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Signal 3.0 - Signal Operations Center

Part 2: Overview
Within the SOC are three pages (dashboards) each surfacing different elements of data from your results to provide maximal situational awareness.


Part 3: Reporting
The new reporting features will add a new dimension to the current reporting features.

With all the hard lifting being carried out at the server your reports have never been quicker, easier to work with or looked better.


New Releases

Forum and Website Monitoring
This feature has been improved with two upgrades.

Firstly, when using the domain search functionality you will see autocomplete suggestions appear as you type the domain details. If the site you are typing is currently monitored the details will show in a drop down box for selection.

Secondly, we have added a new URL icon. Use this function to add a detailed URL when you wish to monitor a specific sub page of a site. This is most easily done by copying and pasting of the full URL. For example: This will then monitor only the ‘europe’ page and you can leave your search with this single level to capture all content on this page or add a further layer of keywords as normal.

From the Roadmap

Signal v3.0 - Initial Release

Next month sees the initial release of Signal v3.0. This will provide us with a framework to add multiple additional features over the coming months.We will be starting with our completely reimagined query builder. This will retain the simple drag and drop search building functions, but will have even more capability - such as emoji searching, query layer naming, adding tags to searches and programming automatic on-and-off times for your search.

How Social Media helped defeat the Turkish Coup

In helping to foil a coup against a legitimately elected government, social media reinforced democracy.

The population went from being passive recipients to proactive participants in the country's present and future

In case you missed it ...

Signal 3.0 - Part One: A New Menu

This new menu gives us a framework that we can use to add upcoming (and future) functionality into Signal while maintaining a menu system that is clear and usable with as few mouse clicks as possible.
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