Friends of Belmont Shore
August Newsletter - 2016
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Dear Neighbor,


       At our September 1 meeting, we will have a presentation by Ted Stevens, manager of Long Beach’s Animal Care ServicesHis topic:  “The functions of Animal Care Services and how it can be helpful to the residents of Belmont Shore and Belmont Park.”    Many of us have questions and issues involving our pets.  This is your chance to have them answered.   Our meetings are now on the 1st Thursday of every month – same time/same place:  6:00 – 7:30 p.m. at St. Bartholomew’s Church Hall at 5100 East Broadway at Granada Avenue.
      The Belmont Shore Parking Study Outreach Meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 24 at Councilwoman Suzie Price's 3rd District office at 340 Nieto.  This should be a very informative meeting.  Join us there.
       Congratulations to our newly elected Officers and Board Members - Dick Gaylord, President;  Jann Kronick-Gath, Vice President; B.J. Newell, Secretary; and Frank Elizondo, Treasurer.  Board Members: Colleen Bentley, Kathy Berry, Andrew Kincaid, Vanessa Liddell, William Lorbeer, David “Coach” Newell, Lee Ostendorf, Sara Schumacher and Sandy Riddle.
      We need volunteers for our Committees.  If interested, please contact me.  Here are the Committees:

  • Community Service, Andy Kincaid, Chair
  • Fundraising, Bill Lorbeer, Chair
  • Membership, Vanessa Liddell, Chair
  • Newsletter, Kristina Duggan, Chair
  • Social Media and Website, Frank Elizondo and Colleen Bentley, Co-Chairs
  • Special Events, Lee Ostendorf, Chair

      If you have not renewed your membership, go to and click on the JOIN icon.   The investment in our community is very reasonable at $15 per person per year.
     We hope you enjoyed the Elm Street Band Concert that Friends of Belmont Shore sponsored with  Councilmember Suzie Price.
      We look forward to seeing you at 6 p.m. on Thursday, September 1, at St. Bartholomew’s Church Hall at 5100 East Broadway and Granada Avenue.


Dick Gaylord, President

Mark Your Calendar

First Thursday of Each Month
St. Bartholomew Church Meeting Hall
Enter at 5100 East Broadway at Granada

Thursday, September 1st at 6:00 p.m.

Ted Stevens, manager, Long Beach 
Animal Care Services

 “The functions of Animal Care Services
and how it can be helpful to the residents of
Belmont Shore and Belmont Park.”

The most amazing place to live:  
Belmont Shore and Belmont Park!

photo by Adam Fedderly
Southeast Area Specific Plan Update
City of Long Beach

Latest News & Updates

Hearing Draft Southeast Area Specific Plan (SEASP) and Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) Now Available

A New Plan for Southeast Long Beach!

The City of Long Beach has begun a new effort to comprehensively review and update the project historically known as the Southeast Area Development and Improvement Plan (SEADIP), an area covering 1,500-acres of southeast Long Beach. 

The Hearing Draft Southeast Area Specific Plan (SEASP) incorporates input and comments recently received during the public review of the Conceptual Draft Plan. We appreciate your feedback! The revised version, now called the Hearing Draft is now available for viewing. The Hearing Draft will be forwarded to the Planning Commission and City Council for their consideration in the coming months. To view the Hearing Draft.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) has been completed and is available for public review. All comments on the DEIR must be submitted in writing to Craig Chalfant, Senior Planner, Long Beach Development Services, by mail to 333 W. Ocean Blvd., 5th Floor, Long Beach, CA 90802, or by facsimile to (562) 570-6068, or by e-mail at craig.chalfant@longbeach.govAll written comments on the DEIR must be provided to the City by Monday, September 19, 2016. To view the DEIR.
This significant undertaking offers a unique opportunity to creatively balance responsible growth with resource preservation, and establish a thoughtful framework to guide strategic changes in this important gateway into our City.

This effort will take a fresh look at this area, acknowledging work conducted through previous efforts but with a new approach. The end-result will be a plan that maintains valuable natural resources, customizes land uses and development standards, and identifies locations for future development and expanded transportation choices. The project also includes an update to the City's Local Coastal Plan.

Thanks to Councilwoman Suzie Price, we have  a total of four, not two, new green trash barrels along Park and St. Joseph also between Argonne and St. Joseph.
Carry your doggie bags and help us keep the Greenbelt clean.
Community Invited to Learn About
Belmont Shore Parking Study

The Parking Study Meeting has been rescheduled for Monday, October 24 at 6:00 p.m. at the 3rd District Field Office located at 340 Nieto.

The community is invited to learn about an ongoing Belmont Shore Parking Study.   At the meeting, Walker Parking Consultants will provide an update of the on-going study, including a summary of the data collection results, as well as observations and impressions collected while out in the field, and how it will shape the study's eventual recommendations.

The study area is roughly south of Livingston Drive and The Toledo and west of Bay Shore Avenue, to the coast, including the beach parking lots.
The study will seek to identify strategies to enhance parking capacity in the Business District, while reducing parking impacts in residential areas. This information will be used to develop a Parking Management Plan.
The Parking Management Plan will be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council for review, comment and policy direction.

 The Cost of Things: Parks,
Recreation and Marine Services

As the image states, "Parks Make Life Better" and Council District 3 wholeheartedly agrees! The department of Parks, Recreation and Marine is an extremely hard working entity within the City of Long Beach that serves the community with recreation programs and services. We thought it was important and informative to let our residents know what they do and how much of the city's budget goes into maintaining our parks and marine areas. 

The City of Long Beach has 168 developed and undeveloped parks totaling 3,124 acres (about 136,081,000 sq.ft.). Of that PRM has:

* 6 miles of beaches, totaling 254 acres
* Close to 550 acres of recreation water
* 106 acres of parks in the tidelands 
* 2,214 acres of parks in the uplands

Approximately 1,144 of our park acreage is irrigated (some of the acreage has facilities, tot lots, etc.) and last fiscal year the cost to irrigate all Tideland and Upland parks was approx. $2,130,000, in a drought year with restrictions of two days a week.  

PRM also oversees approximately 210 acres (9,147,600 sq.ft.) of street medians consisting of 1,556 individual medians, approximately 1,470 of those have irrigation.

Street island irrigation water for the approximately 210 acres of medians cost $474,900 last fiscal year. You'll notice this is less per acre than a park because most medians have turf and PRM is not allowed to water them. Therefore, the irrigation is mostly going to those that have trees and drought tolerant landscape. 

The total annual maintenance budget for the beaches is $5,110,533, and the total annual maintenance budget for all 168 parks and facilities is $19,269,340.

Here are some additional interesting statistics:
-54 Playgrounds
-27 community centers  
-10 dog parks
-8 skate parks  
-5 municipal golf courses
-3 pools  
-2 major tennis centers
-2 historic sites  
-Last year PRM generated more than $38 million in revenue 
-500,000 Senior Visits to our centers and programs
-250,000 Aquatic Visits 
-319,514 Sports Participant visits
-742,308 Youth and Teen Visits to our programs
-37,074 Class Enrollments
-580,246 El Dorado Regional Park Visits
-233,733 El Dorado Nature Center Visits
-PRM also managed 3,300 boat slips, 2,100 lineal feet of large vessel commercial dock space 
-Responded to more than 5,500 work orders/Go Long Beach requests for facility maintenance 
-Removed more than 4,000 tons of trash and debris 
-155,152 participants enjoyed the Municipal Band, Summer Concerts, Movies in the Park and Sea Fest
-Fielded 28,000 Animal Care Calls for Service 
-And created more than 650,000 publications that drive participation and promote revenue-generating activities

As you can see, the Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine serves a diverse community of more than 462,000 residents, and the department is a four-time recipient of the National Parks and Recreation Society's Gold Medal award for outstanding management practices and programs. 

For more information about the hundreds of recreation classes and programs or to subscribe to their newsletter, please visit  

Long Beach Parks, Recreation & Marine
2760 Studebaker Road
Long Beach, CA 90815-1697
Phone: (562) 570-3111

--- by Lisa West 
3rd District, Business Relations Liaison 
Shore Business Center           

A big THANK YOU to Marsha, owner of Shore Business Center, for all of her support and her staff's support of Friends of Belmont Shore.

(562) 987-4777
5318 E Second St.
Long Beach, CA 90803

Hours and Days of Operation

Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sat: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sun: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Convenient metered parking lot is located directly behind the store.

Mailbox Rental
Digital Mailbox Rental
Pack & Ship

Print & Copy
Live Scan Finger Printing
Engineering Copies
Large Format Color Prints (posters)
Business Cards
Graphic Artists on Staff
Business Design Services
Small Business Center Support

        27th Annual Belmont Shore Car Show
Sunday, September 11, 2016
9am to 3pm

Remember those who lost their lives on 9.11

Sign up to show your car
Go to BayCityRodders

More info:
   ...Did you know?

1776 - The name “United States of America” was adopted by the US!
1814 - The Star-Spangled Banner was composed!
1900 - The famous novel Wizard of Oz was published.
1915 - Babe Ruth hit his first ever home run!
1928 - Mickey Mouse made his first debut.
Interesting Origins - Stories of some English Words

The word ‘muscle’ is derived from the Latin word “musculus," which translates to “little mouse”. When physicians were first observing the musculature, it is said that they remarked that the muscles in the biceps and calves (most notably) looked like mice running under the skin.

The word ‘daisy’ comes from the Old English for “day’s eye”, as the flowers open during the day and shut again at night.

The word ‘scuttlebutt’ is filtered down from the age of sailing. Scuttlebutt was a cask (a butt) kept near an opening (a scuttle) to the lower decks. Sailors could grab a drink of water from it and would natural gossip around it. It’s identical to our use of the word ‘water-cooler talk’ to refer to gossip.

A ‘square meal’ too is filtered down from the age of sailing. In the age of fighting sail, sailors required up to 5,000 calories a day with all the manual labor. They were given stodgy, large meals served on square wooden plates/boards for easy storage and harder to break, so the term became synonymous with a good meal.

The phrase, ‘the bitter end’ referred to an anchor line that was secured to bits or cleats mounted in the bow. Once all of the line was let out, the line was said to be at its bitter end, meaning no more line could be let out. So to fight to the bitter end, means until there is nothing left to give.

The word 'eavesdropping' came about from buildings constructed before the invention of gutters.  Roofs were made with wide eaves, overhangs, so that rainwater would fall away from the house to stop the walls and foundations from being damaged. This area was known as ‘the eavesdrop’. The large overhang gave good cover for those who wished to lurk in shadows and listen to others’ conversations. Since the area under the eaves was considered part of the householder’s property you could be fined under Anglo-Saxon law for being under the eaves with the intention of spying.

The phrase 'hands down' comes from horseracing and refers to a jockey who is so far ahead that he can afford drop his hands and loosen the reins (usually kept tight to encourage a horse to run) and still easily win.
Friends of Belmont Shore

Friends of Belmont Shore is a Membership Organization made up of  individuals - residents, business owners and property owners - who are dedicated to the Quality of Life in this unique Beachside Community.

Board of Directors:

Richard F. (Dick) Gaylord, President
Jann Kronick-Gath, Vice President
B.J. Newell, Secretary
Frank Elizondo, Treasurer
Kathy Berry
Colleen Bentley
Andrew Kincaid
William Lorbeer
David (Coach) Newell
Lee Ostendorf
Sandy Riddle
Sara Schumacher
Douglas Otto

Vanessa Liddell

Membership is $15 per person per year.  Become a member by sending a check to:

Friends of Belmont Shore
P.O. Box 14553,
Long Beach, CA 90803-4553.
Bring your check or cash to any of our monthly meetings or sign up through our website at  Friends of Belmont Shore.

For more information, contact Dick Gaylord at or to become a member go to Friends of Belmont Shore.

Friends of Belmont Shore
P.O. Box 14553 - Long Beach, CA  90853

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