Five questions for Kiran Kapoor, new members, the MGIP Book Bus
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Hampstead Heath, London
Five questions to Kiran Kapoor
1.Kiran, you have spent the last two weeks in Europe. What was the reason for your trip?

I was in Europe for two weeks to visit the Paper World Fair in Frankfurt, go for a medical check-up, visit clients and attend the annual Motovun Group of International Publishers (MGIP) board meeting. Visiting Coppenrath Verlag in Münster was a great experience. The office is stylish and looks like a museum of sorts. Every inch is covered with fascinating objects that they have collected during their travels around the world. Maps, photographs, objects, toys, cars: you name it and it's all there.
Paper world was also a joy to visit. My favourites were the beautiful products the Italians, Dutch and Germans are creating. As we have recently ventured into the gift and museum shop space in India, it was very inspiring to see so many different products.
2. As you are based in India, we would be interested to know whether you felt a change in the daily atmosphere in Europe, with regards to the refugees that came since your last stay?
Yes, I could feel the tension. The overcrowding of migrants shelters has already started causing concerns with the locals and there are talks about making alternative sleeping places for them like school gyms, historical landmarks and unused hangars. This will obviously put stress on the states resources. Apart from this, I believe a few incidents of violence, crime and theft have also occurred, which is unfortunate and I hope these won't overshadow the larger good of giving these tragedy-stricken people a new beginning. I could feel that foreigners were looked at in a different way. I was advised by a close friend to keep our passports with us at all times, which was quite a shock.

3. Since Jean Arcache has overtaken the presidency there are some changes, not only in the board of directors, but also in the communication with the members, e.g. a modern name and logo, the invention of this newsletter. What do you think about the progress so far? 
Since Jean took over as President of MGIP, there has been a big change, not only in communication but also in functioning. The change in our groups name has made it clear what we are about. To strengthen this, the new logo is simple and clear. In order to enhance the efficiency of the board, every member has been assigned roles. In the first six months of Jeans presidentship we have seen the creation of The Book Bus (more info below). This is a great achievement, not only from the donation point of view, but great for the image building of MGIP as well.

4. What was your biggest challenge with Roli Books in the last few months? 
The biggest challenge for us at Roli Books in the past few months has been the increase of online sales in India. As a publisher it only proves that books are still selling, but booksellers have lost heart. Independent book shops are finding it difficult to survive, but we reinvented ourselves five years ago with non book items in our bookstore.

5. As you and Pramod are ‘globetrotters’ and have seen a lot of beautiful places of the world, what is your 'Number One' of European places? 
We have been very lucky to have travelled extensively in Germany. From vineyards and museums to various castles. I would say Munich as a city, because we have wonderful friends there who always make our trips special. During this trip we were privileged to see the opulent Linderhof Palace. A Small palace compared to the other palace Ludwig II built. The strong baroque influence can be seen in the facade and very French influences in the interiors.

We moved on to the Monastery Ettal, which has now been converted into a boarding school for boys. Not only do they run a successful boarding school, but also a beer brewery. Munich has great shows and we got to see the Jean Paul Gaultier: From Sidewalk to Cat Walk Show at the Kunsthalle. The show was bold and avant-garde. The sophisticated technology used to show case his creation was superb and memorable.The interactive models were especially amazing. 

But the icing on the cake was thanks to Elisabeth and Friedrich-Karl Sandmann.They invited us to the performance of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and a very young Chinese piano solo player Yuja Wang, who played Mozart symphony No 9. and in the end the orchestra played Tschaikowski. What a treat!
New members
Arnaud FoulonGroupe HMH, Montréal, Canada
Mag. Elisabeth Stein-Hölzl Christian Brandstätter Verlag, Vienna, Austria
The Motovun Book Bus had its 'virgin ride' on Friday, 12. February to a school in London. As all book busses are named after Roald Dahl figures, we are happy to present our book bus MATILDA. For more information please visit:
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During the annual MGIP board member meeting, Jan Martens and Christopher Hudson used a break and signed the contract for a co-edition!
Our member Alberto Gremese was elected as a fellow at the Digital Book World Conference. Please note that MGIP members receive special discounts on the admission fee. Interested? Please contact
Eric Ghysels – publisher of 5 Continents Editions wants to let you know that he opened a new line with TAILORMADE BOOKS.

»Tailormade is the fruit of the enthusiasm and commitment of Eric Ghysels, the publisher and founder of 5 Continents Editions., who has realized a dream with this new line of books.

Tailormade is brought to fruition by professionals with specific, high-level skills combined with the team’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Behind every Tailormade book there is a line of craftsmen, creatives, producers and aesthetes, each boasting unique proficiency and the highest level of Italian expertise.«

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