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Greeting Friends,

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope this email finds you well, safe, healthy, and joyful at the outset of another week. 

Here are this week's updates from church:

Our liturgy for  Holy Trinity Sunday is up on Youtube and the bulletin is attached to this email. Open it up, grab your bible and your hymnal, light a candle and begin the video to join our community in worship!

We are also hosting a Zoom Candlelight Vigil for Racial Justice this evening at 7pm. This is a collaboration between Prince of Peace, First Presbyterian Church and St. John's Episcopal, and Pastors Derek Forbes, Meg Vail, Vicar Steve Sturgeon and I, are hopeful you will join us for this moment of reflection, repentance, and commitment to action. The following words are from Pastor Derek:

"This has been a harrowing week.  We may be geographically distanced from protests, riots, and brutal police tactics, but those things remain close to our hearts as we see our fellow Americans suffering and hurting.  These things can be difficult and painful to process.  As children of God and followers of Jesus we know that people of color deserve the same loving, caring, graceful treatment as anyone else (although this is often not the case), even as we recognize the challenging tasks that police and law enforcement have in their daily jobs.

As we process the events of this week, grieve for communities of color, and our nation, you are invited to a zoom Candlelight Vigil for Racial Justice and Christian Witness.  This is being held via Zoom in lieu of a physical space, to protect against the spread of Covid-19.  You are invited to participate from your home (perhaps your front porch) as we mourn and grieve the death of George Floyd, cry out against systemic injustice, proclaim God’s vision for the coming kingdom, and pray for that day (soon, oh Lord, soon!).

If you participate please find a candle you may light (we will do this at a mid-point of the vigil), and a source with which to light it. There will be sacred texts shared, Confessions and prayers from the participating denominations, poems, and a few other items, all proclaiming God’s vision for justice."

An outline for the vigil service is attached to this email. Use this link ( to join the vigil tonight. We hope to see you there. 

We are beginning week 13 of our small group mid-week worship. We will continue this week with a Tuesday night gathering at 5pm and a Wednesday night gathering at 7pm. Please look for another email in your inbox in the next day or two with more details. 

Thank you to all who have entered their birthday info on the Google Form.  If you have not done so yet, you can do that here.

We have 2 birthdays coming up:

Yehfen S, June 18
Sarah B, June 24

If you need a birthday person's mailing address or phone number, please look in your church directory or ask Karin (435-760-5350).

Finally, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent demonstrations in Minneapolis and in cities around the country, many of us are wondering what we can do. There are many steps we can take:

1. Education Take a look at this list. It is a compilation of anti-racist resources for a white audience. There are numerous books, articles, and films that we can use to educate ourselves. Pick a title, and get started!

2. Donation Consider donating to one of these organizations that are currently active in the struggle for justice and equity in South Minneapolis:

Minnesota Freedom Fund is an organization that will pay bail for low-income folks who are being arrested during these protests, in the hopes that no one will have to languish in jail because they cannot afford to get out

Reclaim the Block aids Minneapolis area communities with community organized and led safety initiatives as well as advocating for law enforcement reform

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is an ELCA congregation in South Minneapolis that has opened its doors to serve as a medic station and organizing site for clean up and rebuilding of businesses along Lake Street. Donations to the congregation will help them continue to support the local community. You can also designate donations toward a justice fund which is being shared among the congregation's local community partners. 

3. Stay in the conversation Our conversations about inherent racism and how we can learn to be actively anti-racist as a congregation have just begun. Stay present in these hard conversations, even when they get tough, because they are so necessary and we can do hard things when we do them together! We are looking at a summer reading group and possibly a fall film series so that these important conversations can continue in this community. Keep showing up!

Peace be with you, my friends. Have a good week and I'll see you on Zoom!

Pastor Emily

George Floyd Candlelight Vigil Service

Holy Trinity Sunday

Anti-Racism Resources

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