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Volume 2 Issue 3
March 2017
March 2017 Newsletter

STEM AC Professional Development Opportunities for Educators

Making Sense of SCIENCE (MSS)

Eligibility: Informal and Formal Science educators who impact teachers of students grades 5-9

Are you passionate about advancing 5–9 science in your region? Do you want to help support teachers and transform education to increase student engagement and boost achievement? If so, we invite you to join the Idaho Leadership Cadre with the STEM Action Center and WestEd’s Making Sense of SCIENCE. Together we will help teachers transition to inspired and rigorous science learning, while increasing their integration of mathematics and literacy in the classroom.

Review syllabus HERE.

For more information click here.

Application Opening March 3, 2017; Deadline to Apply April 3, 2017.

Achieving Student Success through Excellence in Teaching (ASSET)

Eligibility: Informal and Formal K-12 educators

This 3-day workshop will build teachers’ understanding of the essential features of inquiry, misconceptions about inquiry and the instructional focus on process skills that support implementation of Idaho science standards. ASSET will also help teachers learn how to better integrate English language arts, history, and social studies into their science classes, making science more meaningful to the students.  

Review syllabus HERE.

For more information click here.

Application Opening March 6, 2017; Deadline to Apply April 7, 2017.

AP Computer Science Principals Training

Eligibility: All formal public high school educators.

AP Computer Science Principles offers a multidisciplinary approach to teaching the underlying principles of computation. The course will introduce students to the creative aspects of programming, abstractions, algorithms, large data sets, the Internet, cybersecurity concerns, and computing impacts. AP Computer Science Principles will give students the opportunity to use technology to address real-world problems and build relevant solutions. Together, these aspects of the course make up a rigorous and rich curriculum that aims to broaden participation in computer science. To learn more about the AP course click here.

For more information click here.

Application Opening March 7, 2017; Deadline to Apply April 7, 2017

C-STEM Center 

Eligibility: Formal public Math or electives (robotics, computer science, technology) educators who impact students in grades 6-12. Educators must be a teaching team or duo from each school.

C-STEM Center professional development training aims to transform computing, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in both formal and informal education settings. C-STEM will work with public middle and high school educators to integrate computer programming and robotics into STEM subjects through hands-on, personalized, and collaborative learning strategies in a 1-Week C-STEM Institute teacher training in Boise. Please continue to check our website for this upcoming opportunity.

For more information click here.

Application Opening March 7, 2017; Deadline to Apply April 7, 2017.


Eligibility: Formal public educators who impact students in grades 3-12.

Educruious three day professional development training will provide educators with strategies to effectively integrate 21st-century skills into science teaching. The program will guide public educators to support students to work collaboratively, persist in their endeavors, communicate well, and integrate subject knowledge into creating solutions for authentic problems — all skills required in STEM fields.  Please continue to check our website for this upcoming opportunity across the state.

For more information click here.

Application Opening March 7, 2017; Deadline to Apply April 7, 2017

Discover Drones Education Package
Are you interested in integrating Drones into your educational setting? Then this is the opportunity for you! The Discover Drone Education package provides students with a highly effective educational pedagogy that delivers distinct student experiences.

Both formal and informal learning environments provide a great platform for Drone Education. This includes public schools, afterschool programs, libraries and other educational organizations. Each Discover Drones kit is designed to support groups of up to 25 students and includes licenses, software and controllers sufficient to support this number.

For more information click here.

Application Opening March 10, 2017; Deadline to Apply April 16, 2017.

University of Idaho's Dual Credit Training  

Eligibility: Public Formal high school educators

The Idaho STEM Action Center is proud to announce our partnership with University of Idaho Computer Science Department to bring educators Dual Credit CS 112 professional development workshop. High school teachers interested in teaching CS 112 Computational as a Dual Credit course through University of Idaho are encouraged to apply. This workshop is designed to provide discipline-specific training and orientation that includes the course curriculum, assessment criteria, pedagogy, course philosophy and administrative responsibilities as a dual credit teacher. Dual credit CS 112 is a yearlong course that meets Idaho’s graduation requirement for senior math. To register click here.

*Additional Stipend available through the Idaho STEM Action Center this summer at

Deadline May, 2017


Eligibility: Informal and Formal K-12 educators

The Idaho STEM Action Center is very excited to announce our partnership with Raspberry Pi Foundation to bring a two-day hands-on course in digital making. Boise was selected to be one of four national training sites. The Picademy professional development training will teach educators how to use maker-friendly technology and cover a range of ways to use hardware such as Raspberry Pi in classrooms. Upon completion, attendees will become Raspberry Pi Certified Educators and join a network of Picademy graduates around the world. No experience with technology is required. Formal and informal educators are encouraged to apply.

For more information click here.

Deadline June 16. 2017

STEM AC Student Grant Opportunities

Student State Competition and National Competition Grants

The STEM Action Center has funding available for students and student teams qualifying for state and national STEM competitions. Up to $2,500 per team is available to help with the costs of travel associated with these competitions. More details are available in our Community Grants Portal.

News & Updates

Interactive Grant Map:
Did your school receive funding?

To review all the grant and professional development opportunities provided by the Idaho STEM Action Center in your area click on the Interactive Grant Map to left. 

How To Use Our New "Community Grants Portal"

We have officially launched our “Community Grants Portal” to make it easier to apply for STEM funding! We have created accounts for ALL school districts, schools, and public libraries so you should be able to search and find them in the steps below.

Create Your Login Account and Find Your Organization Here: 
  1. Click this link:
  2. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and then...
  3. Only enter the first few letters of the name of your organization
  4. Hit "SUBMIT"
  5. Review the listed organizations and choose the correct one. (If your organization is not listed, you are able to create it here! Please use the official name of your organization without abbreviations.)
  6. Hit "CONTINUE"
  7. Choose a Password and click "SUBMIT"
There you go! You are now able to login, view, and apply for open grants. 

**Visual Reference for Steps 3 - 5: 
DO NOT enter the full name of your organization. Enter only the first few letters of the name of your organization to select an official account: 

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