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Gospel for Haiti
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Some of the attendees at the JESUS Film showing in Jeremie -- over 550 total attended
Happy Thanksgiving!
Praise God for all these things following…
Praise God for…….. for this trip.
For the prayers.
For the qualified Haitians God made available.
For the vehicle working good throughout. For the safety of our team. 
For the miracle of protection when we thought we were going to be crushed by two large trucks, but God intervened.
For the first city we stopped in for ministry, Fond des Negres.  
For the Haitian people.
For the family at Fond des Negres who took us in to their home and graciously hosted us overnight. For the locations to show the Jesus film which were perfect at both cities.
For the best pastors in the cities to work with.
For the pastor and his wife in Jeremie who just happened to own a hotel and gave us a room for the night.
For the 51 responses both times we showed the films.  
For the 1000 or more that attended both showings.
For the wisdom given by dream to continue on.
For the salvations.
For the prayers.
For the rededications.
For the repentant hearts.
For the great weather (we did get some rain at the end but God used it!)
For the freedom from sickness, though there was sickness all around.
For the rice, gas, Bibles, food made available by donations.
For God sending us there.
For putting a willingness in our hearts.
For the people that have caught or are catching the vision of salvation and discipleship of the lost
For the prayers.
For the people who were crying because of God's working in their lives.
For the times God spoke to us.
For the good, bad, and the ugly.
We praise God for you!
For great meetings with the Christian builder.
For all things!
For the Mission Center building being started today, yes today! 
For foundations for buildings. 
For the faith God has given. 
For new things.
For the people that will be impacted as a result of the things God does through us. 
For Jesus Christ and all the great things He so richly provides us in the Spirit!
Praise God for Thanksgiving and family. 
God deserves all the praise for a great trip with Great results!  Thank you for going with us, before us, and surrounding us with prayer.

To see more pictures in a video, click here

The trip from Pignon, Haiti, to storm-ravaged Jeremie, Haiti.

Family  we met in Fond des Negres -- what a blessing they were!

Showing the JESUS Film for kids at Jeremie, Haiti.
Pastor Dumanot, the local pastor, and Brother Kethlin at Fond des Negres
The builder is beginning work at the Gospel for Haiti Mission Center

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We love you all and appreciate you more than you know. We could not be doing the things that we are doing today without your prayers and help along the way.
PEOPLE ARE BEING SAVED!!!!   Praise God!!!
Thank you so much for your prayers and support!
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