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Dear readers,

We are happy to launch our first Newsletter!
We were so far focused on keeping up-to-date our blog and thought it would also be useful for you that we gather all this information once a month in a good looking Newsletter.
We hope you like the experience!

And to start this series of Newsletters… the first important news of the year!
In Europe, the new PPPAMS system for submission of applications at zonal level was launched.
In France, the catalog of uses has been amended and ANSES has published an Opinion to recommend strengthening the conditions of use of Neonicotinoids.

We summarised this information for you throughout articles that you will find below.
We hope you enjoy reading these notes and stay at your disposal for regulatory advice and dossier drafting.

Lynxee consulting's Team
Event of the month

Event of the month

Karine Mavet and Emilie Vianay attended the annual IBMA Biocontrol Conference held on 26 January 2016 in Paris.
Two round tables, centered on the realities and on the perspectives of the biocontrol in France, were the opportunity to make a concrete point on the main solutions of biocontrol developed in France over the last years, as well as innovations expected at short-term. The conference was closed by Mr. Stéphane Le Foll, French Minister for Agriculture, Food Industry and Forestry.
Events to come

Events to come

Karine Mavet and Emilie Vianay will attend the following conferences:
- AFPP Conference on the regulation of PPPs on 08 March 2016 in Paris,
- ECCA-ECPA European Regulatory Conference on 09-10 March 2016 in Brussels.
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EUROPE: PPPAMS, a new system to apply for authorisation of a PPP

Applicants who wish to have a PPP authorised in the EU must now submit their applications to Member States via the Plant Protection Products Application Management System (PPPAMS). This online system manages the workflow of applications and will populate an EU wide public database of authorised PPPs. Dossiers are NOT submitted via the PPPAMS.[]
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FRANCE: Focus on the changes in the catalog of uses

The Order of 2 December 2015 (French)  and Annexes 2 and 3 (French) amend the Order of 26 March 2014 (French) on the implementation of the national catalog of plant protection uses.
This new Order takes into account the changes made necessary by the transfer to Anses of PPP approval decisions but also significantly modifies certain articles and annexes of the original decree.[]
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FRANCE: ANSES recommends strengthening the conditions of use of Neonicotinoids

Anses published its conclusions on 01/12/2016 on the risks to bees and other pollinators of neonicotinoids-based insecticides. It was seized on the subject by the Ministers in charge of ecology, agriculture and health.
For products containing the active substances clothianidin, thiamethoxam and imidacloprid, and on the basis of evaluations of active substances conducted by EFSA in 2015, ANSES has identified []
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