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The Good, Bad, and Ugly

There's been a lot going on since our last update. So much that it's a bit difficult to make sense of it all. But, we know God has His hand on every aspect.

The Good: This by far tips the scale to encouragement and confirmation. We've had favor and blessings with so many situations. We had to make an unexpected trip back to states in December (details in the next section). We were neck deep in the residency process, so leaving and returning would take jumping through some hoops. The main issue was we had to do an emergency passport renewal while in Texas. Let me just say that God was definitely on the phone when I called the US passport office. I was almost immediately able to speak with a human! That young lady listened to our situation and then said, just a second. Her supervisor then answered and said the previous person explained everything, and she wanted to help!! She got us an appointment in Dallas two days later and we received new passports that day. We also had to get some docs from Austin the same week. The week was such an encouragement and a testimony to God being in control.
The Bad: My Mom unexpectedly passed away the day after Thanksgiving. This was out of nowhere and completely caught us by surprise. We were so blessed by so many that stepped in and were there with our kids during the final hours. We were able to be there, via video chat, for her passing. While her departure was sudden and painful, we are grateful for God's presence during that time. The blur of everything after, arranging flights back, having our immigration lawyer work through our departure and return, service arrangements, and so on. All of it was covered by His hand, and we were overwhelmed with support for NLAI, COTR, Pursue Missions, Family, Friends, and Partners. Our gratitude can never be adequately expressed.

The Ugly: There really isn't any ugly other than our ability to speak Spanish. We are now in the final month of Spanish school! We have been through every emotion possible learning the language. But, we have been encouraged by everyone, including the local friends we've made while here in Antigua. We are excited to begin serving in our roles at New Life Children's Home.

Embracing the Culture

We have enjoyed so many different customs, holidays, celebrations, and just the people of this awesome Country. We have been to experience "All Saints Day" in nearby Sumpango, a festival to celebrate and remember those that have passed. A day filled with unique kites of crazy sizes, unimaginable amount of people gathered, and the customs and traditions.

We also had the honor of spending our first Christmas at NLCH. Such an honor and joy to be involved with a Ministry committed to bringing joy and God's message of Grace and Mercy.

We also attended at Conference for Missionaries serving in Guatemala. It was a much-needed time to spend in fellowship with 200 other missionaries in different seasons of serving. As a bonus the conference was held at one of the most beautiful places, we've ever laid eyes on, Panajachel and Lake Atitlan.

Spanish School 

So, this has been a stretch to say the least. But, we are starting to see the fruits of our labor. Communication is improving and flowing a bit better. Our teachers are amazing and perfect for each of our learning needs. Has it been easy? Not at all. There are days when you feel like you know nothing, to the point where you can't speak in Spanish or English. So many people have shared their stories and experiences, it has been our source of encouragement. We continue to pray for a overnight download from the Holy Spirit. We wrap up school in April. It will be a bittersweet ending. We have become family with the staff at CSA and made many Antigua friends. The relationships are not ending just transitioning.

Partners Prayers
Many of you have reached out and asked how you can help after the passing of Kenny's Mom. Your prayers are most important. If you feel led to become a partner financially or send a monetary gift. The information to do that is below.

We ask for you prayers as we transition from school to our roles at NLCH. Prayers as we have begun looking into the purchase of a vehicle.
Continued prayers for all those serving NLAI.

We have been blessed by each one of you. Through your prayer and financial support. We are truly humbled by the support and constant encouragement from our awesome team. You are definitely team members. This calling is about you as much as it is about us. Your prayer and support enable God's plan to be put into action! If God put us on you heart to support financially click on this link and you can jump on board.
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