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Families In Bloom 2 

Extraordinary People and a Remarkable Organization

Spaulding Honors Four

The founders of Spaulding for Children had a dream that all children are “adoptable,” without regard to their age, race or disability. Today, more than 52 years on from its founding in the Chelsea farmhouse donated by Mr. Warren Spaulding, the agency has become a national leader in adoption and foster parenting.

Families in Bloom 2 will honor those who have made our work possible. This year's Spaulding Honor awardees are:
Addie D. Williams is a licensed attorney, licensed social worker, adjunct professor at Wayne State University and the former President/CEO of Spaulding for Children. Under her leadership as the President/CEO, of Spaulding for Children, the Agency was selected by Crain’s Detroit as Best Managed Non-Profit Organization with a Budget over $3 million.

Dr. Charles "Chuck" Lechner, DDS, is a Michigan entrepreneur and longtime supporter of Spaulding for Children. Through his kindness and generosity, the Agency has been able to provide facilities for family meetings, special events and other family programs. A graduate of University of Michigan and University of Detroit-Mercy, Dr. Lechner is a strong supporter of education.

Paul Welch rose to the highest levels in the midwestern lumber industry and was a longtime advocate of Spaulding for Children. He was an active and enthusiastic supporter of the scholarship programs for the children Spaulding serves. Mr. Welch passed away Aug. 25, 2020.

Wendy's Metro Detroit Area Franchisees will be honored for their their longtime support of Spaulding for Children and their work on behalf of adoption and foster care. Accepting the award on behalf of the organization is Mr. Edward Liversidge, President, Wendy's Metro Detroit Area Franchisees, and a Member of the Board of Directors, Spaulding for Children.

Musicians & Entertainers Wanted for
Families in Bloom 2

Black History Month:

Public Programs & Activities
Detroit and our entire region are filled with history and the stories of Black Americans. We have put together a list of just a few sites and destinations from major museums to walking tours - and we encourage everyone to take a look and consider making it a family event. Click here or on the orange button below this article.
Black History Month commemoration also helps us fill-in gaps of our national memory, such as the service of Capt. Edward J. Dwight, Jr., USAF (photo, right), selected in 1962 to serve as America's first African American astronaut. 
His story was featured in the Smithsonian Magazine article, "Ed Dwight Was Going to Be the First African American in Space. Until He Wasn't." 

Today, Mr. Dwight is recognized as an accomplished sculptor and artist. Among his works is the International Memorial to the Underground Railroad, located in Hart Plaza, Detroit, across the river from Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

While Black History Month helps fill-in the too-often missed contributions of African American citizens, the annual commemoration really serves to benefit every citizen of the United States. The history of African Americans is an inseparable part of the nation's story.

Black History Month 2022

Congrats to Arleen Rodriguez-Jacoby
for Excellence in Mentorship Award

Arleen Rodriguez-Jacoby, Program Director for the Minority Professional Leadership Development Program, will receive the Loperena Excellence in Mentorship Award. The honor is presented by the National Adoption Association (NAA).
“Our colleague was nominated by two members of the MPLD alumni group," Cristina Peixoto, President and CEO, Spaulding for Children, said. "Coaching and mentoring are critical for emerging leaders. Arleen Rodriguez-Jacoby personifies what it takes to elevate minority leaders.”
Kamilah Bunn, CEO, National Adoption Association, wrote: "Beyond a doubt, Arleen, you embody all facets of what it means to be an outstanding mentor. You practice early identification of leadership talent, support mentees’ professional growth, increase your mentee’s access to people of influence who can also offer guidance and open doors for professional advancement, encourage authenticity, not assimilation, so mentees navigate leadership as their true selves, and create safe, liberated, anti-racist and affirming spaces so leaders of all genders, gender identities, expressions, race and ethnicities, and religious affiliation can thrive."

The Loperena Excellence in Mentorship Award is named for Ernesto Loperena, the former Executive Director of the Council on Adoptable Children (COAC) in New York, New York. During his enduring career in child welfare, Mr. Loperena was an instrumental leader and mentor to many in the adoption field.

Arleen will receive the Loperena Excellence in Mentorship Award at the 2022 at the NAA conference in New Orleans.

Welcome Kevin Edwards

New Ambassador

The Spaulding for Children Board of Directors welcomes Mr. Kevin Edwards as a new Ambassador Board member. The announcement was made at the Jan. 26, 2022 Board Meeting. Mr. Edwards was nominated by Board Vice President, Kristi Plain.

Mr. Edwards has served as Data Analytics Manager for Masco Corporation since October, 2020. 
Mr. Edwards and his team turn hard facts into actionable information through the analysis of large amounts of data. In the process, they identify trends and find patterns, signals and other lessons contained within a mountain of facts.

Understanding the importance of evidence-based interventions to effectively support families caring for children in foster care and with adoptive families, the team at Spaulding for Children are thrilled to welcome our new Ambassador. The Agency and the families and children we serve will benefit from his expertise, guidance and vision.
Walk the Talk!

The New Quality Improvement Center for Engaging Youth in Finding Permanency

In this webinar originally hosted in January you will learn about the Quality Improvement Center on Engaging Youth in Finding Permanency (QIC-EY) and how states, counties, tribal nations, or territories can partner with the QIC-EY to advance effective youth engagement practices in child welfare and make systemic changes related to how children and youth are authentically engaged. 

If you missed it, no problem!
The webinar is available online, click here


Reserve Your Spot at the Spaulding Scramble

You don't have to have a 3-handicap to enjoy the Spaulding Scramble, presented by Wendy's and coming Sept. 17 to the Farmington Hills Golf Club. Just be you and you'll be as welcome as a PGA champion.

Spots are currently open for sponsors and players. But, they are limited.
Won’t you join us on the Links? You'll have a blast AND support Spaulding.

Click here or on the poster below for details.


Foster Parents Receive Cards & Candy for Valentines

We celebrated the day of love with our foster parents and our children's families! Personalized Valentine’s Day cards were mailed to our families. Foster Care workers will be delivering candy to the families this month during their home visits.

While Valentine's Day is a special day of the year, the Spaulding for Children team observes it 366 days a year. Like the great author observed, the extra day is for leap years. 

Black Youth Suffer Disproportionately
from ACEs

As we observe Black History Month this February, it is important to acknowledge the disproportionate challenges still facing Black communities today.

According to data from the Center for Child Counseling, Black youth are at a higher risk than any other minority group for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

Family-serving professionals, play an important role in breaking these cycles by building resilience and promoting healthy relationships among the children and families they serve. 

The California Training Institute (CalTrin) recently recorded several training sessions that examine both cultural considerations related to family strengthening and support.

 Among available training are the following:
  • Strengthening Families’ Protective Factors: Focus on Concrete Support in Times of Need
  • Parenting Traumatized Infants and Toddlers: Myths vs Facts for 0-5
  • Calming the Storm: Foundational Skills in Verbal De-escalation
  • Mental Health Matters in Early Childhood

All of these (except "Calming the Storm") will be publicly available on the website.

To access the trainings, go to

Spaulding Believes
All Families Want a Safer Internet

You may recall the webinar we hosted in 2021 entitled, "Understanding Social Media Tools and Traps: Empowering Families to Navigate the Virtual World." Others too, want to raise our understanding of the Internet's power and potential for both good and harm.
Safer Internet Day celebrated this month aims to create both a safer and a better internet, where everyone is empowered to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. By celebrating the positive power of the internet, the Safer Internet Day slogan of “Together for a better internet” encourages everyone to join the movement, to participate, and to make the most of the internet’s potential to bring people together.

With a global, community-led approach, Safer Internet Day encourages everyone to come together and play their part. They have great resources for families on topics including:
  • Maximizing Well-Being on Instagram
  • Parenting Gen Z with Author Rosalind Wiseman
  • Building Emotional Intelligence with Marc Brackett, Ph.D. of Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
  • Cyberbullying: How Common Is It & How Can I Protect My Kids?
  • The Metaverse: What Is It & What Parents Should Know
  • Helping Teens Thrive on TikTok
  • Pediatrician Talks Screen Time & Remote Learning
Get details and more at
Just one more thing: We'd like to say, "Thank you" to the team at 
Campbell Marketing & Communications for their continued support.

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