November is National Adoption Month

Congress Pictures Adoptive Families

The Adoptive Family Portrait Project is a national program sponsored by Voice for Adoption as part of the National Adoption Awareness Month. The project is designed to highlight the need to find adoptive families for the children currently in foster care. A short profile and photo of the selected families are displayed in the Capitol Hill office of the families’ district representatives. Most representatives keep the photos in their office year-round.

Spaulding is proud that one of our families is included in the Adoptive Family Portrait Project. To learn more about the program, please click on the link above.

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National Adoption Month Resources

Meet the Wade Family

Like Spaulding, Marsha Wade believes there is a home for every child. And she personally has provided home and family to a good number of children.
Ms. Wade is a parent to two biological children, a foster parent to another, and an adoptive parent of 12 more children. All of her 12 adopted children have had special needs: behavior disorders or cognitive impairments. “I tell them to give me the harder-to-place children,” Ms. Wade said.
Marsha said she realizes that she has always had a lot to give. “I was raised in a large family with fostered and adopted kids,” she said. “When you see the sad stories of children being moved around – especially after being placed – then the family says they can't continue and then they are returned (to foster care) – it broke my heart.”
One of her children later said to her: "Before you came along, I felt like no one saw me."

"Before you came along, I felt like no one saw me."  


When asked how she has managed to be so successful she cites many sources of support. First is her family of two grown children who often come by her home to help with everything, as well as give her needed breaks to recharge. She also has a friend who is totally committed to help with the kids’ Individual Education Plans (IEP). She seeks other resources from Spaulding to Families on The Move, a support group for foster families which meets monthly.
And then there is her personal motivation and belief: "I always felt that all children deserve to have a family and home of their own."
Marsha's Advice to those considering adoption:
  1. Be honest with yourself. Check your level of commitment, then ask yourself what you are and are not prepared or willing to tolerate. You may need to adjust your expectations, especially when considering those who are impaired.
  2. Identify your needs and then seek support in advance, so it's there when you need it.
  3. Always be your child's advocate and don't wait to get them what they need.

Who is Awaiting Adoption?

There are approximately 14,000 children in foster care in the State of Michigan; and each year approximately 3,000 of these children will turn age 18 and become legally free for adoption. On average, 300 children are waiting adoption with no identified families.
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Spaulding CEO Cristina Peixoto
Addresses International Conference



Spaulding for Children has long been a national resource for professionals seeking the latest information and programs to help and support families and the interests of children. Last month, Spaulding received recognition on the global stage when CEO Cristina Peixoto spoke at the International Seminar on Social Assistance and Human Rights Policy, held Oct. 22-25 in Florianópolis, Brazil.

Ms. Peixoto discussed how foster and adoptive families in Michigan and the U.S. are meeting the unique challenges of raising teen-age children. In a panel discussion, she presented information about the impact of traumatic experiences on children and their development. She also shared with those at the conference the ways Spaulding advocates for every child in need of a permanent home. 

The seminar was organized by the Instituto Santos Brasil to share information and discuss how five nations are working to serve their publics through advances in services, programs and policies. Participants included representatives from Argentina, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and the host country, Brazil.

Seminar participants from Brazil described how the nation today helps children in state care through small-group homes, where six to eight children live together under the care of adult professionals -- and where parents were encouraged to drop in throughout day and be an active part of their child's life.

“It was an honor to represent the United States and Spaulding for Children,” Cristina said. “We shared ideas and discussed ways we -- as nations, organizations and individuals -- work together to improve the lives of families and children. I think we all were in agreement that is how we create a better future for all.”
The photograph of Ms. Peixoto is from a news broadcast by Brazilian television station RIC.

Respond Expediently
Now & Year-Round

During National Adoption Month -- and on every day of every month throughout the year -- there is an urgent need for child welfare and related systems to respond expediently to the need for support and assistance among adoptive and guardianship families. Our colleagues at QIC-AG -- the Quality Improvement Center for Adoption & Guardianship Support and Preservation -- offer an array of evidence-based services and supports to meet the unique needs of these families.
Visit the QIC-AG to learn more about responding expedientlyClick here or the buttons and links embedded in the graphics below for details from QIC-AG.
QIC Resources for Adoption & Guardianship

Adoption Takes Center Stage

A new feature film takes an honest look at adoption through the story of a married couple who discover an amazing child they want to adopt also has two amazing siblings. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Octavia Spencer and Isabella Moner, “Instant Family” opens Nov. 16.

Uber for Spaulding

Spaulding for Children is a finalist in a program that the digital ride service Uber is running in Detroit to highlight community organizations that are important to  their drivers and the communities they serve. Uber drivers will be voting on their favorite top three organizations between now and Nov 11.

Please, spread the word to all Uber passengers and Uber drivers you know to "Vote for Spaulding!"

For 50 Years, Spaulding at the Forefront

Spaulding for Children believes that there is no such thing as an unadoptable child.
We are a private, non-profit adoption agency committed to finding families to adopt children that are placed in the child welfare system including older children, children of color, brothers and sisters that need a home together, and children with disabilities or challenges. Spaulding for Children believes that families are resources and does not charge families any fees for adoption services. Services provided to families include matching, placement, case management, home based visitation, education and training, support groups, information and referral, and opportunities to participate in Agency sponsored activities.

Change a child's life, become a foster parent!

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