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Greetings Friends, 

I hope you all are safe, healthy, and staying connected in these uncertain days. It was wonderful to see some of you on Sunday at our Impromptu Drive-By Church - thank you for continuing to show up as a community, even in strange and unprecedented times.

Here's the latest updates from Prince of Peace: 


I am publishing youtube videos, both sermons and little updates, blessings, or rituals a few times a week. The goal moving forward is to have a sermon video each Sunday, and a more informal video midweek. Please go to the channel and subscribe, and from there you can click the bell icon to receive notifications about new videos. Here are some links for you:

Prince OPeace Youtube Channel

A Word from Pastor Emily

A Sermon on Harry Potter, the Samaritan Woman, and Seeing One Another

A Sermon on What We Should Give Up for Lent

Please be sure to like our Facebook page as well ( because we will post videos there for you to view in addition to having them in the Proclaimer and on the website. 

Small Group Worship

I have been working on how we will continue with our worship and congregational life together during these unprecedented times. We are going to try worship small groups which will meet together over Zoom once a week. Please watch your inbox for another email soon which will tell you what group you are in and will include a link to join the Zoom call. 

The small groups have been assigned by geographical area. My hope in doing this is that not only will we have interactive worship time together, but that we will also take responsibility for the others in our group. These are the people to check in on, make a phone call, or drop a letter in the mail (remember snail mail?) and make sure one another's needs are being met in these strange times. Do you need groceries or a pharmacy run? Can you offer those things to your small group members? Let's pull together as a community during this time. 

*If you are one of the folks on our mailing list who does not live here in the Logan area, but would like to be included in one of the small group worship Zoom calls, please reach out to me directly at

Zoom may be a new technology for some of you, and to help I've included a link to a video tutorial about how to join your first meeting: Joining a Zoom Meeting Tutorial Video

Finally, one of the things we will be doing in these small group meetings is engaging in a sacred reading practice around our upcoming Gospel text. This week we have the story of the death of Lazarus, John 11:1-45, which you can read here . Please give it a glance prior to your meeting, and we will take a closer look at it together over Zoom.

I look forward to seeing you all via screen later this week. Keep an eye on your inbox, the church website, and the Proclaimer for more updates.

As always, please be in touch with me or with other members of your church family if there is anything you need. God's peace be with you all!


Pastor Emily

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