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Over on Twitter this week we celebrated the achievements of our autumn fundraisers. Meanwhile, on Facebook ...

Nikita Thomas
Monday Focus - the social impact of nystagmus
Because nystagmus makes it difficult to recognise people, read facial expressions and body language and look people in the eye, it can make social situations awkward. The Nystagmus Network is here with support and information and raising awareness of the social impact of nystagmus as well as the effects on sight.

Tuesday Networking VI friendly activities
Can you recommend a local service, venue, sport or other activity that's especially good for adults, child or young people with impaired vision? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Please put your suggestion in comments or email us at
Thank you

Wednesday Awareness - Nystagmus is ...                                         "Nystagmus is .. where you see everything but the one thing you are looking for which was right in front of you all along.“ If you really want to know what it's like to live with nystagmus, the best people to explain it at those who have it. Read this and many more quotes in our digital document 'Nystagmus is...'.

Thursday Research - Your nystagmus research questions answered
At Open Day 2021 a panel of researchers and clinicians answered your questions about nystagmus research
Kirsty asked: "What is the main focus of nystagmus research? Is there likely to be a breakthrough in our lifetime? "
Answered by Nikita Thomas and Helen Kuht (pictured)
The most likely route for a breakthrough to come is through continued investigation of the many causes of nystagmus and better diagnosis. There will need to be lots of breakthroughs in lots of different types of nystagmus to make a real impact.
You can help the Nystagmus Network continue to invest in research so that Nikita, Helen and all their colleagues can work towards those breakthroughs. Please donate today. Thank you.

Friday Fundraiser -  Paige
This November Paige will be running the 'Let's do This!' Leeds 10k. She's running for her daughter, Grace who has nystagmus and ocular albinism and also to give back to the Nystagmus Network.
Thank you, Paige for your tremendous support. You've definitely got this!



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