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Welcome to a new edition of the State of Charge Newsletter. A concise monthly overview of the renewable energy transition and the advent of electric mobility. 

This month we read up on why electric fleets are the more economical choice, the effects of the climate crisis on mortgages, and the lack of climate justice for communities of color. To conclude this edition we have selected a very special concert for you to watch! 🎵
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SoC Big Story

As Lyft commits to go fully electric within the next decade This Transport & Environment report calculates that for ride-hailing drivers the total costs of ownership (TCO) of BEVs are already lower than the TCO of ICE cars across all segments. The analysis takes into account 16 car models across 5 European capitals.

Furthermore, the report outlines a series of measures Transportation Network Companies can use to accelerate the adoption of EVs.
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The State of Charge April 2020

Every month we include an exclusive overview of the latest EV sales statistics from around the world. Overall, the automotive sector is hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Sales are down across the board.
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These statistics only include 100% Electric Vehicles, no hybrids. Statistics are provided by our partner The Electric Vehicle World Sales Database.
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SoC Must Read

The climate crisis has a divergent impact in distinct areas. Miami might be sinking whilst the Mediterranean could dry up. No matter where you live, there will be practical implications. The New York Times has investigated how global warming is influencing the US coastal housing market.
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SoC Good Reads

The Black Lives Matter protests have highlighted the lack of climate justice for communities of color. Yale Environment 360 interviews attorney Elizabeth Yeampierre on the link between climate change and inequality.

While Scotland builds floating offshore wind turbines, German Sinn Power is developing a modular ocean hybrid platform that can generate energy from waves, wind, and solar.

The IEA issued the Sustainable Recovery Plan outlining 30 energy policy measures for governments to sustainably boost their GDP after the pandemic. Some media outlets assess the report positively. Others, like Forbes, are not as enthusiastic, to say the least.
SoC Deep Dive

BP's Statistical Review of World Energy covers the market development of every form of energy. And anywhere you look, you'll see China at the top. For example, China alone accounts for more than 90% of the global growth of electricity generation in 2019. Check out this Forbes article which offers a good overview of the main findings of the report. 
SoC Watch This
2292 plants attended Barcelona's Opera House reopening concert. Play this video to your plants; they'll appreciate it. 
SoC Other News

The Smart Electric Power Alliance explains how microgrids can play a pivotal role in increasing grid resilience against natural disasters. We find their suggestions about stakeholder engagement in setting up microgrids especially interesting.   

Hyundai and Kia are developing a new heat pump system to maximize HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and consequently increase the range of EV batteries in cold temperatures. 

Hawaiian Ocean Voyages Institute, involved in ocean clean-up for over a decade, set a new record for the biggest haul of trash removed from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Nice work!
SoC Listen to this

This month we listen to a podcast from Fully Charged. Robert Llewellyn interviews Michael Liebreich, New Energy Finance founder. The two sustainability veterans discuss trends in renewable energy. What's the future of energy supply? What kind of new technologies will we use? Don't miss the part where they talk about the mindset shift occurring to people who switch to driving an EV. 

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