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Welcome to a new edition of the State of Charge. A concise monthly overview of the renewable energy transition and the advent of electric mobility. 🙌

This month we explore new research on hybrid vehicle emissions, we celebrate ten emerging sustainable technologies, and we look at the dirty numbers behind passenger air travel. 
SoC Big Story

Last summer, Transport and Environment (T&E) wrote that hybrid vehicles don't deliver on the carbon dioxide savings claimed by manufacturers.
A few days ago, T&E issued a press release (as reported by InsideEVs) announcing that they commissioned tests on three plug-in hybrid cars, the BMW X5, Volvo XC60, and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. The test results are disconcerting.

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The State of Charge September 2020

Every month we include an exclusive overview of the latest EV sales statistics from around the world. See the previous editions below.
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These statistics only include 100% Electric Vehicles, no hybrids. Statistics are provided by our partner The Electric Vehicle World Sales Database.
SoC Must Read

Scientific American, together with the World Economic Forum and an international group of experts, have identified this year's top ten emerging technologies. From low-carbon cement to virtual patients these technologies will revolutionize heavy-industry, health care, and society. 

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SoC Good Reads

The UK announced it will officially ban the sales of gas and oil cars in 2030. Forbes commented by giving a broad overview of what's happening in the EV market. The EV Bingo table alone is reason enough to check out the article.

Parametric Press published an interactive tool to educate people about carbon emissions. Can you guess how much of all the human carbon dioxide emissions occurred during your lifetime? The author of this edition of State of Charge got it wrong by 33%. 😮 

There is a lot of buzz around green hydrogen and potential applications. But should we be careful dreaming about hydrogen? Bloomberg thinks so.

SoC Deep Dive

The fact that aviation has a significant impact on global emissions is no news to anyone. Nonetheless, Stefan Gössling (Lund University) and Andreas Humped investigated the topic and shared some numbers to understand the problem better. They found that only 1% of the world population from the USA, Luxemburg, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Canada likely account for more than half of the total emissions from passenger air travel.

The Guardian has a neat summary of the study's findings, or read the full paper by clicking on the Read More button.

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SoC Other News

Dutch train stations will have their old ashtray's replaced with new electric bicycle charging posts. In Paris, e-bike ambulances are now maneuvering the busy metropolis.

A portion of the multimillion federal Volkswagen Settlement fund will be used to strengthen the EV charging network in New York. 

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ABC Radio's host Paul Barclay interviewed Christiana Figueres, former Head of the UN convention on climate change from 2010 to 2016, who helped deliver the Paris Agreement.
Described as "stubbornly optimistic", Figueres believes change is still possible. In this podcast, she approaches the fight against climate change from multiple perspectives.

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