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Welcome to our second ESC Newsletter with an update from our flourishing church in Verbier.

A very warm welcome awaits you at our Sunday evening services at The Little Church. 
Thousands of people have worshipped there since our chaplaincy programme started thirty seasons ago, finding the love of the Lord Jesus and warmth of Christian fellowship.

Do join us.



After the disappointment of little or no snow over the Christmas and New Year holidays, the heavens well and truly opened in mid-January and again in the last few days. So morale throughout the resort is restored, both for the many skiers and also for the many people who make their living by providing the huge range of services to the international Verbier ski resort. 

Concert 20th February

Our inaugural Anglo Swiss concert will be held in The Big White Church on Saturday 20th February. David Hall, currently our chaplain, has master-minded this event. Mary, his wife, and Emily, his daughter, will be performing, together with Noel Tredinnick and a talented young local accordionist. 

We hope that this concert will achieve three things: to give all who attend a thoroughly enjoyable evening; to raise the profile of ESC within Verbier; and to give David Hall the opportunity to give a short and gentle Christian message in the few words he will say near the end.    

There has been a great deal of publicity for the concert around Verbier. For all our local readers - please do attend and bring some friends with you.

Full details are on this poster:

Our Christmas services were very well attended, including the Army Carol Service on 22nd December. A local Swiss lady who attended the Carol Service said the singing was ‘absolutely marvellous’ and she was also deeply impressed by the clarity of the three readings; she said she could hear and understand every single word. Well done the Army and Andrew Savage.

For the first time the midnight Christmas communion service was held in The Big White Church, as the numbers at the service in the last few years had exceeded the safe limit for The Little Church. Although the ambiance was quite different, and some people missed the intimacy of the chapel, there was room for everyone to worship in comfort.
1936 Ski Touring Club 

Many thanks to Frits Janssen, Ed Courage and all the local members of the 1936 Ski Touring Club who are such a support to ESC, not only by coming along to our services, but also for so kindly organising drinks parties for the chaplains and their families the day after their arrival in Verbier. This opportunity to get to know some of ‘the flock’ in such convivial surroundings has been enormously appreciated.  
Chaplains' Team

06 Dec – 16 Dec       Andrew Baines
17 Dec – 31 Dec       
Andrew & Lucy Savage
31 Dec – 14 Jan        Phil & Isabel Parker
14 Jan – 28 Jan         Andrew & Janet Baines
28 Jan – 11 Feb         
Alex & Lucy Pease
11 Feb – 25 Feb        David & Mary Hall
25 Feb – 10 Mar        Jonathan and Susie Wilmot
10 Mar – 24 Mar        Andrew & Sue Wingfield Digby
24 Mar – 07 Apr         Andy & Liz Emerton
07 Apr – 21 Apr          Patrick & Mauvaine Malone
21 Apr – 26 Apr          Andrew Baines
Congratulations to Roger Carter
Many congratulations to Roger who celebrated his 80th birthday on 19th January. Still skiing and playing golf strongly - a real example to us all.
More details on the ESC website   

6.00 p.m. 6th March - Mothering Sunday service

6.00 p.m. 25th March - Good Friday service

6.00 p.m. 27th March - Easter Day service

Service Theme

Our service theme for this season is Faith, looking in some detail at what we can learn from the great men of faith listed in Hebrews Chapter 11. This is proving to be a delight for the chaplains - to dig deep into the Old Testament in researching their allotted faith warrior - and hopefully is providing great variety and encouragement to the congregation week by week.
Abel, Enoch, Noah and Abraham already ticked off; many more to come.

Prayer Pointers
Please pray:

-  that the Lord will richly bless all our ESC activities for the remainder of the season, including our Concert, our Mothering Sunday service and our Easter services.

-  that everyone who comes to our Sunday evening services, perhaps for the first and only time, will experience something of the love, grace and truth of Jesus.

-  that the each chaplain still to come out to Verbier will be greatly blessed in his ministry, and that he and his family will also experience a time of refreshment and relaxation.
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ESC Verbier Committee
Andrew Baines                   Findlay Black
 Sandy Miller                       Leysa Noble  
       Jane Oundjian                    Michael Stannard

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