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Dear readers,

This month was mainly marked by the discussions to decide on the use of Dimethoate in Europe and by the adoption of a resolution by the EU Parliament on the re-authorisation of Glyphosate for 7 years. The final proposal of the Commission  for glyphosate renewal should be voted in May.

In France, cherries import was suspended, the list of biocontrol products benefiting from a reduced tax on sales was published and the list of spray drift reduction equipment was updated.

We summarised this information for you throughout articles that you will find below.
We hope you enjoy reading these notes and stay at your disposal for regulatory advice and dossier drafting.

Lynxee consulting's Team
Events to come

Events to come

Karine Mavet and Emilie Vianay will attend the following conferences:
- Informa, AgChem forum: European conference on the regulation of agrochemical, biocontrol and biostimulant products on 06-08 September 2016 in Nice (France),
- AFPP, 4e conférence JEVI: Conference on Amenity areas in France on 19-20 October 2016 in Toulouse (France),
- AFPP, Conférence Columa: Conference on Herbicides in France on 06-08 December 2016 in Dijon (France).
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FRANCE: Prohibition of cherries import

In France, as announced in our article of 18 April, and following the refusal of the European Commission to ban the use of dimethoate at European level, France has issued an order suspending until 31 December 2016 the import and placing on the market in France of cherries [...]
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GLYPHOSATE: the EU Parliament agrees to re-authorise Glyphosate for 7 years


On 13 April, the European Parliament adopted a resolution for a 7-year renewal period for Glyphosate, including a number of restrictive measures: a ban on the sale for use in amateur gardens and public parks.

The Commission is also asked to rapidly ensure an independent review of the overall toxicity and classification of glyphosate based on all available scientific evidence, including that relating to carcinogenicity of glyphosate, as well as possible endocrine-disruptive properties. [...]

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FRANCE: List of biocontrol products benefiting from a reduced tax on sales

The Note DGAL/SDQPV/2016-279 of 31 March 2016 from the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry lists the biocontrol products benefiting from a tax rate of 0.1% of of sales revenues instead of 0.2% for conventional products. [...]
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DIMETHOATE: Ban in France, Italy and Spain

Discussions are ongoing with the European Commission to decide on the use of dimethoate in Europe. A first meeting of the Commission and Members States last Friday led to a refusal by the Commission to implement an EU emergency measure regarding dimethoate.

France has therefore confirmed its position and warned that it would not issue any exemption for the use of dimethoate on cherries. Italy and Spain have adopted the same position. [...]

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FRANCE: Update of the list of spray drift reduction equipment


The French list of spray drift reduction equipment was updated by DGAL/SDQPV/2016-275 Note of 31 March 2016.

Indeed, the Order of 12 September 2006 concerning unsprayed buffer zones provides that when using the products, the width of unsprayed buffer zones from water bodies can be reduced from 20 to 5 meters or 50 to 5 meters, provided that, amongst others, to use means to reduce the risk to aquatic organisms.

These equipment must be on a list [...]

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