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Dear readers,

This month was marked in Europe by the release of a new MRL application form.
In France, a number of publications was made by ANSES on endocrine disruptors, agricultural professional exposure and Personal Protective Equipements. The list of Glyphosate and POE-tallowamine products withdrawn was also made available.

We summarised this information for you throughout articles that you will find below.
We hope you enjoy reading these notes and stay at your disposal for regulatory advice and dossier drafting.

We wish you a nice and relaxing summer holiday!
Lynxee consulting's Team

Events to come

Events to come

Karine Mavet and Emilie Vianay will attend the following conferences:
- Informa, AgChem forum: European conference on the regulation of agrochemical, biocontrol and biostimulant products on 06-08 September 2016 in Nice (France),
- AFPP, 4e conférence JEVI: Conference on Amenity areas in France on 19-20 October 2016 in Toulouse (France),
- ABIM 11th Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting: Conference on Biocontrol on 25-26 October 2016 in Basel (Switzerland),
- AFPP, Conférence Columa: Conference on Herbicides in France on 06-08 December 2016 in Dijon (France).
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EUROPE-MRL: New application form avalaible

A new application form for MRL is available on Europa website.
It is to be used to: Set specific maximum residue level(s), set import tolerances, include an active substance in Annex IV [...]

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FRANCE: ANSES Opinion on the definition of endocrine disruptors

ANSES issued an Opinion on 19 July 2016 to propose criteria for endocrine disruptors (EDs) that can be used to define the French contribution to the ongoing community discussions on this issue.

This review is based firstly on the 4 options defined by the European Commission (EC) in the roadmap on EDs subject to public consultation in 2014. And secondly, it integrates the proposal of criteria for EDs identification that the EC made public on 15 June 2016 [...]

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FRANCE: ANSES published a report on agricultural professional exposure

Anses auto-seised itself on 20 July 2011 to carry out a collective expertise to “identify, assess and characterise the risk exposure of farm workers to pesticides in agriculture in order to propose target reduction actions and proportionate prevention measures”. [...]

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FRANCE: Opinion for applicants and approval holders (recommendations in term of PPE)

An Opinion intended for applicants and approval  holders of plant protection products and manufacturers of these products was published on 13 July 2016 in the French Official Journal.  It lists the most appropriate general recommendations in terms of PPE when using plant protection products, for professional use.

We have prepared a summary table for your convenience [...]

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FRANCE: Opinion for manufacturers, distributors and users of PPE (coveralls)

An Opinion intended for manufacturers, distributors and users of personal protective equipment which protect from plant protection products was published on 9 July 2016  in the French Official Journal. This opinion aims at specifying the methods ensuring that thecoveralls (and trousers and jacket sets) worn by users meet the essential health and safety Directive 89/686/EEC on the design and placing on the market of personal protective equipment (PPE). 
The Opinion details the applicable provisions [...]

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FRANCE: is it necessary to wear PPE after the re-entry period? Answer from Anses

ANSES was seised on 26 February 2016 by DGAl (Directorate of Food of the French Ministry of Agriculture) on the need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) after the re-entry period governed by the French Order of 12 September 2006.

This referral comes from the wine growers which consider that following the re-entry period, no PPE should be needed. [...]

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FRANCE: ANSES published the list of 126 products containing Glyphosate and POE-tallowamine withdrawn

Anses announced on 20 June the withdrawal of the authorisations of plant protection products containing glyphosate and POE-tallowamine. The list of the 126 authorisations withdrawn on 1 July 2016 has been published on E-PHY website. [...]

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FRANCE:  Additional new entries into the list of biocontrol products benefiting from a reduced tax on sales

The Note DGAL/SDQPV/2016-447 of 30 May 2016  from the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry adds new biocontrol products to the list quoted in Article 1 of French Order of 9 March 2016 setting the tax rate on plant protection product sales revenues. [...]

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