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To Love is to Care

Imagine how life would be if everyone in the world simply decided not to work anymore. The world would stop. To work is to live. It helps us to find fulfillment in our lives and to love our neighbor.

We need to keep our home in order, and after a long week of studies, we have many things to do: cutting logs, putting away books in the library, and cleaning hallways and rooms. The joy of the brothers is very impressive during our Saturday work day: everyone is engaged in their tasks, for we know that we don’t work only for ourselves, but for our whole community.

One thing that helps me a lot is to think of work as a means of imitating Christ. Christ worked very hard with Joseph, and that helped him with his mission of preaching the Gospel; it not only gave him the stamina to walk for many days, but also allowed him to understand and be compassionate with the sufferings of all those who don’t have a job or are unhappy with the job they do have. Work teaches me to be attentive to my brothers’ needs and trials.

The feeling that a job well done gives to the worker is difficult to explain. It’s just a satisfaction that motivates someone to give their best. After a long day of work it is normal to feel tired, but here in Cheshire we are blessed with our community. We end our work day by meeting in small groups, where we share the lights God gave us during the week, and motivate each other for the upcoming week. After all, to love is to care, and we care about our home and our brothers. 

By Brother Tiberio Transfeld, LC

Living the Easter Season

Easter this year has been different. Everyone in one way or another has felt the effects of Covid-19 and for some it may have been difficult to get into the Easter spirit. In order to help us live this time in a deeper, more prayerful way, some brothers prepared a display. It is modeled after a traditional altarpiece. The brothers used some skills they learned in a course on painting icons to produce four large icons that adorn it. There are images of the Last Supper, Christ washing the disciples' feet, and Christ praying in the garden.

The center of the display was changed each day to match what was happening. There was bread and grapes on Holy Thursday, evocative of the Eucharist instituted that night; a cross with thorns on Good Friday, reminding us of the price Christ payed for us; A statue of the Pieta, with Mary holding her son; and finally, a painted image of the Resurrected Christ throughout the octave.

On a banner painted at the bottom of this last image are the words taken from the first letter of St. John: “There is no fear in love”. This can be a call to all of us to live this Easter season as Christ would, giving of ourselves totally in love to help others!

 By Brother Daniel Krol, LC

Virtual Resources

Regnum Christi is offering many live-streamed Masses, Retreats, Rosaries, Virtual Holy Hours and Virtual Missions to keep you spiritually connected and nourished during this difficult time of social distancing. This is your information center for all offerings. click here

Let Hope Rise!

Let hope rise! During this time of crisis it can be easy to lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel, so some of the brothers had the initiative to put up a reminder. Using some chopped wood, the brothers spelled out the word “Hope” in a prominent place for all who pass by to see.

This message of Hope is especially apropos during this season of Easter. We are now celebrating how Christ freed us from our sin and opened up the way to new life. He did not do this simply by waving a magic wand at the problem. Rather, He died. Yet through His death He brought us life. Seeing this, we are reassured that God is in control, that He is bigger than evil, that through suffering and misfortune He can bring good. Thus, there is always hope.

We can already see this all around us. Countless people are having the best versions of themselves brought out. They are doing great things for their friends, family and neighbors. There is also a lot of good that we do not see. Many prayers are being offered up all around the world and many people are turning to the Lord, people who may have forgotten him when everything seemed to be going smoothly.

And so, whether or not you happen to be driving by, remember that God has a plan, that good will always triumph over evil, and that Christ has already won the war. Open up your heart to the Lord and let hope rise!

By Brother Daniel Krol, LC

Swing Fore Seminarians  |  Oct 5 - New Date! 

Out of concern for the safety of everyone in light of the seriousness of the coronavirus in our area, we are moving the date of the Swing Fore Seminarians to October 5, 2020.  We hope the new date will allow us to all come together to support the seminarians and St Bridget Catholic School in Cheshire, CT. 
Click here for more info; page will be updated.

Mother's Day Group Novena  |  May 10

A series of nine Masses offered in a Special Novena for Mother’s Day, Starts May 10th!

“Heavenly Mother, who adopted us as your own, please pray for the Mothers in this world. You know the longings of their hearts, and how great a task motherhood is. Through you, God our Father elevated motherhood and holds this role in high regard. Intercede with your great love and access to your Son, Jesus – that all Mothers fulfill their duties with grace. Comfort them in their fear; counsel them through their doubt; and encourage them with your son’s Mercy. May they be blessed with courage, perseverance, peace, and patience. Enable them to increase in holiness and to find consolation that their children remain in your care. For the faithfully departed mothers, grant that they may be rejoicing with you and your Son, Jesus, for all eternity.”

For more info click here.  Questions?  Contact Barbara DiSpirito at 1-800-532-7478 press 2, or email
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