A Look Back to Head Forward

Happy New Year! 2018 was a productive and rewarding year for SFC and our families. Among our many accomplishments, we continue to be recognized nationally (and increasingly, internationally) as an exemplary professional resource.
We received an outstanding reaccreditation report from the Council of Accreditation (COA). In addition, members of the Spaulding’s Child and Family Services division were the only representatives from the private sector invited to participate in the federal Child and Family Service Review (CFSR). Conducted by the Children’s Bureau, the review helped determine the degree to which Michigan child welfare system is delivering services in conformity with federal standards.   
The number of children entering foster care across the nation increased for the sixth straight year, so there are many people to serve and much work to do. We are prepared to extend our support to our foster families as they face increasing challenges. In this new year of 2019, we will continue to build on our important alliances and relationships, including the Spaulding Academy and QIC-AG and the Spaulding Institute with the CORE Teen program.
We at Spaulding are confident in the year ahead for many reasons, principal of which is our talented and dedicated team. United in our mission, we will continue to build on our 50-year record of service to children and families. Working together, we can build truly strong communities.
– Cristina Peixoto
President and CEO, Spaulding for Children

People Oriented

Jamie Bozarth marks 25 years
with Spaulding for Children

In a field where staff burn-out and turn-over are common, Spaulding for Children stands out as an exception to the rule by attracting and retaining outstanding personnel. Chief example is the longest serving member of the Spaulding team, Jamie Bozarth, Quality Improvement/Human Resource Director.
Ms. Bozarth’s career started 30 years ago in the non-profit sector as a specialist in child welfare. She worked in two child placement agencies in the metro Detroit area as a Licensing Worker before coming to Spaulding in 1993. In all her time in the field, she has looked forward to her work every day. The reason, she said, is Spaulding exemplifies a family oriented philosophy. She shares insight how.

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Most Noteworthy & For the Record

SFC's Team Members Celebrating Milestones

Individuals, occasions and anniversaries include: 

20 years
Cheryl Gist, Executive Assistant
15 years
Marla Ford, Receptionist
10 years
Charles Bragg, Case Aide/Transporter
5 years
Melinda Lis, Vice President of The Academy for Family Support and Preservation
Kate Pogany, WWK Recruitment Specialist
Wadia Sancho, Family Support Specialist
Kelly Burdell, Foster Care/Adoption Supervisor
Veronica Crawford, Licensing Worker
1 year
Porsha Wilburn, Accounting Specialist
Jeff Roley, IATI Director of Training and Curriculum
LaTanya Shepherd, Licensing Specialist


Always Looking to Build Our Team


Spaulding seeks those who believe that every child deserves a forever home. While you need a Bachelor’s degree in social service, SFC seeks those who understand people and want to help. They recognizes that experience in service jobs like retail and restaurant are great additions. All team members complete a nine-week training program with the State.
SFC recruits students for internships as well which provide great training and a valuable recruitment source.  SFC offers very competitive benefits, flexible schedules, ongoing education and training and a retirement program. For details, call us at (248) 443-0300.

QIC Message of the Month

Remember, not every family will have an unmet service need. Child welfare systems need to counter concerns that proactively discuss the need for and offering services to adoptive and guardianship families will lead to an overwhelming demand.
QIC Resources for Adoption & Guardianship

Supporting Foster Youth
on the Road to College

Do you know a foster youth heading to college next fall or struggling in college now? They may need extra support. It's not unusual for youth from the foster system to struggle in school. In fact nationally, just 50 percent of foster youth graduate high school by age 18, and less than 10% obtain a bachelor’s degree.
Many may lack the financial resources to apply and pay for college and critically need help filling out applications and securing financial aid. Once in college, they are more likely to drop out because they may be not prepared for the coursework, have money management skills or struggle with mental health issues.
There are a number of programs across the state that offer assistance to students who were in foster care. Support can include tuition assistance, campus support and housing, a campus coach and even meal plans.
Post-Secondary Support Programs

Meeting New Friends

New York High School Loves Spaulding

Thanks to students from Hillcrest High School in Queens, NY, we are $1,200 stronger.

What an amazing honor to be selected by the government studies students as one of the three recipients of their hard-raised funds. It also was most moving to hear why they chose SFC.
“From your humble beginnings on a farm to your establishment of a worldwide organization, you have left an indelible impression on the lives of many, including the students and teachers of our school community.”
Ms. Carol Thomas, a government studies teacher at Hillcrest High, wanted to underscore the concept that charity begins at home. So, she asked her students to find a cause they would like to support as a class. 

The class researched not-for-profit organizations serving the nation’s people in need and voted to support our work. They presented a check to Ms. Cristina Peixoto, President and CEO of Spaulding for Children, on Dec. 19.

Thanks to the students of Hillcrest High School of Queens, Spaulding for Children is better able to continue our mission.  Through their united action, they will make a real and positive difference in the lives of children and families. 

Change a child's life, become a foster parent!

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