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Sixth Sunday of Easter

17 May 2020

Year A Readings
Acts 17:22-31
Psalm 66:8-20 (8)
1 Peter 3:13-22
John 14:15-21

Prayer of the Day
Almighty and ever-living God, you hold together all things in heaven and on earth. In your great mercy receive the prayers of all your children, and give to all the world the Spirit of your truth and peace, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

Lay Ministry Groups suspended until further notice


Church Inquiries: PoP

Official Church Contact: Pastor Emily Kuenker
Phone: 720-579-8229

Communications: Kara Bradford

The Paper Pulpit:
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Blessing During Quarantine:
The blessing box out in front of the church is seeing a lot of use these days. We would like to keep it replenished for any who need assistance. If you would like to help, nonperishable foods and supplies are always appreciated! 

Another way to bless the community is to help out at the Cache Community Food Pantry, if you are able. They have always offered touch-free drop off 24/7 at the back of their building (359 South Main Street in Logan). Financial donations are also welcomed on their website.


2020 Council Members:
We are pleased to announce our new Council members for 2020! Welcome! The new council members are: Kristi, Sandra & Cary Youmans who join Barbara Daniels, Erik Ingram, Dave Wilson, and Frank Pultar.

At last Tuesday's meeting, the following were elected as officers:

President: Erik Ingram
Vice President: Kristi Grussendorf
Treasurer: Barbara Daniels
Secretary: Sandra Weingart

We also want to thank Kathy Evans, Lela Gilmore, and Rebecca Walton for their service on council this past year. We appreciate you!
PoP Annual Budget 2020-21 
Barbara Daniels, church treasurer, has prepared some Budget Notes (pasted at the end of this email) to explain the budget (attached). These notes are intended to help the congregation interpret the budget, understand where the numbers came from, and note what changes were made since last year's budget.
2020-2021 Prince of Peace Budget Notes
To prepare the budget for 2020-2021, we started with last year’s budget. Each expense line item was reviewed for a) relevancy – do we still need it, and b) projected amount needed. Committee chairs were asked if they wished to change their budget requests. New line items were added as needed. For example, the projects specifically funded by SAS-inspired giving are included as new line items.
Here are highlights by major budget expense category (moving down the page as you view the budget):

Admin Office & Building: This category remained largely unchanged, with most increases based on projected inflation or on last year’s actual expenditures. Two new line items were added. Pastor’s Hospitality Allowance ($200), as requested by Pastor Emily, will enable her to offer hospitality (coffee, a meal) to those she may interact with in her capacity as pastor. Finance Tech Expenses ($500), as requested by the Finance Committee, will allow the purchase (over several years) of dedicated laptops for the Finance Secretary and the Treasurer, rather than requiring them to use personal equipment.

Benevolence: To this category, we have added Logan Pride gift ($3000), as proposed by SAS giving. We have also increased giving to the Rocky Mt Synod/ELCA by $2400, as proposed by SAS giving.

Call Committee Expenses: No longer needed, hooray!

Christian Education, Evangelism Ministry, Fellowship, Ministry Conferences: No change.

Property: Snow Removal was increased to reflect 9 removals at $155 per removal. Utilities was projected upward, based on this year’s actual expenses. Three new items were added as a result of SAS-inspired giving: Church Signage ($2000); Sound System ($5000); and Water Meter ($7000). These three items are considered to be one-time line items.

Service Outreach: No change.

Staff Ministry: The major changes within this category are adjustments in Housing Allowance, Pastor Salary, Pension/Insurance, and Social Security Offset, as dictated by our contract with Pastor Emily. Nursery Worker wages ($1560) will be covered this year by SAS-inspired giving. Next year, they will again be part of the regular budget, depending on need. Pastor Sabbatical was decreased to $2000, as we already have a healthy sum set aside for that.

Stewardship, Worship Ministry, and Youth Ministry are largely unchanged.
The Bottom Line: Income was calculated by projecting last year’s giving for a baseline of $106,000 of expected pledged giving. The increased giving inspired by SAS ($24,700) was added for an estimated giving total of $126,700. Since the final Total Expense line is $141,015, we had to add $13,235 to Income to make the budget balance. Given that over at least the last two years, our actual expenditures have been less than our actual income, we should again have no trouble covering our actual expenses next year.

To view the full annual budget click here
Pastor Emily is happy to make a phone call or set up a zoom meeting if anyone wants to connect one-on-one at this time. Don't hesitate to reach out!
Giving During COVID-19:
We are truly thankful for your continued support of Prince of Peace during this challenging time. Here are a few ways to make a contribution while social distancing:

1) Write a check and mail it to the church.
2) Use your bank’s bill pay option and they will mail a check to the church.
3) At this time, the only way to do a direct deposit to the church account is to sign up for
Simply Giving through the company Vanco. Prince of Peace has been working with this
company for quite awhile with no problems. They do charge a percentage fee to the church for this service.There is a form you need to fill out; and the Financial Secretary can set it up. The form asks for name, address, Amount and frequency of contribution and your bank account info.(I will try and attach a pdf of the form for viewing. To protect your personal information, please do not email the form to me or the church).
4) FYI: For the safety of the counters:
A) If you are mailing a contribution, please only use water or tape for sealing the
envelope or use a self‐sealing envelope.
B) For right now, please no cash.

5) If you need to talk to me my phone numbers are in the directory.

Please Stay Safe!
In the Peace of Christ,

Gini Anderson
Financial Secretary

Vanco Authorization Form PDF
Top Ten Reasons to do some Weeding at Church:
1. You’ve run out of weeds at your own place

2. Your current residence has no yard and you are longing to get down in the dirt

3. You want to re-visit childhood memories of helping your parents with weeding

4. You’re interested in learning how to combine yoga with weeding – free demonstration upon request

5. You'd like a free cup of coffee and a muffin – delivered upon request if pre-arranged

6. You’ve always wanted to learn the difference between weeds and flowers – free in-person tutorial upon request

7. You're eager to get out of the house to do something productive outdoors

8. You're concerned about keeping your distance while doing something for the church (the yard is big enough)

9. You want to make the world more beautiful by keeping our flowerbeds looking good

10. You're into working on your tan and your muscles at the same time.

Also: Set your own hours, go when you can. Even an hour is great if that’s all you’ve got. 

If you worry you can’t participate because you don’t have the tools, have no fear. Just text Karin (435-760-5350) to borrow tools. Same number for questions or requests.

Small Group Worship:
 The Northern Cohort will meet Tuesdays at 5 p.m. and the Southern and Central Cohorts will meet together on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. 

The small groups have been assigned by geographical area. My hope in doing this is that not only will we have interactive worship time together, but that we will also take responsibility for the others in our group. These are the people to check in on, make a phone call, or drop a letter in the mail (remember snail mail?) and make sure one another's needs are being met in these strange times. Do you need groceries or a pharmacy run? Can you offer those things to your small group members? Let's pull together as a community during this time. 

*If you are one of the folks on our mailing list who does not live here in the Logan area, but would like to be included in one of the small group worship Zoom calls, please reach out to me directly at

Zoom may be a new technology for some of you, and to help I've included a link to a video tutorial about how to join your first meeting: Joining a Zoom Meeting Tutorial Video

I look forward to seeing you all via screen later this week. Keep an eye on your inbox, the church website, and the Proclaimer for more updates.
         Income     Expenses     Bottom Line
FYD   $
117,140     $82,478     $+34,662
Apr.   $7,995          $9,345        $-1,350

FYD = Fiscal-year-to-date
Apr.= April 2020

*all of the offerings collected in April have not been deposited yet, so that is why the bottom line is negative this month.
New Council President, Erik Ingram wrote this month's Council Corner, "Until We Meet Again." He reflects on the community of PoP and recent efforts to remain connected. His words issue hope for the future meetings of PoP, face-to-face. To read his article, click here!


Prayers for health and healing:  Jack Anderson, Charlie,  Ed Howard, Mark and Austin,
and Paul.

Prayers of Thanksgiving for Gini Anderson's new granddaughter, Dakota born on May 1st

Prayers for a successful heart transplant for Paul, and that a heart is available soon

Prayers for all medical professionals for continued health and wisdom

Prayers for all those in leadership in our government and institutions that prudence might guide them

Prayers for protection and safety for AshleyGrae Outsen in her work as a nurse

Check out Bishop Gonia and the Synod Council's recommendations on reopening here!
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