Newsletter - No.9 - September 2016
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Dear readers,

This month was marked in Europe by the publication of the Commission Decision on AIR4 active substances.

In France, three Orders and the Decree on CEPP certificates were published and a new update of the spray drift reduction equipment was released.

We summarised this information for you throughout articles that you will find below.
We hope you enjoy reading these notes and stay at your disposal for regulatory advice and dossier drafting.

We will attend the JEVI conference in Toulouse and ABIM conference in Basel later this month and hope to see you there. Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.
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Events to come

Events to come

Karine Mavet and Emilie Vianay will attend the following conferences:
- AFPP, 4e conférence JEVI: Conference on Amenity areas in France on 19-20 October 2016 in Toulouse (France),
- ABIM 11th Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting: Conference on Biocontrol on 25-26 October 2016 in Basel (Switzerland),
- AFPP, Conférence Columa: Conference on Herbicides in France on 06-08 December 2016 in Dijon (France).
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EUROPE - AIR 4 work programme: grouping and prioritising substances

In view of the time and resources necessary for completing the assessment of applications for the renewal of approvals for all the active substances of AIR4 work programme, Commission Implementing Decision 2016/C 357/05 was published on 29 September 2016 with the aim of grouping together similar active substances setting priorities on the basis of safety concerns for human and animal health or the environment [...]

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FRANCE: Three Orders for CEPP certificates (plant protection product savings certificates)

Three Orders for CEPP certificates (plant protection product saving certificates) were published on 22 September 2016. They were expected further to the Decree on the implementation of CEPP certificates released on 28 August 2016.

These orders define [...]

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FRANCE: New update of the list of spray drift reduction equipment

The French list of spray drift reduction equipments which allow the reduction of the width of unsprayed buffer zones from water bodies was updated by DGAL/SDQSPV/2016-686 note, published on 1st September 2016. This note repeals the previous Note [...]

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FRANCE: Decree for CEPP Certificates (plant protection savings certificates)

The decree on the implementation of CEPP Certificates was published on 28 August 2016. It was expected since the publication of the Ordinance regarding the experimental CEPP procedure, in October 2015.

This relates to Ecophyto National Action Plan.

The experimentation period runs from 1 July 2016 to 31 December 2021. [...]

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