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This month we read about falling battery prices and why fires and peatlands are sometimes good for the environment. 🙌
SoC Big Story

With battery prices falling below $100 per kWh, EVs are expected to cost the same as traditional ICE cars in 2024. This according to new research conducted by investment bank UBS. UBS also warned that incumbent Automotives are not investing enough in electric mobility compared to competitors, taking Tesla and Volkswagen as virtuous examples.

The article also mentions that with the accelerated EV adoption in Britain, thousands of automotive workers risk losing their jobs. For a more detailed view, please read this old article as well.
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The State of Charge August 2020

Every month we include an exclusive overview of the latest EV sales statistics from around the world. See the previous editions below.
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These statistics only include 100% Electric Vehicles, no hybrids. Statistics are provided by our partner The Electric Vehicle World Sales Database.
SoC Must Read

We have already talked about Japan exporting its second-hand cars to Africa in the August edition of State of Charge. Now, the United Nations Environment Program’s Sustainable Mobility Unit has found out that many of the cars exported to low-income countries don’t meet the minimum standards for air pollution. Even worse, they are often unsafe to drive.

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SoC Good Reads

British Consumers' Association "Which?" conducted a survey among 1016 EV owners to learn about battery degradation. The results.... there is nothing to worry about.

The European Parliament adopted a new law that requires all member states to cut down their emissions by 60% before 2030 and to become climate-neutral by 2050. A similar announcement was made by China committing itself to reach carbon neutrality by 2060.

With wildfires occurring in countries across the globe, Environment360 tells us why not all the fires are bad, and how we can use them to our advantage.

SoC Deep Dive

Marsh & McLennan, Oliver Wyman, and the World Energy Council issued the 2020 edition of the World Energy Trilemma Index. The Index ranks countries based on three dimensions:

  1. Energy security, a country’s ability to meet the current and the future energy demand;
  2. Energy equity, a country’s ability to provide universal access to reliable, affordable, and abundant energy for domestic and commercial use;
  3. Environmental sustainability of energy systems, a country’s ability to mitigate and avoid environmental degradation and climate change impacts. 

The report also contains deep dives into regional energy profiles, very useful if you are interested in one specific region.

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SoC Watch This
Virtual Power Plants and Energy Communities have already been in use for years across Europe. The Verge explains how they work in a digestible way.
SoC Other News

Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta test took place last week. The first videos look pretty thrilling. 

JPMorgan, the US largest bank, committed to aligning its portfolio to meet the Paris goals of zero-emissions within thirty years. Pushed by shareholders, other corporations are also stepping up their climate efforts. 

Iconic ICE cars deserve iconic EV designs. Have a look at the concept of an electric Fiat 126.

SoC Listen to this

In this episode of 99% Invisible, hosts Roman Mars and Emmett FitzGerald discuss tree planting and interview peatlands experts. Why? Peatlands were seen as wastelands for many years. Turns out they are a fertile ecosystem with a high carbon storage potential. Sorry Scotch lovers, but science shows that we shouldn't burn peat!

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