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Gospel for Haiti
Darrell & Christina Tonsing   ●   3031 Smyrna Road, Ozark, MO  65721   ●     ●      cell:(417)830-8783    ●    office:(417)595-7784
Dear Christina,

Hello friend who cares for the poor!   We hope all is well with you and your family. It is a busy time of year, and we thank you for giving us a slice of your schedule. We appreciate your time, prayers, involvement and the many ways you help with this ministry.
Just a quick recap of the last trip:  Seven were saved, we preached (open air) at the market for the first time and it really turned out well, with about 100 people listening to the white man with the machete (visit to read more about the new evangelism tool.) One young lady was saved there.  We brought several dozen eyeglasses with us, and it met the needs of many families who desperately needed glasses.  I preached at Adonai Gospel Church in Tinot and at Jehovah Jireh Church in Hinche. We had our first official leaders meeting for Adonai Gospel Church which which was very beneficial for establishing structure in this new body. God has truly made the planting of this church in Tinot a very easy task thus far; I think He wants to encourage us to plant more (please pray with us concerning this!)  I’m not naïve in thinking it will always be this easy or that we will find this many godly people to work together. God is good though!  I praise the Lord for the growth we have seen.  Truth is, we need a church building to be built for them to continue to grow and expand.  Truly, the Lord is adding daily to this church.  The Mission Center building is 98% complete; next we will focus on the well and solar/battery systems. We are amazed at the continued giving to make this possible.

We have raised just over $50,000 of the $70,000 needed to complete this task!  Any gifts for $1000 or more will be recognized by plaques in the Mission Center that will be, “In Memory of” or “In Honor of” For example, “In Honor of the Jones family for their generous help in providing for this Gospel for Haiti Mission” These plaques will be made and displayed by the end of the year.  As soon as we receive the funds for the water well, we will start on the drilling of the well. Until then, during this upcoming medical outreach, we will use barrels and run-off water. This is THE HAITIAN WAY!  We are very thankful and grateful for what the Lord has done, and we are not in a hurry. We can always go out tell people about Jesus, no matter the conditions.

Next week I will be traveling to Haiti again. This trip we (myself and other Haitian leaders on our team) will meet with a team of American and Haitian doctors and nurses to help minister to the medical needs in Tinot. We thank God for this opportunity that will care for the medical needs of 130 people in one day.  We will be setting up in our Mission Center as the triage.  The doctors are providing for all the medicine and medical equipment needed for this outreach!  After this outreach, we will continue to prepare the Mission Center for fellow evangelists that feel the call to reach out to these hard-to-reach areas. We hope to have all aspects of the Mission Center finished by the time we arrive there this summer with the entire family. Christina and the boys are excited about being right in middle of the Haitian Culture. Our hope is to provide an abundance of hope and encouragement through the truth that is found in Jesus.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR US concerning these things!
Thank you for reading these praises and needs.  Please feel free to email us anytime with prayer needs!

Until the whole world hears,
Darrell Tonsing
We love you all and appreciate you more than you know. We could not be doing the things that we are doing today without your prayers and help along the way.
The Tinot church celebrates as a former witch doctor burns his old voodoo worship effects after deciding to follow Jesus
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Neighbors. No floor. No running water. No indoor bathroom. Not much food in the cabinet. They need glasses. We have glasses. Much love. Much joy. They are so thankful....and so are we...
Adonai Gospel Church
Neighbor friends at the Mission Center
The Lord continues to provide; we're almost there!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

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