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Motovun, Croatia
Five questions to Jean Arcache
1. Jean, you have been the president of MGIP for six months now and one of your activities is setting up this newsletter. What are your ideas and visions – not only for the newsletter – but also for MGIP in general? 

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has elected me for president and who had approved my choice of the new board of directors. My visions and ideas can only be implemented if we have a consensus within the board. 
The first six months have shown that the efficiency of the board has improved. We have been able to change the name and logo of the group, we have updated the website and we had more than 100 participants at the Frankfurt dinner.

There are now DBW free fellowships and discounts for our members, the Motovun Book Bus charity program as a first step has been completed in December, and here and now is the first newsletter, which I am very proud of. 

I think there is a lot more to achieve if we can attract expert knowledge of each member to help the board on different topics such as:

- The recruitment of members outside the EU as a key source
- Celebrating our 40th anniversary in an unforgettable way with new events
- Defining our DNA for tomorrow and the long term.

We will have a board meeting in Munich at the beginning of February and I will discuss these ideas and other items with the board and will provide all of you with more information in our next newsletter.

2. Motovun Group Association became MOTOVUN GROUP OF INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS. Why did this happen?
It was necessary to be recognized by search engines in a better way, so we need to have the word Publisher in the name, which was not the case before.
We are unique in the world as a group of publishers and we have 80 members from 30 countries, which is truly international. This was not clear enough before. Last but not least, we kept the MOTOVUN castle shape in our logo, which will forever be part of our DNA.

3. What other changes do you have in mind for the group?

In the short term we will create internal taskforces, based on special topics, decided within the board. These taskforces will include expert members to help the board to achieve the following things: Choosing lectures for next meetings, new ways to communicate amongst each other, new ways to prepare more efficient summer meeting appointments, partnership coproduction winning policy and internship exchange.

4. What are your wishes for the publishing business, as well as for MGIP in the future?
My first wishes are to live in a peaceful world where wars and terrorist attacks can be stopped. My other wishes go to your families and colleagues and I wish you health and happiness. 
My professional wishes are that everyone in his or her publishing field will be able to transform their editorial, in order to create new opportunities to reach young readers and to maintain the followership of older readers. Christmas sales have shown that the book is still on the top of everybody’s shopping list!  

5. In 2017 the Motovun Group will have existed for 40 years – a reason to celebrate or to complain about missed chances?

An anniversary is a step to embrace the future and to be proud of the past – even of the missed chances, as we often learn more from our failures than from our success.
Throughout 2015 Motovun members have been busy fundraising to buy a vehicle for the Book Bus literacy project in Malawi. We would need your support for the Motovun Book Bus project in 2016 as well.
The new MOTOVUN BOOK BUS will be officially presented for the first time at the London Book Fair. For more information please visit:
 For donations please contact
- Bologna Children’s Book Fair dinner - April 3rd, 2016
- London Book Fair Dinner - April 11th, 2016
Bucharest MGIP Summer Meeting - June 23rd to 26th, 2016
- Frankfurt Book Fair Dinner - October 18th, 2016
Do you have any content suggestions for the MGIP Newsletter? Please send us your ideas by the 8th of every month and we can include them.
Motovun Group of International Publishers 
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