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Spring Move-In Logistics

Action Items for Each Stage of Arrival

Dear <<First Name>>,

We are looking forward to welcoming you to campus next week! Please review your move-in time and testing location, along with the action items listed below to make sure you are prepared for your trip to campus.
Your move-in time: <<Move-In Time>> on <<Move-In Date>>
Your testing location: <<Testing Site>>
Before Move-In
Prepare for COVID-19 testing
Prepare for move-in
  • Submit your Early Departure Plan by January 19.
  • Pack lightly and review the guidelines for packing. Consider bringing a bag with overnight essentials in case you need to stay in isolation after taking your first COVID-19 test.
  • Plan to bring only 1 move-in helper who must wear a mask and abide by physical distancing protocols.
  • Items stored with Olympia will be delivered to your room before move-in.
Complete the Massachusetts Travel form
  • If you are coming from a state not identified as low-risk, you must complete the Massachusetts Travel Form.
  • Family members need to complete the form if they are staying in Massachusetts overnight.
During Move-In
Complete Crimson Clear
Park near your House or Dorm
Get Tested for COVID-19 Why two tests?
  • An antigen test provides a result in 10-30 minutes and quickly identifies students who may be positive for COVID-19. If you test positive, we will require you to spend the night in isolation rather than your House or Dorm until your test result is verified by a PCR test.
  • Results from the PCR test may take up to 24 hours. Because the antigen test is not yet authorized for diagnostic use by the FDA, the standard PCR test is also required. 
 Prepare for Phase 1 of Arrival Quarantine
  • After testing, you'll be directed to HUDS staff nearby to pick up meals for Phase 1 of your Arrival Quarantine.
  • Microfridges are available in each suite to store food, snacks, and water.
Phase 1 of Arrival Quarantine
 Go to your Dorm or House to move in
  • Pick up your key and move in. View the move-in map.
  • Your move-in guest should depart immediately after you move in.
  • Every suite contains HEPA filters, boxes of masks, and cleaning supplies for the bathroom.
Quarantine in your room
  • Until your first negative COVID-19 PCR test, you need to remain in your room.
  • You may leave your suite to use the restroom if you do not have an en suite bathroom.
 Pick up additional meals and mail
  • After you have received your first negative PCR test, you will be able to go to the dining hall to pick up food as long as you complete Crimson Clear for the day.
  • You must complete the first phase of quarantine before you retrieve any mail or packages. Harvard Yard Mail Center and House mailrooms open for package pickup on January 22.
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