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Hi Everybody!  

Just say 'Aaaaaahhh'! (Or: What's being swept under your rug?)

We’ve entered a new age of transparency. Information is readily available at our fingertips that we simply couldn’t access 10 years ago. Wanna know what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast? Shoot over to Twitter (and perhaps seek help). Need the most cutting-edge analytics on Angels outfielder Mike Trout? Hit up When you need a service, you may go to Yelp and comb through reviews. While this can be helpful, oftentimes people do so without having formulated a proper list of criteria. This is especially vital when choosing a housecleaning service. This is your home, your stuff, and, oh yeah, your money. So while we instantaneously want to be told who’s the best and be done with it, taking the time to ensure the right fit is usually the best plan.

Here are the five most important things to consider when looking for a housecleaning service.

Services offered. It may be a cliché, but if your service “doesn’t do windows,” you’ll want to know this ahead of time. A good rule of thumb for life is to always ask questions, and choosing a housecleaner is no exception.

Availability. We’re all busy these days, but you shouldn’t have to feel like you’re going through hoops to fit into your housekeeper’s schedule. If you feel like you’re not being made a priority, then you most likely aren’t. And, it goes without saying, they should be prompt. If they’re going to be late, do they extend the courtesy of a call?

Details, details. A good housecleaner should give your home those little touches that, well, you normally don’t (no offense). We’re talking cleaning baseboards, underneath small appliances, behind faucets, and even that toilet paper holder that collects an insane amount of dust. The only thing better than thoroughness is more thoroughness.

They should stand by their work. This isn’t complicated. Your housecleaner should offer a satisfaction guarantee. If something isn’t done to your satisfaction, your service should make every reasonable effort to correct it at no extra charge.

Don’t go by price alone. Who among us hasn’t been seduced by what we thought was a great deal, only to discover the quality of the product to be sorely lacking? This is more of a universal rule, but it’s a great reminder to consider all the criteria before making a decision. By all means, keep cost in mind; just don’t let it cloud your judgment.

There you have it, my best tips for choosing a housecleaning service that will make you say 'Aaaahhhh!' instead of 'Aaaargh!'

-- Tammy

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