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Fellow members of Prince of Peace,

If anyone is interested in helping Pastor Emily move in, later tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday, February 19, or Thursday morning, please contact me by phone or text. I will text you and let you know exactly when she will be arriving as well as her address.

God's Peace,

Joan Mahoney

A letter from Pastor Emily:

February 16, 2020

Dear Church,
            First, let me say how excited I am to be among you all and to begin this next chapter in our ministry together. Those of you whom I have met have been so warm and hospitable, and I look forward to getting to know those of you with whom I have yet to connect.
            In these intervening weeks since I was last with you, there has been a lot of packing and planning and praying; I have been thinking about my hopes for our future together. I have been thinking about how grateful I am that my first call will be with and among you all and I have been thinking how excited I am to be serving a congregation eager to grow and explore new avenues for not only sharing, but truly being good news to our neighbors in Cache Valley.
            As we prepare to move forward together, I wonder if you all might join me in a new mantra - a mindset to shape the coming days:
Practice, not perfection.
            In our work together we are going to try new things; we will find new ways of inhabiting our worship and congregational life, we will put together new initiatives; we will explore what it means to show up in our community. This is exciting work, to be sure, and the possibilities are endless. And what is equally true, as any time we try new things, is that mistakes are inevitable. We won’t always get it right.  But that’s okay, because, my belief is that being church together does not mean that everything we do is done excellently, it means that whatever we do, we are in it together. Our greatest learning and growth will not come from arriving at the most excellent outcome, but from the practices we undertake, the experiences we have, and the relationships we will build collectively along the way.
            My hope for us in the coming months is that we can jump into this new beginning with both feet. That we can open our hearts to where God is leading us, even if that’s in a direction we have never gone before. That we sing loud in worship, never mind if we are a little off key. That we can volunteer, serve, share ideas, and yes, even make mistakes, confident in the knowledge that we are held by the love of God and the strength of this community. My hope is that grace is and will continue to be the hallmark of our congregation and that it abounds as God leads us down new paths together.
I cannot wait to see you all. Until then, God’s peace be with you.

-Pastor Emily

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