Adoption Opportunities.
The Resource Fair also offers interesting and fun activities to children and families. Those who attend and sign the Registration Sign-In Sheets will be eligible for a number of “Giveaways for Back-to-School” and Raffle Baskets.
Thank you Monica Morgan and Superstation 910 AM
We would like to thank Ms. Monica Morgan for inviting Mrs. Stacey Mason-Oakes of Spaulding on her WFDF Radio 910 AM Superstation program to discuss the Resource Fair. The program and interview also were streamed live via Facebook.
In the Saturday, Aug. 7 radio broadcast, Ms. Morgan and Mrs. Mason-Oakes discussed the important resources and vital health services that will be available for families and children free of charge. Click here for a rebroadcast.
Ms. Morgan is a longtime supporter of Spaulding for Children.  In addition to her weekly radio program, “Monica Morgan Speaks,” Ms. Morgan is a noted photojournalist and motivational speaker who has traveled the world to research and interview her subjects.
Back-to-School Prep
Getting “School Ready” means your child should be up to date on their physicals, vaccines and eye exams. Help them start the year on the right foot by making your doctor’s appointment. Back to school prep isn’t just about getting your kids ready, it’s about getting yourself ready too. You can start thinking about things such as meal prep and your own routine.

1. Get School Supplies Ready
Find out what's on your school supply list and any other things you might want to consider purchasing. Special COVID-19 considerations may include facemasks, hand sanitizer, and blue light glasses to protect eyes while learning online.  Check your school’s website, they may have a list!
2. Create Your Learning Command Center
This is a distraction-free area for your kids to do their homework and online classes whilst being able to stay completely focused. We know how hard it can be to keep kids’ attention on learning, so this is an important area that offers them everything they need such as textbooks, laptops, pens, and paper.
3. Establish A Routine
You don’t want the first day of school to arrive and find yourself caught unprepared. Start adjusting sleep patterns and creating a morning routine ahead of time, so when that exciting first day arrives both you and your kids are ready and raring to go.
SFC Team News
We'd like to give kudos to members of the Spaulding team. They recently were recognized with Peer Award and Gem Awards
PEER AWARD – This award is given quarterly to up to three employees that deserve special recognition for the prior quarter. Nominations are submitted by all employees and the winners are selected by the ERC committee.    
Veronica Crawford                        Licensing Specialist      
Mike Quinn                                     Network Administrator
Katie Ward                                      Adoption/Licensing Specialist 

GEM AWARD – This award is given quarterly to a group (two or more staff members) who has demonstrated outstanding teamwork within the three months prior to the All-Staff Meeting. This award is selected by the Quality Improvement & Management Team. 

The group of staff selected for the GEM award were nominated as they came together to brainstorm an idea for supporting staff in the Child and Family Services Department. When the group thought about ways to help new staff they had the idea to create a group within their online Microsoft Teams application. They added all staff in the department to the group and use it as a quick and easy way to stay in touch with each other via an instant messaging function. They can ask questions, problem solve or even just check in and say, "Hi!" to one another. This has helped to create a new channel of communication when many staff are not seeing each other in person.
Kristina Borrego                             Team Lead
Cassie Hutson                                 IPP Specialist
Katie Ward                                      Adoption/Licensing Specialist   

Congratulations to the winners of Spaulding Peer and Gem awards! And thank you for all you do to serve children, families and the Spaulding Team.
SFC Team Is Growing

Please join us in welcoming Ms. Sara Vitale, pictured in the photo at left. Our newest employee joined Spaulding for Children to serve as an Individualized Permanency Planning (IPP) Specialist. Ms. Vitale will be working with Jennifer Land.

Please also join us in welcoming back Ms. Makenzie Gabridge, pictured in the photo to the right. She is a former employee who has returned for the summer, while on break from her full-time job working in a public school system. Ms. Gabridge is an IPP Specialist.
Developing Tomorrow's Professionals
Spaulding for Children has Internship opportunities available in all programs that support the agency and the families we serve. Seeking enthusiastic and motivated individual (s) interested in having an invaluable learning experience that not only broadens their horizons, but also gives them a chance to work for a good cause.   
Spaulding for Children has openings for interns interested in exploring career paths in the following departments:
  • Business Office
  • Human Resource
  • Development
We are looking for individuals who are interested in looking for long-term placements, as well as those who are able to commit to short term projects. 
If would like more information on how you can intern at Spaulding for Children, please contact Jamie Bozarth at 248-443-7080 ext. 275 or
A Summer to Open One's Eyes

Ms. Jada Clark worked with Spaulding this summer as an intern in order fulfill a requirement of her double majors in psychology and family studies at Central Michigan University. She says she started out as “naive” about many of the experiences that children in foster care go through.
Ms. Clark said she felt enlightened after hearing directly from the children themselves about abuse, neglect or parents who did not, or were not able to, pay attention and be present with them. She called the moments, “Eye opening.”
“I certainly have more empathy for everyone involved after this summer,” Ms. Clark said. “I look at them all with a different set of eyes – from children to parents, caseworkers, supervisors and the foster parents who want to help and open their homes. I have so much respect for what everyone is going through.”
Ms. Clark said her Spaulding internship helped her improve her communications skills. In particular, the experience of working in the real world helped her develop new, nonverbal skills.
“I sat in court hearings and family team meetings and learned to notice subtle emotional differences – whether it was frustration, excitement or concern in people's expressions,” Ms. Clark said. “I learned how to better read and interpret their feelings, even when they weren’t speaking.”
After graduating next year, Jada plans to continue working in the fields of Child Welfare or in Clinical Psychology while she pursues an advanced degree. Jada also said she will continue to evaluate opportunities in both school psychology and social work.
“I appreciate everyone I worked with at Spaulding,” Ms. Clark said. “I realize they all really do have hearts of gold to do work in this field.”
Perhaps it just takes one to know one. Good Luck, Jada!
Experiences in Hands-On Caring

Ms. Madison Sprague completed a remote internship with Spaulding while concluding her Master’s program at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Her field of specialization in social work is on the macro level with a focus on leadership and social change.
Ms. Sprague said she found a perfect fit with Spaulding.  She worked under the direction of Spaulding’s Melinda Lis, Vice President of The Academy for Family Support and Preservation.
Madison got to work on some of the many national programs at Spaulding, including the National Training and Development Curriculum for Foster/Adoptive Parents (NTDC) and the National Quality Improvement Center for Support and Preservation (QIC-AG).

“What you learn in school is all theoretical and you wonder if you can apply it – only because you never had the chance to,” Ms. Sprague said. “This summer I learned that what I learned was applicable and my school had prepared me to do the work. Spaulding let me jump in. They made me feel trusted and competent and that has made me more confident.”
Ms. Sprague also got to work on a racial equity action plan with Minority Professional Leadership Development (MPLD) through AdoptUS kids.  She was delighted to discover the national programs at Spaulding.
“Spaulding is a real leader in so many areas,” Ms. Sprague said. “I wish more people recognize that.”
Madison learned also about grant writing and was thrilled to work with team members on grant proposals. Online teams allow for incredible collaboration opportunities.
“I learned how to work in teams in a professional setting,” Ms. Sprague said. “It’s different than group projects in school. At Spaulding my insights were valued.”  She learned about the national programs including curriculum development and training that Spaulding does and worked on trainings such as Train the Trainer and others.”

Madison used to think that as a social worker, the only opportunities in child welfare were direct services. Her mind was opened by what she discovered in her work during her internship at Spaulding.
“I am someone who wanted to look at the larger picture, the macro level, in order to see where I could affect change,” Ms. Sprague said. “Now I know there are ways I could do that with an agency like Spaulding, which develops national programs that serve families and children. That’s real change that affects many people.”
Congratulations to the MPLD Fellows!
Graduates of the 2020 Minority Professional Leadership Development (MPLD) program at AdoptUSKids gathered in Washington, DC, to network with national child welfare leaders, share the findings of their action research projects, and celebrate overcoming the many obstacles to completing the program, including the unexpected challenges presented by COVID-19.

This latest cohort of MPLD fellows hailed from private and public child welfare organizations and researched topics including the importance of generational trauma, transracial adoption, and building kinship connections.
“It was inspiring to be in a room with leaders of color who are bravely addressing challenges facing our child welfare systems and proposing solutions to move the field forward,” Robert Herne, Director of AdoptUSKids National Project, said.
The 16 members of the 2020 cohort officially graduated in January during an online celebration. The June event—a poster session and awards ceremony—was an opportunity for fellows to gather in person and share their work with leaders from the Children’s Bureau and other national child welfare organizations.
During the awards ceremony, Fellows heard from child welfare leaders including Ms. Aysha E. Schomburg, J.D., Associate Commissioner of the Children’s Bureau. Ms. Schomburg shared her own story as a leader of color navigating white spaces and encouraged MPLD fellows to work to create change and lead with courage. MPLD alumna Ligia Cushman also shared her story and words of inspiration during the event.
'Dog Days of Summer' Made Sweeter 
with Our Best Friends
August is National Pet Month. Fittingly, August also is National Dog Month. So, we asked staff members to submit photos of their four-legged best friends. Benefits of owning a pet are many and include lower blood pressure and better health from walks and a higher general happiness quotient.

Below are pictured some of our team's pets. See if you can match the pet with their best friends. The answer key is toward the bottom of this newsletter.
Best friends of the above are:  Jamie Bozarth, Tina Bruce, Caitlin Crowley (2), Julie Swartout, Sarah Terrien (2), and Kristina Vaseau (2). The "2" in parentheses indicates they have two pets pictured. Hey, we never said there was a limit to love (or that this would be easy)! The answer key, "Match Best Friends Quiz," is toward the bottom of this newsletter.
Summer Isn't Over Yet

If you had a list of summer fun to enjoy with the kids - don’t put it off another day. We have a list of resources for activities. Visit the list on the home page at SUMMER FUN IN METRO DETROIT.
SFC Team Members' Summer Memories
"My favorite summer memory was having family and friends over for a Fourth of July celebration."
"What I plan to do before the summer is over…is to simply exhale, enjoy the weather and take some time to embrace the beauty of my surroundings without rushing through the day!" 
"My favorite Summer Memory, and there are a lot, was my summers spent at the Idlewild Resort in Upper Michigan."

"My most exciting summer activity this year was going on vacation with my husband and his family for the first time since getting married. We went to Mackinac Island  it’s a tradition in his family so it was nice to be included."
Kroger, Amazon Support Spaulding through New Community Award Programs
Did you know you can support SFC while you shop for summer fun?

Spaulding for Children is signed up for community reward programs with Kroger and Amazon.  You can connect your Kroger account by going here. Search for organization number and/or organization name:  Now, every time you buy from Kroger, a portion of your purchase will help us.

Also, you can select SFC as your charity of choice on 
Amazon Smile, where 5% of your eligible purchases are donated to SFC! It's as easy as going into your account settings and changing your charity to Spaulding for Children SFC-Southfield (Please remember, there also is a Spaulding in Houston, TX too!).
Match Best Friends Quiz

Chickies - Kristina Vaseau
Denver - Caitlin Crowley
Hank - Tina Bruce
Kevie - Julie Swartout
Lily - Sarah Terrien
Maximus - Sarah Terrien
Queenie - Jamie Bozarth
Rocky - Caitlin Crowley
Titus - Kristina Vaseau
Thanks to all who sent in photographs! If you'd like to share a picture of your best friend, please email a copy to  Cheryl Gist, executive assistant, at

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