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Families in Bloom

In commemoration of Spaulding for Children's 50th anniversary, we are hosting a special community celebration that will be free and open to the public of all communities.

Please join us Saturday, April 27 from noon to 4 p.m. at St. John Banquet & Conference Center in Southfield. The center is located at St. John Armenian Orthodox Church -- the beautiful church with the golden dome.
Families in Bloom is a family-friendly event  with activities and presentations and activities designed for children and families. You will also meet adults  and children helped by Spaulding. We also will thank some of the key people who made our first 50 years possible.

Our goal is to show the community how to make its families stronger. Topics will include foster care and adoption, as well as workshops and other  resources for families looking to support their children at home, in school and through life. 

Celebrating Spaulding’s 50th, “Families in Bloom” will plant the seeds for our next 50 years of  service to children, families and our community.

Find out how you can be part of the event by phoning us at (248) 443-0300. 


Will You Be My Valentine?

There are so many ways we can show our children what they need most each day: Love. For instance, we can buy heart shaped chocolates on the 14th (and we will), but kids understand how much they are treasured with the day-to-day things we do.
  1. Read to them each night. Or read with them. Comic books, fantasy and sci-fi are fun -- the  format and genre don't matter as long as the time together is something to enjoy. 
  2. Listen to them in an undistracted way. No TV. No headphones or screens -- that means you parents, too! Focus and really listen to what your children say -- and don't say.
  3. Surprise them. Pick them up from school and take them out for an unexpected treat. Pack something special in their lunch or a fun note in their backpack. Put a favorite photo of you in their room. Remind them that they are on your mind, even as your busy days together speed past.

For more information, please call us at (248) 443-0300.

Answering a Call for Caring

Cheryl Gist marks 20 years
with Spaulding for Children

When she heard about new job openings for skilled executive assistants at the Big Three, Cheryl Gist decided to first practice her interview skills.

Fortunately for all who have worked with her, she answered for practice an advertisement from Spaulding for Children.

“I had never heard of Spaulding,” Ms. Gist said. “I came to that meeting and my heart was 'pricked.' I had no idea that there were so many children in the system in need of a permanent home.”

Ms. Gist said that growing up, when a child needed help, a relative would step forward and take him or her in. She was surprised to learn how many families were unable to do that.

“After the interview and hearing about their work and the kids, I wanted to cry like a baby," Ms. Gist said. "That was Friday. All that weekend, I talked about Spaulding and what they were doing. I asked everyone: 'Did you know about all these kids? They need permanent homes!'"

On Monday, Spaulding called and offered her the job as Executive Assistant.  In 20 years since, she's served three development directors and three presidents. 

"We do really good work here," she said.

The 2018 COA review is an excellent example, she said. The Council On Accreditation inspects, records and certifies institutions that serve the public. Out of 400-plus standards measured, SFC came up short in only three standards.

"And we fixed them, just like that."

Ms. Gist said she loves that Spaulding's mission is family. "But when we say family -- it's the real deal," she said. "It's not a tagline. It's genuine. It's what we care about -- families and kids."

Ms. Gist describes the workplace itself as a family environment. On most any given day, visitors will see staff members' children, if there's a snow day.

"I started bringing my son at age 3," Ms. Gist said. "And he ended up volunteering here as a young adult. 

"I love what we do. I love the families. I love the children. I love the board, the staff. I think God did that. He knew what I wanted. And not only what I wanted: What I needed."

"It's gone so fast. It doesn't feel like 20 years."

Be a Partner in Their School Experience

Teachers will affirm that students who have involved parents do better in school. Some parents rake an active role in the class room as volunteers and others serve on Parent Associations or work on special events that fit their schedule. Either way: Your child notices when you think their school is important, too.

Among our Spaulding team participating in their student's activities are Jamie Bozarth, Spaulding's Quality Improvement and HR director who works with her children's Science Olympiad team, and VP of Finance Tina Bruce who volunteers as a coach for the bowling team at her son's school.

We salute all who make their children's school a priority.


February 17 is National PTA Founders Day. Celebrating the goal to better the lives of every child in education, health and safety, the nation's Parent Teacher Associations are designed to be a powerful voice for all children; a relevant resource for parents; and a strong advocate for public education. 

A Message from QIC

QIC Resources to Support Private Adoption

Red Every Day

Each February, the American Heart Association designates Wear Red Day to raise awareness of heart disease.

For many parents, it's easy to focus so much on the health of their children that they forget their own well-being. According to AHA:

"Heart disease claims the lives of more than 400,000 women each year – about one per minute. That’s about the same as the next three most common causes of death combined. The good news is that you have the power to dramatically reduce your risk, and a diet rich in a variety of vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats and whole grains is your first defense against the onset of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease."

AHA recommends you make small but consistent changes for the best impact Exercise and nutrition are the first places to make changes.

For nutrition guidelines and other heart smart insights, click here to visit AHA online.

The image above is courtesy of American Heart Association. 

Change a child's life, become a foster parent!

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